Hair Conditions Aren’t Fun!

Many of us have dealt with a hair condition at one point in life. Hair isn’t always flawless, and most times it is due to a hair condition. There are plenty of hair conditions in the world. In fact, there are about 12 common conditions that affect the hair. These hair conditions aren’t always easy to spot, and sometimes, they’re even harder to manage. 

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How Do You Know?

Figuring out whether you have a hair condition isn’t easy. If you’re unsure whether you have a condition, talk to a dermatologist. You should do this if you notice any changes with your hair, such as excessive shedding, thinning edges, premature color change, and itchiness or irritation. A licensed professional will help you get to the root of the issue.

What Causes A Condition?

There are different factors that cause hair conditions. In some studies, faulty products filled with harmful chemicals have been the issue. In other studies, stress has been the underlying issue. Other times, it’s hormones, especially hormones dealing with pregnancy. Also, the hormones dealing with menstrual cycles affect hair. There are a plethora of reasons why your hair might be changing, but don’t worry. Here at PLE, we’ve tried to narrow it down for you.

shocked at shedding

It’s Not The End!

Having a hair condition doesn’t mean that your hair life is over. With the proper information, knowledge and assistance, you can live a healthy hair life without issue! Just make sure you talk with a professional. Also, make sure that you read through our articles!

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