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Should You Open a Physical Hair Extension Storefront?

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Decisions, Decisions!

Hair extensions have taken over the hair industry! There was a time where people could only purchase hair from a hair store between certain hours.

Now, people sell hair online and, even from their car trunks! The evolution of hair has come a long way. People are stepping out of their comfort zones and taking something they love [hair extensions] and turning it into money.

Even though extensions have come this far, it’s still changing! Now, we’re starting to see people turn their online business into a storefront. That’s right! There are hair extension stores through the ut the world where you can now purchase hair. Have you ever thought about opening a hair extension store?

Are you unsure of how things may or may not play out? Well, continue reading below on some of the pros and cons of opening a hair extension shop.

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A Better Customer Experience

The greatest downfall of an online platform is its lack of customer experience.

Having a store location for your hair extensions will allow you to interact with your customers more and build relationships. Customers will be able to share their feedback with you in person instead of running to a review section first.

I’m sure companies would have loved to get a chance to speak with customers before they post their reviews. In the public view, it sometimes can appear as if the company didn’t want to help.

However, the hair extension store platform will eliminate that issue. Companies will have second chances to make things right.

Testing Hair

I don’t know about you, but there have been several times where I’ve been shopping online and said: “I sure wish I could see this product in person first!”

That is the main reason why I don’t like shopping online now because I can’t see or touch the product. However, selling hair extensions in person will give customers the chance to see what they are about to purchase. As sad as it is, there are many hair dealers online that are scams.

They still people money and also provide bad hair. Having a store will allow customers to see what they want and even test the hair out. If customers need advice on what to get, they will have a chance to be assisted.

Offer More Products

When it comes creating online stores, you must have your customers in mind.

Sometimes you may have people who don’t want to scroll all through your website; they may only want to see what you have from the home page. So a great thing about having a store is you get the chance to expand your brand.

You can fill your walls with all different types of hair products and hair accessories. It gives you the chance to bring your online hair extension store, to reality.

More Sales

As I mentioned earlier, having a store will draw more clientele.

Although the Internet has come a long way, there are still people who don’t like it. They don’t want their payment information to float around, so they play it safe, which is fine. Depending on your location, you will have the chance to become close to locals and market yourself as well.

Online marketing is one thing, but in-person marketing is different. There’s something about people seeing your face that will give them an instant sense of trust. When people trust you, they will also trust whatever products you plan on selling or business you start.

Hair extension storefronts will allow you the chance to hold pop-up shops and even do giveaways. You could pass flyers around to the local shops and stores and do many other things to bring attention to your location.

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Must Handle Negativity In-Person

Now, I will say, to run a store, you must be a people person! Society just can’t take another person in customer service that has a bad attitude!

This mindset could be why many people opt for online stores because they won’t have to handle issues in person or over the phone. When there’s an issue, they could send an email to address it.

Handling the public requires one to have a strong backbone. A business owner can’t be rude to a customer in person. Anything can happen, plus you face more of a risk. If you don’t believe you’re the person for this role, you could always hire a store manager to handle the big things.

Although, sometimes a customer may ask to speak to the owner, so you would have to step in.

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Must Run Entire Store

Having a storefront hair extension store means it must be run just like any other store.

When you have an online store, you only need to check on orders and questions here and there. But with a store, you would have to be there for at least eight hours, or you could hire a team of people to work with you.

Running a store requires a lot of work though. You have to make sure you’re bringing in sales because you will have rent to pay (unless you purchased property). The store would need to have a bathroom, designing needs to happen, and of course, you’ll have to stay on top of the maintenance. A lot goes into a running a store.

It’s going to be important to do all the research you can when running a hair extension store. You will need special licenses, look for a spot in a good location and so much more. Running a store isn’t a bad idea at all, it requires a lot so make sure you cover your basis.

It’s different than running a website. You’ll have to pay for more than just a domain name each month.

Must Stay Fully Stocked

Now, this section isn’t a complete ‘con,’ but it’s more like a tip. It’s nothing worse than walking into a hair extension store, and all the shelves are empty!

I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand when that happens. It doesn’t look like it’s professional. To try your best to prevent this, you could make sure to order a new product once a product begins to get low. That way, in a day or so the product, will arrive to restock.

When you’re running an online store, it’s easy to get away with running out of a product. You can still accept purchases while you’re ordering product and tell the customer the shipping may be late. However, when running a hair extension store, you may face customers who don’t want to wait or don’t have patience. They may also feel like they cant depend on your company if you’re the product is always out of stock.

Make sure to keep this in mind if you decide to go this route.

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Tips and Advice

Create a Business Plan

A business is nothing without a plan attached to it. It’s best to start with a foundation, so you know where you’re going. Also, if you’re going to rent property from someone, they may even ask you for a plan because they want to see if you’re serious or not.


Opening a storefront won’t be cheap unless you’re sitting on a lot of money, then it’s going to be wise to save, budget and create a financial plan.


When you’re opening a business to this magnitude, you will need to make sure everything is correct.

A lot of paperwork is involved and honestly, you may not understand it all and will need help. A store requires you to comply with state and counties guidelines, and a lawyer would help with that. Also, make sure you find a trustworthy lawyer!

Enjoy The Process

Starting a big business doesn’t have to be stressful. Yes, it may take some work a lot of research, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.

Be excited about the fact you’re on a new journey that is going to lead you to great things. Going from an online store to a retail store are two different levels, but with a strong foundation, you will be able to make it out on top.

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To Open or Not to Open

So, are you still considering if opening a hair extension store is worth it or not?

There are some good pros and some cons that you will need to review. Opening up a hair extension store is compared to reaching a new level in your business. It’s a big responsibility, but in the end, it will be worth it. Opening a hair store takes a lot of patience and dedication. But if you stay focus on why you’re starting, then I’m sure you will be fine.

Are you currently selling hair extensions online and thinking about opening a hair extension store? If so, tell me in the comment section what may be your biggest challenge? Good luck!

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Brit Tea is an American Author. She has written two books so far and isa copy/content writer as well. She believes words can change the world.

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20 thoughts on “Should You Open a Physical Hair Extension Storefront?

  1. Antoinette O’Bee says:

    0/50 ratings

    I have always dreamed of owning my own hair store equipped with accessories, beauty supplies, real consulting for customers, the works! This article organizes the dream for me, making it seem not so far fetched as I was believing it was. Thanks.

    1. Brit Tea says:

      0/50 ratings

      Hi Antoinette!! I want to thank you so much for commenting! I’m so glad you have a dream and passion for hair. Remember that nothing is too far-fetched and anything is possible!! & You’re so welcome!

  2. Lasonya says:

    0/50 ratings

    My plans were to open up a storefront but I have decided to do the online website to see how well it will do before opening up a storefront. I think that will be better for me than I can see how everything really goes even though I will not be able to interact with the customers face to face.

    1. Brit Tea says:

      0/50 ratings

      Hi Lasonya! I think your plan is great! Starting with an online store first then transitioning into a storefront is a great option. I pray greatness for you!

  3. William Dowdle says:

    0/50 ratings

    This has been a dream of mine for some years now. When I looked into the online sailing hair, I said this is exactly what I’m looking for. I can’t wait for more sales to start rolling in.

    1. Brit Tea says:

      0/50 ratings

      Hey William! I can’t wait for more sales to be rolling in for you as well!! It’s coming! Stay the course, stay focused and stay ready! Many blessings to you and thank you for commenting! xo

  4. Jada says:

    0/50 ratings

    I eventually look to expand my brand so that I’m not just selling hair so this was a good read. I have things to weigh and keep in mind once that time comes.

    1. Brit Tea says:

      0/50 ratings

      Hey Jada! You’re thinking ahead before you even begin which is great!! Only positivity can come from expanding your brand! Always remember to keep your customers in mind and think about what their needs are. Your business will thank you later!!

  5. Chaka Holloway says:

    0/50 ratings

    Opening up a storefront is a good idea. I will start will online first and WHEN I become successful I will try that. Being in Los Angeles there are beauty supply stores almost on every corner so I’m going to have to come up with ideas to stand out from the competition. Great article.

    1. Brit Tea says:

      0/50 ratings

      Hi Chaka!! If I was near you, I would run to give you a big high five!! One thing a lot of people don’t realize is how powerful their words are! Especially when owning a business; you want to always speak life into your business. Using words such as WHEN and not IF is what will propel you to the next level. I’m already proud of you!! LA does have a lot of beauty stores, but that’s okay because you WILL stand out and your business WILL become a household name!

  6. Danielle Pierson says:

    0/50 ratings

    In all honesty, I prefer to have a storefront that way I’d be able to interact with my customers. Being more personable with customers definitely helps your business grow. But the con of having a storefront is the upkeep of the store. There are utilities involved, rent to pay if you didn’t buyout, decorating the store, buying signage, and you would have to hire and pay others to help run your business. E-commerce is much cheaper in that sense, there are only a few things you’d have to spend on an online business, and you don’t have to have a business license to run one.

    1. Brit Tea says:

      0/50 ratings

      Hi Danielle! You are totally correct about the downfalls of having a storefront. However, just about everything in life has pros and cons. Just because something has a con doesn’t make it a bad thing. I’m so glad you prefer the storefront because I too agree, being personable with customers will help a business grow. Although we’re headed towards a technology lifestyle, there are still many people who will take live people over emails.

  7. Houa says:

    0/50 ratings

    With all the support I have received from PLE, it has given me more hope you continue my website business. Coming across this blog gave me inspiration, knowing that I have thought of wanting to expand my horizon. I definitely do want to open a storefront, eventually, but I do have doubts about perusing business funding. I hope that I can achieve the guidelines from the link provides. So here goes, better later than never. Thanks again!

    1. Brit Tea says:

      0/50 ratings

      Hi Houa! First and foremost, we greatly appreciate your support as well! Without people like you, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do! Always remember, your dreams and passions are worthy to be birth! Don’t worry about funding, try to do what you can with what you have and I promise everything will fall into place!

  8. Tracy says:

    0/50 ratings

    We decided to open a physical store. Lots of “I need it now” clients!

    1. Brit Tea says:

      0/50 ratings

      Hey Hey Tracy!! Soo glad to see you opened a physical store! I truly believe very soon, the world will start to see more and more. Hair extensions are in such high demand some people will only want to purchase in-store and not wait for shipments online. For every online shopper, you will always have an “I need it now” customer too! Keep up the great work!

  9. Veronica Carson says:

    0/50 ratings

    OMG! I just mentioned to my husband that I’m going to try to open my store by next year. I was going to open a second salon location but changed my mind. I want my hair storefront now.

    1. Brit Tea says:

      0/50 ratings

      Hey Veronica! Wow, well look at that! It’s always great to see a made up mind! Maybe one day you can still open up that second salon location while still running your storefront! Anything is possible! Keep up the great work & thank you so much for commenting too! xo

  10. Laura says:

    0/50 ratings

    Thank you for this article. By any chance do you have recommendations on where I can get templates for Business Plan to open an physical hair extensions store? I am in motion setting up an online store, and now I feel the Physical Interaction will be more rewarding…..that being said, I’ve decided to open physical location.

    1. Brit Tea says:

      0/50 ratings

      Hi Laura! I’m so excited for your business future! Glad to hear you want a storefront instead of an online store or possibly both. As for recommendations, just simply google ” business plans” or even “business proposals” and there will be different templates that pop up and will also have categories for you to choose from such as “stores.” I really hope that helps! Keep up the great work & thank you so much for commenting too! xo

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