How to find a new hair stylist

How to Find a Hair Stylist in a New City

Tips to Find a New Hair Stylist!

So you just moved away to college, or maybe you got a promotion. Better yet, you just needed a change, a fresh start, and a new beginning.

So you pack up your belongings and hit the road.

After you arrive in your new city, you realize there are few loose screws that you need to attach. And it isn’t long before you realize your HAIR needs that tender, love, and care that it’s immune to receiving.

You know you can get the best hair weave from Private Label Extensions but who is going to put it in?

Now you see that it’s time to take action and begin your new hairstylist journey.

Don’t worry I’m going to guide you step by step on how to start your journey.

Find Hair Stylists on Instagram!

First things first get familiar with Instagram if you’re not already a user this is the perfect time to join.

Not only is Instagram the ultimate networking tool, but it’s also very resourceful for just about everything especially finding a new hairstylist.

Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter, have changed the way we live in more than a few ways and seeking a referral for a hair stylist is one of them.

In as little as three minutes you can reach hundreds of people in your area simply searching the hashtag, for example, #ATLHair or if you’re in Philadelphia #PhillyHair.

Once you’ve typed in these hashtags via social media tons of hair stylist, makeup artist, and more will pop up displaying pictures of their work. After you scroll through social media critiquing and hunting your perfect hair match, I’m almost for certain something will catch your eye.

If you’ve been looking all through your social networks and still no luck you can also search the web.

Use Local Search with Search Engines

Get online, search through Google, Bing, or Yahoo thoroughly.

Type exactly what you’re interested in a hairstylist/salon in the quest.

Are you looking for a stylist who specializes in natural hair, sew ins, wigs, or just an all around beast in everything?

You can search it easy by narrowing it by your city and state.

For example, type “Beyonce Lemonade Braids Atlanta” if you happened to live in Atlanta, Georgia and were looking for a good braider in the area.

Read Reviews. What do the people have to say?

Make sure you always check the reviews of the salon.

Perhaps the report mentions a particular hair stylist, and you like what the reviewer says, but maybe not. Either way, you need to go to the salon website or Facebook page, look at the pictures of the stylists if they have any and read the comments.

This research has helped me out a lot personally in the past. People will always share if they had a horrible experience or an excellent one, either you need to know.

People love to talk about their hair and the experience they had at the hair salon. If they love their hair dresser, they’ll refer you proudly in a minute.

That’s the reason why reviews are critical.

Check out these websites that offer reviews. Yelp, Cityvoter, and Angie’s List are a few excellent places to start.

These sites provide information about each business. It’s going to be organized by your city, and often include websites, phone numbers, and Facebook pages as well as reviews by people that have used the services of the hair salon or stylist.

Schedule a Hair Consultation

Once you’ve completed all of your research, choose 3 to 5 stylists that look great to you, and book an appointment for a consultation on your next free day.

Consultations typically take about 30 minutes to an hour and are most often free.

When you arrive at the consultation, you’ll get a feel for the stylist and what he or she can do for you and most importantly your hair.

You’ll also be able to get a feel of the salon. The stylist working at a particular salon fit into the same atmosphere. At that point, you can pick the stylist and salon that matches our taste.

How do you prefer things modern, sophisticated, or comfy?

Make sure you ask any questions that you may have for the stylist. Let’s not forget this is your hair ladies!

You can also ask to see a portfolio or lookbook of different styles that a person has done and tell him or her what you’d like.

Hair Stylist Next Steps

Now that you’ve selected a new hair stylist, the best thing you can do to help explain what you want to be done to your hair is to start searching for inspiration.

As I stated above, there are plenty of hairstyles on social media.

Start a Pinterest board of hair bundles, wigs, closures and colors that inspire you.

By doing this, you’ll have an organized collection of pictures to show the hairdresser.

When screen shotting pictures from your phone are sure that the angle of the photo allows the hair stylist to see the actual lengths, layers, and sizes clearly. Pictures are the best way to bridge the terminology gap between client and hair professional.

When I Had to Find a New Hairstylist

It was the summer of June 2012 when I moved to Atlanta, Georgia.

I was super excited to be in a new city for a fresh start, but after my current sew-in at the time became old and raggedy it was time to begin my new hair stylist journey. Unfortunately, I didn’t complete the steps I provided for you above which left me with plenty of bad hair days.

Buying hair can also be a very challenging decision. Private Label Extensions is a wholesale hair extensions distributor that works directly with clients ensuring them with top quality assistance and advice.

You can also visit our location in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward neighborhood 444 Highland Ave NE, Atl, Georgia, 30312.

We have hair consultants on site that will assist you with purchasing hair and seeking a stylist.

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