20 best faux loc styles you can rock right now

20 Best Faux Loc Styles You Can Rock Right Now!

Faux locs were one of the trendiest styles last year. Women everywhere rocked them and filled Pinterest and Instagram with hundreds of ways you can wear them. There are short loc styles, long loc styles, ponytail styles, faux goddess locs, and more!

I got a chance to wear faux locs, and I must say, they were STUNNING! I love how they required little maintenance while still affording me the ability to switch up my look. Whether it’s a date night with babe, a business meeting, or a simple grocery run, faux locs are versatile and can be styled to fit any occasion.

Do you need some inspiration? Check out these 15 looks that you can quickly achieve with your faux locs.

Elegant Styles

Contrary to popular belief faux locs can be worn elegantly. Here are some elegant loc styles that you can achieve with faux locs!

Braided Bun

Are you looking for a quick and easy elegant style? This braided bun is perfect for special occasions such as graduations, weddings, and balls. You can achieve this look in just 5 minutes.

To add even more elegance make sure your hair and outfit are on point! Feel free to wear a nice pair of pearl earrings or a diamond necklace. You’ll be sure to turn heads wherever you go!

faux locs
faux locs

Loc Bunhawk

Check out this faux loc version of the traditional mohawk. This beautiful updo is sassy, classy, and full of personality. It screams elegance while still having enough flexibility to wear on a day out with the girls.

Adding jeweled hairpins or clips will make this style stand out and give it a more royal look. You’ll receive a ton of compliments wearing this “loc bunhawk.”

faux locs

Faux Bun with Bangs

So, this look has to be one of my favorites, I mean who doesn’t love beautiful bangs?

This updo says “I’m elegant, sophisticated, and filled with poise.” I love this style because the bangs fall perfectly, giving your look a nice flare. Whether you’re going to a gala or the Grammys, this look is flawless and allows you to look and feel like a queen.

faux locs

Goddess Crown Twist

Have you ever wanted to wear a crown? Try out this gorgeous goddess crown twist. It is elegant, and you can wear it to any formal event. This look is unique so be sure to get dazzled and dolled up when you wear it. You can even wear half up and half down.

faux locs

Faux Locs Fishtail Updo

Looking for the perfect prom or wedding hairstyle without having to compromise your gorgeous locs? If so, this faux fishtail updo is the way to go. It is simple, yet jazzy enough to wear to formal events.

I believe this style will look best with small or medium size locs. Wherever you’re going, your hair will be the talk of the night!

faux locs


Faux locs can also be worn for your everyday look. Here are some everyday looks that you can achieve with faux locs!

Half Up, Half Down Bun

This look is as simple as it sounds. Just form the front of your hair into a nice bun and leave the rest down. I love that this style is simple enough for anyone to do and requires nothing extra.

Whether you are running late to class or a few errands, this style is quick, convenient, and gives you a cute and flirty look.

faux locs

Faux Locs + Shaved Sides

This has to be my favorite everyday look. I rocked this style last summer and enjoyed the freedom that it brought me! After waking up, I didn’t have to do much to my hair; it was such a relief.

The shaved sides add a nice edge to your overall look and lessen the amount of work that you have to do to your hair.

faux locs
faux locs
faux locs
faux locs

Side Swept with Jewelry

If you want to reduce tension on your natural hair, this is one of the best styles to wear. There is no need for extra “styling” because your locs are stunning enough to wear on their own. Merely sweep them to the side and add hair jewelry, and you’re good to go!

faux locs

Side Part or Middle Part

Here’s another style that reduces tension on your natural hair. Just add a middle or side part, and you’re all done!

This look is the perfect look for class, lunch dates, or any other informal gathering. It also looks fabulous with hair jewelry, beads, and other accessories. Lessen your get ready time with this cute, quick, and easy look!

faux locs

High Bun

I’ve had goddess braids in a bun before but faux locs give me more versatility. Faux locs with a high bun has become popular due to the flood of hashtags that they receive on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. They are cute, simple, and convenient. A dreadlock bun is a great look for everyday activities.

Dress this look up with a lovely bandana, hair beads, or headband.

faux locs
faux locs

Night Out:

Add some sass to your faux locs and wear it on a night out. Here are some night out looks you can rock with faux locs.

High Ponytail

I love high ponytails, especially those with plenty of bounce and body. Faux locs ponytails are super cute and not hard to do. There’s no need to keep babe waiting because this style takes less than 5 minutes to do. Add hair jewelry or accessories to give this style the glamour it deserves!

faux locs

Faux Locs Bob

In the mood for a sassy bob? Faux locs bobs are trendy, sexy, and perfect for a girl’s night out.

My favorite thing about this style is that it frames the face effortlessly and has beautiful layers. Swoop your bangs to the side and call it a night with this gorgeous look!

faux locs

Goddess Locs

Goddess locs are one of the hottest version of faux locs out. They look like faux locs but have loose and wavy ends. They are more subtle than traditional faux locs and will make you feel like a beautiful “goddess” when you wear them.

faux locs

Side Braid

Spice things up by adding a side braid to your look. This style is cute, affordable, and you can wear it for days. It is also quick and easy to achieve.

Jazz this look up with a lovely headband or hair beads. Be creative by wearing your braid to the side or straight back. This style is the perfect date night look!

faux locs

Big Curly Locs

Curls always seem to add the finishing touch and bring out flavor that we didn’t know our hair had. Curly faux locs are no different as they add glitz and glam to your overall look. Wear your curly locs free flowing or half-up half down for a beautiful night out look.

faux locs

These are some of our go-to styles, what are some of yours? Let us know in the comments!

Light Brown Locs In A Bun

This is a cute and fun way to add color to your hair while wearing a simple, yet effective style!

Lilac Locs

Lilac is a the best color to use when trying to mimic the unicorn look! Try it out day!

Navy Blue Locs

Blue is such a beautiful color! Luckily, wearing faux locs lets you experiment with color. Why not try out this one?

Locs With Highlights

Ever thought about what your hair looks like with highlights? This is the best way to try them out.

Rihanna’s Jumbo Locs

Remember when Rihanna had those huge locs after her Ocean’s 8 movie? Yeah, that’s one of my favorite looks from her! You can try it out too!

About EdLeea Brewster

EdLeea is a Mass Media Arts student at Clark Atlanta University. She enjoys thrifting, blogging, and finding Vegan desserts on Pinterest. She often switches it up by trying new hairstyles, outfits, and makeup looks. She lives her life through the famous Maya Angelou quote "My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style."

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10 thoughts on “20 Best Faux Loc Styles You Can Rock Right Now!

  1. Antilia B says:

    Very informative and a lot of great styles I can do with faux locs!

  2. Pamela Parker says:

    Awesome style suggestions with the faux locs. I always wanted to try but convinced myself I didn’t want “the same style”. Wow was I wrong? A great style choice for the harsh winter month’s that offers protection and versatility. I was considering a change, so I can attest to this quote coming to mind.

    “Every thought and prayer, good or bad, that you offer consistently will eventually come home to you in physical form.”

    In this case, this blog being chocked full of tips and tricks and fresh ideas is the physical manifestation of what I have been pondering

    1. EdLeea Brewster says:


      I’m happy you enjoyed the post! Can’t wait to see the looks you try, be sure to tag us in some pics on Instagram @privatelabelextensions.

  3. Shonte Perry says:

    I have worn the goddess faux locs before and wondered how to achieve the style since I’m not good at braiding. I discovered a youtube video for us non-braiders and it’s easy. Can’t wait to try it on a wig cap. All you do is part into sections little squares with rubber bands. And take needle crotchet under rubber band and wrap hair around the hair and you’re done This style brings out our heritage💕.

  4. Mecca says:

    I’ve done a some faux locs on a few clients before, not my fav as they are sooo time-consuming! They are so beautiful though! My favorite styles on this blog we’re the braided bun, the side swept with jewelry and the bob style was the best! Cause I can tell it’s not heavy! And it’s a wake-up and go style. If I were to wear faux locs the bob would be my style for sure!

  5. Nathalie W. says:

    Those are beautiful styles to put faux locs in. I must try them now! I always wanted to try them? Are they just as low maintenance as box braids?

  6. Chelsy davsi says:

    I’ve actually had the faux locks in my hair now I love them they are so convenient and easy to maintain.

  7. Rayvynne Rebelle says:

    Love this article! It really shows the versatility of faux locs.

    I have been contemplating trying faux locs but I will now after reading this.

    I loved the fact that you showed the variations in the article with pictures.

    My friend did faux locs and she said it was easy to maintain. But she left it in for about 3 months and her natural hair started to dread. So ladies don’t leave in for too long!

    Do faux locs need any hair spray or products to be added to it as you wear it?
    Can you use oils on the scalp while you have it in? Can you use leave in sprays?

  8. Sherray Lin says:

    The faux locs with the shaved sizes and the bob locs are my favorite. I have yet to wear this hairstyle, but I plan on getting them this summer. Sometimes they do look heavy, so I’m not sure if it’s the hair that the stylist is using or what. But they are so beautiful to me. I can’t wait to wear them this summer on my cruise.

  9. Cameasha Muhammad says:

    I have always wanted to try a faux loc look. I do love the style and this gives you so many options instead of just wearing them down. The traditional faux locs are a bit of a tedious process and don’t know if I could sit through it but the crochet version may be a go-to for me to try out the look. Thank you for so many options.

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