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Top 8 Tips for Hair Care In Between Hair Installations

Hair Installations are Life Savers

Protective styling, such as hair installations are fantastic; it helps hair grow, allows for low manipulation and gives a polished look day after day.

Although it offers a broad range of versatility and frees one of constant styling, it is still important to care for the hair underneath.

Hair must be taken care of, nurtured and maintained, even while in protective styling.

But what happens when protective styles are taken out?

hair installations

#1 Take Hair Out No later than 6 Weeks after Hair Installations

Sew-ins and wigs are quick and effortless ways to achieve optimal styling with minimal maintenance to the physical appearance of hair. However, it is important to take down an install every 4-6 weeks to care for your natural hair underneath.

This regular cycle of removing installs allows one to track their hair growth, work on problem areas and allow their hair to breathe.

Furthermore, it prevents hair underneath from matting or molding which can become a real issue if your hair contains braids under your weave, a mesh cap or tucked underneath a wig for too long.


#2 Wash & Condition Hair

Washing and Conditioning Hair is essential to its health. Be sure to do this after your hair installation.

The hair and scalp produce and accumulates natural oils, dirt, and pathogens. A good wash can get rid of unwanted oils, cleansing hair keeping it from being weighed down.

What’s more important than a good wash is a great conditioner.

One can choose to either wash and condition hair or to simply co-wash, which means conditioning the hair only. Either decision strengthens the hair cuticle and provides the hair with needed protein and oil to keep hair moisturized, soft and healthy.

washing hair

#3 Check for Signs of Damage

One’s hair is constantly changing, and it can be hard to keep up with these changes if one’s hair is consistently in an install.

After hair is taken down, washed and conditioned, it is important to note the state of the hair.

Is the hair lacking bounce or shine, does it seem frizzy or weak after hair installations?

Damage can include split ends, excessive shedding or tangling, thinning edges, or even scalp sensitivity. Pay attention to what your hair is telling you, in between installations.


#4 Trim Ends

Another key to the healthy hair under your hair installation is to trim hair.

Your hair will naturally begin to split after three months. So, we suggest that you get your ends trimmed every 3-4 months. Going to your stylist is recommended to get your trim versus doing it yourself because they have the knowledge and eye to clip your ends properly.

Holding onto split ends only increase damage; while keeping the length, you will also maintain the unhealthiness of your hair.

Trimming is necessary to keep hair from further breakage and to maintain healthy length.

trimming ends

#5 Moisturize Hair

Simply conditioning hair is not enough.

To seal in moisture and reduce the chance of dry and damaged hair it is essential to find oil, serum or spray that locks moisture into the hair.

Be careful though, moisture is essentially food for the scalp, and just like when choosing your foods, you want to be mindful of what is going on your hair just like your body.

Look for greases and oils that are not heavy on the hair, and the ingredients are organic.

This simple rule of thumb will keep hair from product build up and clog of the scalp which can be counterproductive to the overall goal.


#6 Stay Away From Anything That Could Cause Additional Damage

Some may think that immediately after an installation is the time to experiment but this is contrary to widespread belief and practices.

It is crucial to avoid anything that could cause additional damage to hair directly following removal of an installation because the hair may already be stressed or weakened by constant braiding, pulling or coverage. You may want to test your hair porosity to see if your hair is currently damaged.

Try to avoid dyes, excessive heat, bleaching or high manipulation styles.

flat iron

#7 Let It Breathe

As stated, hair needs the care to grow, and one of the easiest ways to care for your hair is to leave it alone.

The hair and scalp require oxygen to flourish, which can be hard to achieve during hair extension installations.

Rock your natural curls, your favorite two braids, or a sleek bun to give hair time to breathe and relax after hair installations. This breather or “weave-cation” helps relieve the tension on hair follicles and reduces the chance of breakage during installations.

In conjunction with trims, greasing and a good conditioner this is a definite recipe for hair rejuvenation. If you are not quite ready to leave hair out for a month or two at a time and return to installations sooner, get a braided foundation that protects the ends of your hair. Be sure to oil your scalp before and during hair installations.

Additionally, opt for a sew-in with a mesh covering to reduce stress on hair follicles and to achieve a longer lasting hair installations.

natural hair

#8 Choose Low Maintenance Styles

Weaves, wigs, and crochet are all great ways to style hair for a multitude of reasons, but there are other low-maintenance styles to wear while taking a break from installations.

One can wear braids, a blowout or even opt for clip-in extensions if you crave a particular style or length.


#9 Skip Too Tight Installs

#10 Scalp treatments and oiling

#11 Detangle Thoroughly

#12 Try A Protein Treatment

#13 Wash your Hair Extensions

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In Between Weave Hair Care

These are eight trouble-free and memorable tips for hair care in between installations.

Remember that your hair and your extensions should always be taken care of to ensure you can wear them with ease and quick interchangeability. Hair care in between installations maximize the benefits of protective styling by maintaining the growth and strengthening hair.

Have a hair care tip for in between your next weave? Drop it in the comments below!

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