Go to The Next Level in your Business with Hair Biz Consulting!
Hair Business

Go to The Next Level in your Business with Hair Biz Consulting!

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The Importance of Consulting for your Hair Business

Many businesses sometimes lack the proper skills to help elevate them and go to the next level.

What your business stands for and what your brand represents may be great, but if you don’t know how to implement to right tactics on how to use things to your advantage, you could potentially be harming your business. This is where the beauty and convenience of consulting come in.

Now, before we get into why consulting is a great advantage for most businesses, and why it’s important, it’s more important that you know what it is. In consulting, it’s all about strategy and growth. When using consulting to help your business, you’ll learn their role of taking what some business owners may see as problems and turn them into opportunities for value enhancement. Consultants always seek the chance to create a solution.

It’s important because in your hair business there are various issues that you will face and a consultant will help you get through them all while presenting different ideas.

There’s so much more to learn and benefit from with Hair Biz Consulting!

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Hair Biz Consulting with Private Label Extensions

Here at Private Label Extensions, we’re always in the business of helping other entrepreneurs in the hair industry become elevated and successful. We’ve proven it with our education key courses, and now we’d like to provide consulting services that will get you somewhere and take your hair business to the next level.

When it comes to bettering your business, we understand the importance of staying connected and having all your needs met to create the right solutions. With Hair Biz Consulting, you’ll experience one-on-one encounters that can create those solutions for your business that are more tailored to what you need.

Hair Business Basics

Getting started with your hair business can be super frustrating, intimidating and scary at times.

You may not have a clear idea on where to start, and that is fine. But Hair Biz Consulting is here to help you from A to Z with the basics on getting started and help provide the necessary guidance on what you should be focusing on in the beginning.

A few things we will focus on when getting you familiar with the hair business basics include:

  • Creating your hair business name
  • The ‘why’ behind getting your hair business started
  • Creating your website
  • Establishing your social media presence

…and so much more!

Animal Assessment

With Hair Biz Consulting, you’ll even be offered our behavioral consulting which is based on four animals according to who you are as a person which will help you with your business and become more identified.

In the hair business, you’re constantly communicating with others. With the animal assessment and behavioral consulting, you will gain help in becoming more engaging with how you communicate with others who are involved with your business.

In this area of consulting, you will receive a video consultation and learn:

  • Your behavioral type with help from a 22-page e-book
  • Better understanding as a businessperson
  • Communication strategies

…and so much more!

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Product Knowledge

It’s so common when starting your business and forming it to get stuck on what you should be selling based on what people are buying. How do you truly know this is what your audience wants? Know what kind of products to sell is essential. But there’s no need to worry!

In a product knowledge consultation, you’ll be able to gain better insight into what your customer’s need and want which will help you become more aligned with your business.

This type of consultation includes:

  • What types of products you should sell
  • Products Private Label Extensions offers
  • What are popular lengths
  • What are popular textures
  • How should you set your product pricing
  • Profit margins
  • What platforms you can sell products on

Technology Major

There are many great platforms like WordPress that help you to sell and present to your customers and clients properly. We want to help you become the expert!

With setting up your WordPress site and through this one-on-one training, you’ll be able to manage your site to solicit your products and services to your audience properly.

You will learn:

  • Working with WooCommerce
  • How to use Plugins
  • Shipping Settings
  • Managing your Theme
  • Order Process
  • Adding new products
  • SEO Settings
  • Setting up your menu
phone in hand social media

Marketing Masters

There is much involved when it comes to marketing. This technique will help make any business successful.

It just depends on the strategies you decide to use. The benefits of marketing including help to increase the visibility of your brand, connect more with your target audience with loyalty and trust which all result in more sales.

When starting your hair business, these are key components to learn for success. With Hair Biz Consulting, you will become a marketing master and learn the ins and outs of marketing from social media marketing to email marketing and so much more.

Why Hair Biz Consulting?

We’re aware that there are many options on who you can choose to work with when it comes to your consulting needs. But there are many beneficial reasons on how Hair Biz Consulting will help you reach the level of success you’re meant to reach.

When investing in any consultation with us, you will have a one-on-one experience that will help fit the right solutions to your “problems.” You will be offered reasonable pricing because we focus on giving you the tools to succeed because then we succeed. It’s all about reaching the long-term point when it comes to business versus the dollar. As the highest ranked fastest growing hair company in INC. 5000, we have the proven success to back up the tools we offer to you.

When working with us, you have the assurance and confidence in knowing that a substantial company is equipping you with all you need. Enjoy knowing that, regardless of your experience or professional level, we have exactly what you need to take yourself and your hair business to new heights.

10 Reasons to Invest in Consulting

Reason #1

To save you time and money

Reason #2

To help you plan for the future

Reason #3

To prime you to take advantage of opportunities

Reason #4

To gain you an objective view

Reason #5

To invest in more specialized skills

Reason #6

To gain extra horsepower

Reason #7

To get the dirty work done

Reason #8

To implement new and refreshing ideas

Reason #9

Get well connected

Reason #10

Identify the bottom line issues

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Win with Hair Biz Consulting

We’re super eager to help you get to where you’re meant to be for your business and by consulting with us, you will gain so much help from the hair business basics to effective marketing techniques.

Working with Hair Biz Consulting has so much to offer you and will help you save the time and money that you could potentially waste from avoidable mistakes. You will learn to delegate, become more organized and structured to focus on the future of your business while gaining tons of knowledge and insight. All we want is for you to be successful!

Simply visit the website and see what areas you are looking to get consulting in. Choose a date and time convenient for your schedule and enter your information to reserve your spot today!

Share with us by dropping a comment below ways we can help you with Hair Biz Consulting and start working with us today!

Free Consulting!

Private Label Extensions loves to hear people are on the path to starting their hair businesses! We have a passion for helping people achieve their business goals through providing them with knowledge and strategies to be successful.

Every so often, PLE will give away a complimentary Hair Business Consultation, so make sure you stay updated. Most times we post about it in the Start a Hair Business Group. Are you connected?

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26 thoughts on “Go to The Next Level in your Business with Hair Biz Consulting!

  1. Shonte Perry says:

    5/51 rating

    I know many business owners complain about investing in consulting and other educational materials to help you advance, well not me. If it hadn’t been for PLE their free materials and constant motivational posts there is no telling where I would be. I started over a year ago, since joining the Start a Hair Biz group my mentality and drive has done a 360. I eat, sleep, and drink my business but what’s all the hard work without the dedication and investment in the growth of my business. Honestly, if PLE says color the moon green and it will sell. Guess what, I’m going to get me a ladder, color it green and try to sell it. Everything I have learned from you guys has helped me in more ways than one. So, why not invest. I want to be a Marketing Master lol so I’m getting my finances in order to do so. Another thing people don’t tell you because I guess it sounds mean but the truth of the matter is you have to spend money to make money – so if you are completely broke and depending on starting a hair business to keep you afloat, I suggest you get a hustle first. Save for your business, research and make it happen.

  2. Nathalie W. says:

    4/51 rating

    I am still kind of New with the PLE Team! So I’m literally finding out new things about the company every day which is amazing to me because it was worth the money spent. I honestly didn’t even know that PLE offered consultant options to help the growth of our businesses. Now that I know, 2019 is going to be a GREAT year. I am more confident than EVER! Thank you.

  3. Ashantee says:

    0/50 ratings

    I would really love to work with the ple team on a consultation for my business. The ple team could really help me solve my biggest issues which are spreading my social media presence and bringing traffic to my site that will ultimately lead to sales. The team could give me better insights into marketing, and SEO management. I’m so ready to get to work with the Hair Biz Consulting team.

  4. Chelsy davis says:

    0/50 ratings

    I would really love to get ahead with my hair business the hardest part is the starting processing testing out different hair companies I really have I passion for hair and would love to move forward in my business.

  5. Schenika says:

    5/51 rating

    I signed up for my 1on 1 with Zakirah and after I am done with her I will elevate to Mikey. I am super excited to take my business to the next level. In starting a business one of the most important things you can do for the success of your business is investing in it. I created an education budget along with a marketing budget. I truly believe the success of your business begins with you. There always opportunities to learn how to take your business to the next level. There are always new innovations coming out on how to market so why not invest in it.

  6. Schenika says:

    0/50 ratings

    I couldn’t agree more with this article. I strongly believe in educating yourself and marketing yourself to succeed in your business. I enrolled in 1 on 1 consulting with Zakirah and once I’ve completed that I will elevate to consulting with Mikey. I am ready to take my business to the next level and beyond. In setting up I allotted money for education and for marketing. While some people look at it as spending too much I look at it as it’s never too much when I’m investing in me. Things are always evolving and how can you stay on top of you are stuck in a time warp? As a business owner, I always want to learn the newest and greatest ways to promote and market my business. I want to know what’s new coming to industry and to read and research so I can be informative to my customers and future customers. I want to be able to answer any and all questions and not have to say I don’t know but I’ll find out.

  7. Alicia Franklin says:

    5/51 rating

    My 6 thoughts…
    Money Saving
    Time management
    Avoiding huge mistakes
    Going in with confidence
    Tripling my investment
    When I read this blog the 6 thoughts above came instantly…. as a business owner I have figured out so much the hard way…. one thinking I can do it all by myself and secondly paying a few people who didn’t know much! Hey it happens big PLE has changed the game and is making the hair industry seamless

  8. Modeline Dupera says:

    0/50 ratings

    Hair consultation is a great idea for not only level up the client’s but your knowledge as well. It’s important to know what you’re selling and why you’re selling it. When the clients see that you know your stuff, you a build a trust that turns into buyers! Thanks, PLE!

  9. Angela Burton says:

    0/50 ratings

    What a great marketing blog. It takes hard work and dedication and a super dope marketing team to get your brand out there and noticed by all kinds of people. It’s important to understand what strategy you will take to build the brand and to get away from the word hustle. If you’re just hustling what your doing is trying to get rich overnight and when he doesn’t happen in the time frame you think it should happen in then you’re done with it. But when you build a brand you will take the 100 no’s and keep going, you will knock on doors, you will not stop telling people about your product and have people supporting the brand and not the hustle.

  10. Sherray Lin says:

    5/51 rating

    I have signed up to have my consultation with Zakirah on Christmas Day. I’m so excited. I own a service business so I know how important it is to have a consultant. I just started SEO with my other company and I plan on doing the same with my hair business. It really does take money to make money. I’m very excited to learn about different marketing and advertising ideas to increase sales. I’m so glad I found PLE.

  11. Jacourtany Melton says:

    0/50 ratings

    I decided to start my own hair business because I am a single mom of 4 and I had begun to keep forgetting about myself. I wouldn’t get my hair done as often or anything. Well, I got tired of looking like a tired mom. So I decided I needed to bring out my beauty, have it pop. What makes me “pop” and feel better has always been to get my hair and lashes done. I then realized I can’t possibly be the only one. Why not start a business that will allow me to help others like myself highlight their beauty and make themselves feel better?

  12. Nicole Reaves says:

    0/50 ratings

    I started my hair business as a source to becoming a business owner in an industry that I’m very passionate about. I contemplated starting my business for a couple of years because I felt that since it was a business that everyone so many others were running, I felt that I wouldn’t succeed well in. Now that I’ve started and after reading this blog, it makes me more eager to keep pushing it. To learn all that I can so that I can excel. I want to get better marketing techniques, I want to learn how to build a business plan, I want to get an assessment on what I’m doing wrong and what areas I am weak at in building my business. There is so much information to gain as a business owner. I understand that you have to work hard to get what you’re aiming for and I’m willing to put I’m the work, I just need further guidance.

  13. Rose P says:

    0/50 ratings

    I started my hair business because I was tired of buying cheap quality hair from other companies that didn’t last a long time. After doing much research I thought starting a hair extensions/wig business can help me provide others with exceptional hair quality that can last a long time. I hope to win this contest because I have not been successful at reaching my audience. I need guidance to help me put my product out to the mass and start generating sales. Thanks in advance for the opportunity and the wealth of information that you guys at PLE provide to us, and good luck to everyone.

  14. DV says:

    0/50 ratings

    This is a great article.

    I am a nurse, and I wear hair Extensions and wigs. I wanted to have a business of my own, to hopefully leave a legacy for my children and grandchildren and to take back my time back for me and my family. Even though I did not know much about the hair industry. I chose the hair industry because I know my people are the ones that mainly use these products and also most of these types of businesses are owned by the Koreans and the customer service is not very good with them. I am happy to see much more of our people trying to get into this industry

    I am a novice at this business and it took a lot of learning and researching. I do not know much about marketing or social media, but I am trying with the help of freelancers.
    I am very interested in the consultation that PLE is offering. Actually, I did not even know they were doing this but I’d like to check it out. I need every help that I can get.

  15. Tanya Jones says:

    0/50 ratings

    I started my business to generate extra and to provide jobs to my family members and to others that may not be able to get or struggle with regular employment. Also, I want to provide a quality and affordable product. I want to use a business consultation to set up my business processes properly.

  16. Erica Obioha says:

    0/50 ratings

    I started my hair business for two reasons first reason I have alopecia so learning different things to do with my hair I had and going into full hair loss for me wasn’t a big deal with all the things I learned. Secondly my mom..moms always knows, I never showed with my mom I was losing my hair so just noticed my doing different things with my hair. Growing up in the Motown era wig was nothing new for her… so naturally, when I started wearing them it gave us extra mommy-daughter time. We would go to the beauty supply store and try on wigs for days…I would help other ladies while there and made it a family affair. It was a sisterhood bonding moment.

    My mom passed away 2yrs ago and no matter how sick she got she always had to have her hair. I decided I still wanted my mommy-daughter time so I started my hairline so I could help other women struggling with alopecia or those who just need to look good with so great hair.

    I believe the session would help me be able to get across to more people with marketing and help give back.

  17. Nashia mayfield says:

    0/50 ratings

    So I started my hair business because I was tired of wasting money on hair that didn’t meet my expectations. I had a lot of self-doubt on if I can really do or not and if I could be successful in a saturated market. I’m still working every day and crafting in this business and I’ve learned not to doubt myself and anything is possible, starting this journey has really built my confidence and I’ve made a lot of connections.

  18. Victoria says:

    0/50 ratings

    Having a consultation session would be such a great help for me. I’m still in the beginning phases of my business and it’s easy to become overwhelmed and unorganized. This would help me to become way more structured, have an accountability partner who can encourage me in My weak areas. I have been researching starting a hair business for about 3/4 years now and I’m finally starting one. I used to think because so many people sold hair there wasn’t room for me in this industry. Now I’m understanding that there’s room for me to sell hair, especially as a Cosmetologist, it only makes my brand better. I’m really excited about this journey and believe it’s gonna be a long and wonderful ride. But it will be even more wonderful with PLE consulting by my side 😊🥰😌.

  19. Cierre Lanae says:

    0/50 ratings

    I wanted to start my own hair business because I wanted financial freedom. I was tired of getting up every single day every morning, clocking in, working like a slave, working for another person and not getting paid what I deserved to be paid. I’ve always had a strong passion for the beauty industry, styling hair, etc, but a 9-5 always seemed to get in the way. My son is my #1 motivation. Launching my business is the proper step (for me) to actually prepare I’m the right way for his future! That was my number 1 reason for starting my hair company. Financial stability is my goal

  20. Mfon says:

    0/50 ratings

    I started my hair business to gain financial independence and stability. I am still in the early stages of my business and I would love to get help from an experienced team like you and Mikey to help him grow. Winning PLE’s hair biz consultation will help me obtain the necessary skills and tools I need to properly market and maintain my hair company.

  21. Kristie Grier says:

    0/50 ratings

    I started this hair business with my mom. As she is getting older, money and health insurance is an issue. He husband has been sick and lost his job. This business is for their livelihood. If I get a consultation, I would love to focus on getting my first sale. Marketing is what we need.

  22. cylendrea walker says:

    0/50 ratings

    I am in the process now with my business, I have my website, dropship beauty, logo, etc. I am still waiting on legal paperwork to come through, but until then I am stuck, don’t know which way to go until then. I don’t know if I should start my preorder process or not.

    I started my hair business because it has always been a passion of mine. I already had a business so this time I have rebranded. Any advice would do me some good right now, I feel like I am all over the place.

  23. Shauna says:

    0/50 ratings

    I started my hair business less than a year because I love everything about hair. I’ve been wearing weaves and extensions for over 10 years & I love being able to offer my customers the BEST quality hair but still at a price they can afford. Without discovering PLE my business would not be here today. PLE has been beyond helpful in getting my business started AND continuing to grow. I enjoy the podcasts, the blogs, and the Facebook group because there’s sooo much information. I think a consultation would help me take the next steps in really growing my business. I have a website and have been making sales and even have a return customer. I think the consulting would give me direction with where I want to scale my business for Q3 & Q4 for the remainder of the year. I also know the consultation will motivate me even more than I already am about my business. The consultation would give me the opportunity to finale my business plan and just ensure that my business is going in the right direction for the rest of 2019 and set me up for the game in 2020!

  24. Tamisha says:

    0/50 ratings

    My reason for starting a hair business is simply really, I want to have something that I can fall back on and for me to show my daughter that she can be a boss just like mom! Being a boss for me isn’t just owning my own complex it’s a lifestyle one that I am trying to teacher my kids day in and day out! I have always had a passion for hair and fashion and for me owning my own hair business is just a start!

  25. Brandy James says:

    0/50 ratings

    Hi Everyone! I begun my journey to own my own hair business because I am a single mom and seen how the industry was booming and wanted in. I am also a caretaker to both my parents and my nephew. My plate is full and I want to secure the future for my ENTIRE family. I am big on helping any and everyone I can. My brand ZKisses Lavish Bundles was built at a dark time in my life. I had to fight depression and find something that was comforting to me besides my daughter. Im still in the very beginning stages and I plan on continuing to nurture and grow as best as I know how. This consultation would be beneficial to me to give me insight on things that I am have troubles with pertaining to my website etc. I am so intrigued and inspired by PLE success and it definitely motivates me to keep going. I wish every one the best and I know with the hard work and dedication we will make it to the top no doubt! God bless💜

  26. tonya Hampton says:

    0/50 ratings

    Hello Everyone, my name is Tonya, I am a Registered Dental Hygienist in Virginia. I recently started my hair business about a month ago. The reason I started my hair business is that I love to wear hair extensions. I’ve been wearing hair extensions for over 15 years, needless to say, I have spent a lot of money on hair, stylist, and products. In purchasing hair extensions, I’ve run across many companies with horrible customer service (with the exception of PRIVATE LABEL EXTENSIONS OF COURSE). Also, as a customer, I have worn hair extensions that after a few washes, get tangled, loses its ability to hold a curl, and sheds like crazy. My company’s mission is to make sure our customers are happy with whatever type of hair extension they chose because I realize that beautiful hair is used to enhance natural beauty and I can cost ALOT of MONEY!

    In the past I have worked for retail companies such as J. Crew, Williams and Sonoma, and Crate & Barrel, what I like most about these companies are their attention to detail, customer service and quality products, I want my Hair Company to be known for these same values. I just need some advice on how to reach these goals.

    Thank you both for the information that has been provided on this website, I am grateful for the tips and tricks that I have gathered regarding the hair industry thus far.


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