having your own hair line totally rocks
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Having Your Own Hairline Totally Rocks!

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Imagine owning a hair salon with six stylists in the salon and all of their clients are coming in on a Friday and Saturday, which are most salons busiest days for appointments to get the hair extensions that they purchased from somewhere else installed.

If your salon offered hair extensions to your clients you could ultimately increase revenue for your salon.

Does making extra money in your salon sound good? It should!

We work with hundreds of stylists and they are always looking at ways to get “from behind the chair” and work on more project.

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Your Hair Display

Creating an attractive hair display will let your customers know that you offer hair extensions without being pushy.

Simply put, having a hair extension display works!

With our fabulous hair extension stands, you can create an amazing display of all of the hair extensions you will be carrying for your clients to view when walking into your hair salon.

You will notice how clients gravitate towards your hair display and will ask you a few questions about the types and quality. It is important to have bundles in stock when selling in your store.

Don’t get discouraged if it takes a little while for your hair sales to pick up. If your clients are not accustomed to buying hair from your salon it might take a few visits for them to remember you are the new place to go.

hair extension display

We can also provide you with quality custom silk bags and tags with your salon logo to stay consistent with your branding.

Once you begin selling your own hair extensions in your salon, that will not only attract your consistent customers, but new customers who need hair extensions and that will open another market for you to reach which will increase your revenue for your hair salon.

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2 thoughts on “Having Your Own Hairline Totally Rocks!

  1. Ariel says:

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    These hair stands have really help with marketing and promoting my hair extensions. This is an elegant and professional way to display your extension in a business setting. Will be purchasing more soon, because I initially only ordered 6.

  2. Erika Davies says:

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    I’ve been interested in selling hair since 2012. I was doing intense research and lost the momentum when I wasn’t getting the results I wanted. Had I started back then who knows where I would be now, but hey timing is everything. One thing about the hair industry is making sure your visuals are appealing to your client. Visuals are everything!! when setting up your display, be mindful of the setup. Your display actually speaks to your client before you even say “hi.” What is helpful for me is to do a “test run.” I practice my layout before the event so I know where to place my product the day of the event. Doing it this way alleviates stress as well as helps me stay organized.

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