how to boost your hair business using youtube
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How To Boost Your Hair Business Using YouTube

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Is Youtube Your New Means of Promotion?

Youtube is practically HairTv or the Wikipedia of hairstyles.

People go to Youtube for a variety of things, and if you have hair, and are alive, you’ve found yourself scouring YouTube for the perfect way to do twist-outs, at home frontals and box braids. It is home for tutorials and reviews, and that’s exactly how you can maximize Youtube to boost your hair business.

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What Are The Benefits In YouTubing for Hair?

YouTube brings together all of the great features of other social media.

People can like, subscribe, comment and view your content directly from YouTube; you are in control of what you post and when. Youtube is beneficial for business because it opens a new avenue of communication between your company and potential consumers.

Think of how many new and untapped customers are roaming YouTube for “How To” videos, or style and hair reviews? These extra hundred people could see your video and become your new customers. It is a means of marketing and expanding your hair business.

Additionally, YouTubers get paid per view and based on how many views you’re averaging it can quickly turn into a profitable side hustle, BOOM! You just made two bags with one video. You’ll get paid for viewers through ad campaigns running on your video if you run a successful YouTube channel with engaging videos.

This in return can draw traffic to your company’s website and social media.

What Kind of Things Should You Feature on Your Hair Channel?

Your YouTube videos should tie in directly with the branding of your hair company; you can use the channel to post hair tutorials, bundle reviews, videos submitted by brand ambassadors and promotion videos that you and your team have shot.

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Hair Tutorials

Honestly, if it isn’t a hair tutorial, hair review, make-up tutorial or a cute YouTube couple like De’arra and Ken, is it even on Youtube?! But seriously, hair tutorials can be the perfect way to boost traffic to your company and help people take notice of the product you are offering.

Post videos to show the different textures and lengths of hair as well as different ways to style the hair. Do your research on current popular styles. For instance, with summer, showcase a nice wet and wavy look achieved with Spanish Wave or Brazillian Deep Wave Hair. You can walk them through the steps of co-washing, installing and styling.

Frontals and closures are a big deal; post videos on plucking and bleaching using your products, being sure to leave the details in the description and up-selling the quality of your products.

Opt to do mini-tutorials of how your Russian Blonde can be used to create a beautiful ponytail or “Easy Summer Styles” showcasing the versatility and ease of clip-in extensions.

Tutorials do not have to be lengthy; they need to be informational and promote your product with your hair and logo visible and contact and purchasing information.

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Hair Reviews

Reviews! Everyone loves an excellent summary of hair experiences.

The reviews can be videos from real life customers that blog or YouTubers that have tried your products. Ask customers to send in their honest video-recorded reviews for posting and offer coupons or discounts in return. Positive reviews regarding the bundles, closures, and frontals, shipping policy, and professionalism of your business can be game-changing when it comes to getting your business seen and regarded in a favorable light.

Video reviews can be more effective because the customers can see how someone else looks with the hair in, how they felt it held up and get a more personal and relatable hair buying experience.

Brand Ambassador Videos

Imagine if your brand ambassador could verbally and physically advertise your products for longer than the minute videos allotted on Instagram, or a tag in a posted photograph. They can! Youtube gives a broader opportunity for advertisement.

The brand ambassador and your company combined will bring more views to your website and your channel. A Brand Ambassadors video can be more effective than posting regular customers or your videos because their followers know and trust them already.

Additionally, the ambassador can get more questions answered and showcase a deeper appreciation for your product than a simple picture and tag on Instagram.

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Hair Announcements

Youtube can be a great place to post videos announcing new sales, run a contest or post and “pin” your FAQ’s. These videos can serve to draw in audiences and a source of information.

Running A Successful YouTube for Hair

For your YouTube to draw in extra revenue via videos and your website, it is imperative that you do these four things:

Post On A Schedule

Viewers want to know when to expect your content.

Posting on a set schedule will give viewers and customers alike a specific time to look forward to your tips and tricks of the hair trade. Scheduled posting helps you build a steady stream of videos and a well-cured channel.

Posting on a schedule also makes getting content out more natural for you to manage and work into your schedule.

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Create Informative and Effective Advertising Content

Create content that will have a valuable impact on your viewers and potential customers.

Do not post to have videos added to your channel or to feel accomplished. Post with a purpose. Each video should have your product visible and should relate back to the reason you started the channel. And that is pushing revenue and traffic towards your hair business and expanding your reach.

Take Time to Edit Videos

Editing your videos is a little like writing your Instagram captions. Mistakes and outtakes can slide through. It is your job to look at your videos for a clear and concise video. Having quality content is essential.

Cross-post with your other Social Media

Use your platforms to your advantage. If you have a new video coming out then post about it on your Instagram and Facebook; draw people in and create a buzz around your content.

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Utilize All Tools To Boost Your Hair Business

Be sure to include your Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook handle on all of your YouTube Videos.

Carefully mention all of the products seen or mentioned in your video along with the lengths, prices and any other valuable information. Additionally, leave your website and company name in the video and the description box.

Including all of these items will ensure that your customers are clear on what you are selling and where to go for prices, information and how to obtain the look.

Youtubing can boost your hair business by expanding your content, drawing customers to your company and providing valuable hair information.

About Jatia Eley

My name is Jatia Eley, I am a blogger and future author. I enjoy the opportunity blogging gives me to interact with others and share tips, thoughts, and feelings. I currently divide my time between blogging, attending school full time and raising my beautiful daughter, Kennedi.

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15 thoughts on “How To Boost Your Hair Business Using YouTube

  1. Shaunise Trainor says:

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    I’ve been procrastinating about starting a YouTube channel! I know it will be beneficial because of the many reasons you mentioned. I just need to go ahead and jump in and start

  2. Erika Davies says:

    0/50 ratings

    I definitely needed to read this. This article gives me some great ideas on how to create a successful channel as well as other ideas to make sure my content is clear and concise. Starting a channel isn’t easy, especially for individuals who aren’t good speaking to an “audience” but this article shares techniques to be successful. Anyone who is truly passionate about their business and building their brand could definitely get over their fear if they follow these techniques and stay consistent. This blog, like many others, will be my guide when I do start my channel.

  3. Estelle Ahou Goli says:

    0/50 ratings

    I needed to read this article, it’s perfect timing.
    I’m launching my business soon and currently working on my youtube channel as well.
    I’ll make sure to use the tip and tricks included in this article to launch my youtube channel.
    I also noticed that good light and a good camera make a lot of difference in the quality of the videos.
    Very informative!

  4. Jamika says:

    0/50 ratings

    I’m still in the process of launching my business. Reading these articles have really helped ease my mind with a lot of different things that I am struggling to do. So far, I have just updated my Instagram account and will make my facebook page in order for me can get some promotional activity going on. I really want to make use of social media especially since everyone is on it and its like second nature to them. I feel that continuing to read these articles and implementing them into my business I should be relatively successful. What would be a good editing tool if I was to start creating content on youtube about my hair business?

    1. Jamika walker says:

      0/50 ratings

      Social media is the new wave, especially for business in this day in age.

    2. Private Label Extensions says:

      0/50 ratings

      There are many different tools out there for videos and photos. We suggest doing a bit of research to see what best fits your needs.

  5. Renee Mitchell says:

    0/50 ratings

    I wonder how complex it is to monetize your YouTube channel?

  6. Renee Mitchell says:

    0/50 ratings

    YouTube could be a great way to draw traffic to an online business, however, it may require a bit more research to gain knowledge and find tools to be able to actually earn money through the YouTube Partnership Program. I believe if one is able to gain a loyal YouTube following/support then one will be able to obtain enough views to be able to earn money.

  7. Julee Harris says:

    0/50 ratings

    I 100% agree with this. I have an inactive YouTube channel that I have been planning to use to market and advertise for my business through tutorials, “grwm’s”, & etc. YouTube is definitely a great marketing tool especially if you’re consistent and it creates a lot if traffic for your businesses

    1. Jamika walker says:

      0/50 ratings

      Def. make your account active again, youtube can open you up to a whole new avenue of people. You could use it like a review page of the products that you are getting.

  8. Renee Mitchell says:

    0/50 ratings

    Coming up with advertiser-friendly videos is something I hear all the time when I talk to those who are doing YouTube.

  9. tamekabow says:

    0/50 ratings

    What a fantastic post, as a newbie to eCommerce I am eager to learn as much about content marketing after having it drilled into my head by friends who run marketing companies & not having bundles of money to throw at it just plenty of free time. Great posts like this are a massive help. Thank you!

  10. Tiffany Halll says:

    0/50 ratings

    Yes, YouTube is my way of promoting hair, I believe it’s one of the best ways of reaching a large range of people from all over the world with just one click to see what your product is all about, and with subscribers trusting on the opinions of the reviewer it’s like you’re guaranteed sales!

  11. Shernice Taylor says:

    0/50 ratings

    I think this is a great method of forming a relationship with your customers! It also keeps the customers interested in your products. Before I became interested in owning my own hair business, I personally had days where I just go on Youtube to watch hair reviews and tutorials of clients dying the hair.

  12. Joy Obiselu says:

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    I need To start using my YouTube channel to promote the hair I intend to sell since I already have a following. How beat would you recommend reaching out to popular YouTube bloggers and getting their assistance to review Hair from our companies?

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