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She’s A Grown Woman: Yara Shahidi Confident Hairstyles

Watch Out World, She’s Grown Now!

Yes, the moment we have all been waiting for, Yara Shahidi who is from the hit series Black-ish is currently starring in a spin-off show called Grown-ish, and it is quickly taking viewers by storm. This growing show is supposed to tell a story on the real-life struggles of moving away from your parents’ house and entering college as a freshman.

Although college is not as simple as it first appeared, Zoey loves the challenge of thinking through and evaluating the certain situations she comes across.

Just like her character Zoey, who evolves through college, Yara, through her career, she has evolved as a woman with unique hairstyles. Let’s check out her grown woman styles!

yara shahidi

Two Space Buns

The space bun look is to die for!

This hair trend has made its way back into our lives, and a lot of celebrities have not hesitated to sport this look. One thing we can all agree on is that Yara has a spectacular personality.

She is a very joyful person, and the hairstyles she rocks shows her individuality. She wears her space buns in many ways, sometimes having braids leading up and crossing into the two buns.

My favorite is when she rocks the two puffs in the front of her hair and having the rest of her locks out in the back. Space buns are a go-to style for this spring season approaching. Let us know if you give this look a try soon.

Yara Shahidi pigtails
Yara Shahidi pigtails

Pineapple bun

A Pineapple bun is a ponytail that is loose, and on the top of your head, your curls are now laying out freely. This look was made initially for preserving your curls when you go to bed. But this go to bed style has become an everyday hairstyle for most. Yara looks flawless in this look.

The trick to mastering the pineapple bun is to make sure you have a ponytail holder that is loose, but just tight enough so that you can wrap it around your hair only once.

This trick helps make the curls more free-flowing and voluminous. Yara has inspired me to wear this style as of recently. I try to go for the pineapple bun look whenever I’m out with friends, and when they ask where the motivation comes from, I say no other than the fantastic Yara Shahidi!

Yara Shahidi pineapple bun curls natural


A FroHawk is a way to describe a standard Mohawk with an Afro-textured hair. You don’t necessarily have to shave the sides of your hair down as most people would; you can pin them up yourself or braid them down.

Yara is known for wearing her FroHawk in a braided way. Where she’ll cornrow the sides, and her Afro is out and free. Occasionally she’ll slick the sides up with a hair gel product for a different look. Either way, she slays the Frowhawk hairstyle amazingly.

If you love this style, you should give it a try next time you’re looking to do something new!

Yara Shahidi mohawk frohawk
Yara Shahidi braided mohawk

Fishtail Braids

Although this astonishing actress is entirely down for rocking her natural hair, she is not against adding hair extensions or weave to her head now and then.

Braids look flawless on this young star, and she wears them with such ease. As we all know this hairstyle is such a great look for the summer and spring, and with those two seasons closely approaching I would take some style tips from Yara.

If you feel like having sassy and jaw-dropping cornrows, you should check out these awesome pictures of Yara Shahidi rocking this look.

Yara Shahidi box braids

Natural Curls

If there’s a signature look that Yara can pull off, it would be her natural curl pattern.

She’s in embraced her natural hair for such a long that it’s a part of how she wears it now. They say every celebrity has their one go to look, and Yara’s kinky do’ would have to be hers.

Whether it’s in an afro, parted down the middle, or parted to the side, her natural curls are what we love most about her.

yara shahidi

Grown-ish Styles

Finger Wave Ponytail

Who said people with short hair could only wear finger waves? Yara Shahidi has proved that statement wrong.

She was seen wearing this half finger wave and half ponytail look at the 2017 VMA’s. Fans were in awe of how stunning Yara looked in this hairstyle. It was a perfect mixture of elegance and classiness.

yara shahidi finger waves
Yara Shahidi finger waves

Box Braids

Box braids are another protective hairstyle that most people rock during the summer, or to just keep their hair healthy. The reason we all love braids is due to the versatility they offer, and Yara Shahidi has shown us how to rock this hairstyle in a myriad of ways.

She wears her braids in ponytails, in different colors, and even in top knot buns. This hairstyle is great for those of you who want to try a different hair color, but are too afraid to dye your natural hair.

Yes, I know the labor of getting your braids done for 10 hours straight can be tedious, but hey after its done you have over a month of freedom from not worrying on what style to do next.

If Yara has inspired you in any way, then you should give these box braids a try next time you’re looking for a versatile hairstyle.

Yara Shahidi box braids

Slick Back Hair

At the age of 17, Yara Shahidi exhibits such undeniable confidence that shines through with every makeup, wardrobe, and hairstyle she accomplishes.

Slick back hair is the ultimate edgy look, and not everyone can rock this hairstyle. To attain this look, you must have all of your hair out of your face and pulled to the back of your head.

This hairstyle compliments all of Yara’s facial features, from her high cheekbones to her fantastic brow arch. All we can say is that the sleek, slicked-back hair, looks excellent on Ms. Shahidi.

Yara Shahidi slick back hair

Low Side Ponytail

A low ponytail seems like an ordinary look to go for but leave it up to Yara, and she will surely surprise you. One of the ways she wears this hairstyle is in a bubble ponytail. The bubble ponytail is such a quirky and fun hairstyle to try.

Yara pulls this look off very elegantly by slicking her hair that is in the front down and placing the ponytail she creates to the side. This hairstyle may be the simplest one for you all to try at home.

You can rock the ponytail on short hair, and if you need a little extra length, you can quickly add hair extensions to the back of your hair for a more extended look. Yara makes the simplest hairstyles look beautiful, and I know you all can do the same.

yara shahidi low ponytail

Sade Inspired Hair Look

We can not forget the time where Yara shocked viewers in her look-alike rendition of the late great singer Sade Adu.

Not only did she slay the photoshoot that paid homage to Sade, but she had fans doing a double take just to figure out who was who. Such a great job Yara we love it.

Yara Shahidi sade

Which look was your Favorite?

Well, Yara Shahidi has done it again.

She has shown us that she can rock almost any hairstyle she wants and with confidence. I for one am so looking forward to the many other looks she serves us with throughout the year. If you haven’t already, check out her newest show Grown-ish that airs on Freeform.

Let us know which style you think Yara Shahidi rocked the best in the comments down below!

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29 thoughts on “She’s A Grown Woman: Yara Shahidi Confident Hairstyles

  1. Ana’jah says:

    One thing I love about her is that she is funny and the show Grown•ish CRACKS me up. I chose a different route to college but watching the shows makes me feel like I’m at the moment. Plus she is natural like me. I would like for more girls to be like her when they grow up!!!

    1. Symphony Clarke says:

      She is such an inspiration this role was meant for her!

  2. Lavette Perry says:

    Ms. Yara Shahidi, I have seen so many pictures and articles about her and absolutely love the way she embraces her natural beauty. She is unapologetically black and beautiful. Of all of her hairstyles, the pineapple pony is my fav. You are what makes your hair, not your hair makes you. It takes self-esteem and confidence to pull off any style that you wouldn’t think you have the courage to wear. She gives us life with the fishtail cornrows and the Fro-Hawk. But for those who like to be comfortable but the hairstyle is easy & manageable – the pineapple pony or 2 space bun is for you. I purchased a pineapple ponytail and I have been in love. First, it’s easy to install and remove. I may not have the natural CURLY hair like she does, so that’s where extensions become apart of your hair regimen. Extensions, wigs, and clip-ins are trending because of how close of a natural look that can be achieved when mimicking the styles she wears above. It’s springtime a pony or bun is just what we need to save our hair from mother nature.

    1. Symphony Clarke says:

      I agree with everything you are saying, love!!!! this comment was so beautiful to read! Yes, we have to rock every style with confidence and I think Yara does an amazing job with showing us that.

  3. Misti says:

    Love what weave can do.. different styles texture, color, and length. I’m always looking for different ways to change my hair. I love how it makes me feel when I change my hair. Friends and family members always ask me where I get my hair from and to find me a hair styles to get. That’s why I want to start my own hair business the freedom to do more.

    1. Symphony Clarke says:

      You should definitely go for it love! I change my hair up every chance I get too! It’s so fun to try out different things and be someone else if only for a second lol!

  4. Constance a says:

    I was just telling a friend that Yara Shahidi is beautiful. I love her as sort of both blackish and brownish. On another note, I Adam loving that low side pony. The look is fierce and it’s so sleek! Also loving the actual ponytail! Gorgeous!

    1. Symphony Clarke says:

      Yes, she slayed that low side pony to the fullest, truly a queen!!!!

  5. Lorna Irving says:

    Omg! All these styles fit her perfect especially the block braids, side ponytail & the natural look they all look great on her….I’m thinking about trying the natural look done lately I have been having hair issues.

    1. Symphony Clarke says:

      yes go for it love, I’ve been on the natural hair trend for 2 years now and I’m loving every minute of it! good luck on your hair journey! It’s going to be great.

  6. Yolanda Burton McDowell says:

    She is such a humble being…I recently saw her on the Own Network interviewing with Oprah as her parents watched from the audience. As I watched and listened to both herself & Oprah it is pretty simple to become successful… it simply takes courage and I know that she will do well as her career continues to spins off because Girlfriend simply has what it takes!

    1. Symphony Clarke says:

      I could not agree more. Humbleness is something every big-time celeb needs just so they can remind themselves that it could be so much worst. She is going places no doubt in mind! and omg I love watching her interviews she speaks so fluently and eloquent!

  7. Toni Hammond says:

    I this she is such a sweet and beautiful young lady. My 16-year-old daughter introduced me to the shows, at first I was not too thrilled about the adult situations so I told her she couldn’t watch it Blackish, when I saw Grownish I started to feel a bit different, although the situations are still a bit much for a 16-year-old since it’s college life, I did feel it offered a good enough of insight for my daughters future. She wants to go to college and wants to travel to another state and live on campus, she is also a beautiful young lady with a natural look and style. Yara carries a sense of humbleness that shows through her performance as an entertainer. So my idea of my daughter being similar is pretty cool, still scary as a mom but still cool 😎, My favorite look has to be the Sade look alike!!!! She killed it and brought me back into time.

    1. Symphony Clarke says:

      This comment was super sweet! and I know your daughter is going to grow up to become a beautiful, smart, and a responsible young lady that she already is! If there were to be any show that represents the trials of college I’m just glad that they found someone like Yara to really represent that you can not know everything about life, but you can still try to make the best decisions, live life, and look flawless while doing it.

  8. Dominique Dykes says:

    Yara Shahidi is a sight to behold. She’s a breath of fresh air for women all around the world. Considering that we are around the same age and we are both natural haired women, I look up to Yara and everything that she does. From her looks, hairstyles, clothing, all the way down to her speeches, appearances, and motive. She’s an amazing role model for the little girls in our generation and I’m glad to witness that she’s making changes step by step. Isn’t Yara just amazing?

    1. Symphony Clarke says:

      Yes, she is truly amazing! I’m around the same age as her, its funny shes a little bit younger and yet I still look up to her! That just goes to show, age, race or lifestyle doesn’t matter, you can be inspired by unique people.

  9. Vontrice says:

    I love her hair!!! Confidence is key, no matter if you’re rocking natural hair or extensions.

    1. Symphony Clarke says:

      Yes! Could not agree more!

  10. April Wells says:

    Yesssss! I love Yara’s style, especially her hairstyles. She’s a walking statement for all young girls and ethnic women to wear natural and natural looking styles. Yara’s hairstyles are so versatile. I’ve actually used the Private Lable Extensions’ Afro kinky curly hair (2 bundles) to recreate Yara’s frohawlk which turned out great!! I used their edge control as well to smooth my edges. I was able to spritz the hair with water and conditioner to really make the style pop. Many of her hairstyles are great work. I’ve also recreated her half finger wave half ponytail look as a work style (I’m a healthcare executive) I felt like Cleopatra with a drip of Sade. I used 2 bundles of PLE Indian body wave which gave me that natural thick, full wave look. It’s always great to be able to wear hair Extensions in a natural-looking style. Next, I’ll be trying the PLE kinky clip-ins for my next work inspired look. I can’t wait!!

    1. Symphony Clarke says:

      Yes, Queen, I’m sure you slayed it!!!! Make sure to tag us in your pictures of the looks you recreate using PLE Extensions, We will definitely try our best to give you a shout out on our Instagram or future posts love!!

  11. Nicole Smith says:

    I’ve never heard of this young lady or these tv shows but she is absolutely gorgeous. These pictures really showcase how versatile natural hair can be. I love all these styles but my favorite would have to be the one where she totally embodied Sade. She totally nailed that look!! She’s also adorable with the two buns.

    1. Symphony Clarke says:

      Yes, shes really coming out of her shell more with this recent show Grown-ish! and with the Sade look alike I had to do a double take. Simply flawless.

  12. Bria Davis says:

    OMG 😍😍😍 I love Yara !! She reminds me of me in so many ways ! She’s very versatile and I love it !!! Blackish is my show !!!! I can relate and so can others !!!

    1. Symphony Clarke says:

      Yes, Yara is like my alter ego! If I could meet any celeb she is definitely on the list!

  13. Shante Robertson says:

    This article is giving me life. Yara looks fab in all hair style she rocks. But my favorite is the pony tail in the image before the last.

    1. Symphony Clarke says:

      Awww, Thank you, love! Means the world that you enjoyed this post. And yes the ponytail is probably my favorite look of hers as well.

  14. Marcy says:

    Versatility is the order of the day! Yara is definitely killing these styles She belongs anywhere/everywhere, and She walks tall and proud knowing that She is an exception. We are all made for greatness! Some just realize it too late. Stay black, stay proud.

    1. Symphony Clarke says:

      Yes, always Yara will continue to serve us looks I’m sure of it.

  15. Tiffany Hall says:

    Low side ponytail is definitely my favorite, I love the sleek look pulled back onto the side ponytail.

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