All About Eyelashes

Eyelashes are great to wear and great for business! They add more drama to your makeup look and if you are selling mink lashes they can add more money to your business. Pretty eyelashes are fluttering everywhere and now many of them are extensions.

Eyelashes are not only a great makeup accessory but they are great for business. All of this and more is why we have decided to create numerous informative and educational posts about this single topic. This way you can dive into more information about this product for branding and beauty purposes.

Deciding to invest in false eyelashes is always a great beauty benefit but it’s important to know what kind of false eyelash installation and application works best for you. While many may be wearing lash extensions we also understand the importance of taking care of and grow your own natural lashes. We want to make sure that you are well versed in the world of lashes. Whether your question is about eyelashes, lash extensions, how to apply them or the business side of lashes, we’ve got an article for you!

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Eyelash Extensions & Mink Lashes

There are so many different styles of eyelashes that you may have a hard time choosing cause you’ll love them all. No matter what you’re facing about eyelashes, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

We have articles about everything from how to wear mink lashes, different mink lash styles, why lashes are so popular and even lash allergies to ensure proper hygiene and beauty care. What I love about lashes is that you can do it yourself at the convenience of your own home.

Eyelash extensions and mink strip lashes are currently the most popular methods for wearing lashes. However, we’re learning the new advances in the beauty world for lashes like lash lifts, another way to enhance your natural lashes and another option for gorgeous eyes. Some may argue that there is a certain lash hair type that may be better than the other, like mink lashes versus synthetic lashes. Many are worried about the safety of such extensions and methods.

Our articles list out the pros and cons as well as compare mink lashes to eyelash extensions. So you can choose which one is best for you down to the factor of which fits your eye shape or what makeup look to rock with lashes

Read on to help you make your choice on which method is best for you and learn how 3D mink lashes can change your life!

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Check out our hub of articles informing you all about the world of eyelashes.

Here are some of our top articles related to eyelash extensions:

Mink Lash Business

With any product, there is always a business side to it. Mink eyelashes have become a very profitable business for many.

Here at Private Label Extensions, we can help you create the lash brand of your dreams. We have a plethora articles schooling you on the ins and outs of creating a lash business. Not only that but we also have created services to help you get your lash business off the ground.

You can find out more about our mink lash business services in our blog posts as well. Through our dropship program, you can dropship our wonderful mink lashes to your clients. This is a great product to add to a hair extension business or you can start a business that is solely based on lashes.