How IGTV and Facebook Live Can Grow Hair Business
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How IGTV and Facebook Live Can Grow Hair Business

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Let’s Get Social

Hey SOULdiers! I get incredibly excited when I can bring you valuable information that is going to help you up your hair game and your digital footprint.

We talk about social media a lot on Private Label Extensions. We do it because we realize how important it is to be socially present as an online hair company as well as brick and mortar locations. It can seem redundant, but you would be amazed at how quickly social media changes before you can get the hang of one platform it’s changing…again! I’m going to get you back on track with how to utilize the new Instagram TV app and how to use Facebook Live to grow your audience.

You know what to do! Grab your pen and paper to take notes. Then you can use your notes to create a bomb strategy to get your hair company popping on the gram and Facebook.

Let’s go ahead and press play on your H.E.R. playlist and lets “Focus” on social media success.

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IGTV (Instagram TV)

So, Instagram just released its new video-based platform IGTV. The platform allows you to use it via its app as well as on Instagram.

The one thing I like most about it is we did not have to wait for an Android app (for those who refuse to use an iPhone). Usually, when a new app is released Android users, have to wait but thank goodness it didn’t happen this time.

IGTV is similar to Youtube but is designed to show videos on smartphones. By setting it up this way, it looks seamless and simulates you looking at the television which is where the TV comes in. I know you follow a lot of accounts on Instagram and, now, on IGTV you can follow their channels as well. As a hair company, you will need to make sure you use this platform to its fullest potential!

Instagram isn’t going anywhere and this new addition its going to add more interest and benefits.

Instagram TV IGTV

Create Your Instagram Channel Directly From The Instagram App

Here’s how to add your channel without the hassle of downloading the app to your phone.

Step #1

Open the Instagram app

Step #2

Go to your home screen

Step #3

Look in the upper right-hand corner of your screen

Step #4

Click IGTV icon

Step #5

Click the gear to get to your settings

Step #6

Tap “Create Channel”

You are ready to start broadcasting or uploading your videos!

Create Your Instagram Channel by Downloading The IGTV App

Step #1

Download the IGTV app onto your phone

Step #2

Open the app

Step #3

Open your settings and select “Create Channel”

Step #4

The app will walk you through the basic setup

Step #5

Your channel is ready to go

Instagram TV IGTV

There’s word that Instagram is going to allow 1-hour videos and it’s true. For most of us, we will get from 15 seconds to 10 minutes. Verified accounts (like Fashion Nova’s) will get the luxury of uploading 1-hour videos. Your uploaded videos must be in MP4 format.

Tips to Get The Best Out of IGTV

Tip #1

Record your videos on your phone or a professional camera

Tip #2

Record your videos vertically because this is how Instagram will display it

Tip #3

Keep your subject tight in the frame

Check out my video creation article to get tips on how to set up your home studio.

6 Reasons You Should Be Using IGTV for Your Hair Company

Reason #1

I guarantee a lot of your competition hasn’t even started and this is why you should be on IGTV. Don’t be afraid to blaze a trail and push yourself to the frontline as a leader in the hair industry.

Reason #2

You should always test out new and FREE ways to promote your extensions company! Take advantage of it because it has a minimal learning curve and you already use Instagram.

Reason #3

You don’t have to re-create content to promote on the platform. You can use the content you already have and create videos to upload.

Reason #4

It forces you out of your comfort zone. It’s going to challenge you! If you have been procrastinating on creating videos you don’t have any excuses now. Social media is making it easier and more comfortable to develop value-rich content.

Reason #5

IGTV allows you to show off your extensions while you are using them! Whether you are shampooing them, dying them, or even styling them your ideal client gets to see the benefits of you caring for your product first hand.

Reason #6

It’s the best of both worlds. You get to share more extended value-based content (like Youtube), and you get instant feedback from your followers.

film studio

Using Facebook Live to Promote Your Hair Company

The Facebook live option allows you to broadcast live from your smartphone.

You have the flexibility to start your broadcast from an event, a restaurant, or even set up in your home studio to broadcast to your squad. Below, I am going to give you a step by step guide on how to broadcast a Facebook live.

Broadcasting A Facebook Live From Your Computer

You can broadcast from your smartphone or your laptop.

I usually schedule my lives, promote them and go live on my computer. Below are the steps to go live directly from your desktop which is convenient if you want to post to more than one platform.

You can host a Facebook Live on your desktop and go live on Periscope to share the same information.

Step #1

Make sure you are admin/editor of the page you want to go live on

Step #2

You can check this setting by clicking settings in the upper right-hand corner

Step #3

Click “page roles” on the left side of your screen

Step #4

Go to the “write something” section of your home page

Step #5

Choose the “see all” option

Step #6

Select “start a live video”

Step #7

Give your live video a title

Step #8

Click “next”

Step #9

You have to give Facebook permission to access your camera and microphone

Step #10

Press “go live”

Step #11

You are now live

I suggest you pin your broadcast to the top of your page and don’t forget to share it to remind your followers to watch it!

facebook live

Broadcast a Facebook Live from Your Smartphone

To broadcast live from your smartphone, follow these steps:

Step #1

Open your Facebook app

Step #2

On your newsfeed, you will see at the top the option to create a post

Step #3

Click the camera or LIVE icon to get started with your broadcast

Step #4

You can also go to your profile to broadcast live.
Tap the “status” option on the area where it allows you to create a post
Scroll down until you see “Live Video”
Select the “Live Video” option

Step #5

You will have to allow access to your camera and microphone when you initially broadcast

Step #6

Select the appropriate privacy setting

Step #7

Give your live video a title or description

Step #8

Verify your setup before going live

Step #9

To switch your screen to show and record you click the arrow icon in the upper right-hand corner

Step #10

Adjust the lighting if you need to

Step #11

Select the “Go Live” button

Step #12

Once it starts recording others will be able to view it depending on your privacy setting for the video

Step #13

When you are done click “finish” to end the broadcast

Step #14

Make sure you save your video to your camera roll by downloading it

facebook live mobile

More Success Tips to Broadcast Lives That Get Viewers

Tip #1

Make sure you repeat what you are discussing about midway through your broadcast. You may have new viewers who joined in after your initial introduction.

Tip #2

Ask your viewers for responses to gauge how well they are picking up on the information you are providing. You can give tips on how to dye extensions ask your viewers if they have ever dyed extensions. As they answer, you can ask more questions based on their answers.

Tip #3

Get help with your broadcasts by having someone else track comments and answer fundamental questions.

Tip #4

Mix it up by sharing posts as well as videos.

Tip #5

Your live video should be between 5-15 minutes.

facebook live

Do The Work and Watch Sales Grow

Look, nothing worth having comes easy.

I know you don’t want to spend your entire day haggling over your social media but understanding how each platform works is beneficial. You can outsource the management of your accounts to a company or an individual which will take a lot of the work off of you. You can still keep oversight over them and get feedback as to work is working and what isn’t.

I love the new IGTV and am looking forward to seeing great content from some of my favorite people I follow! Don’t be afraid to use it! I guarantee it is going to help you grow your sales. Remember, you don’t even have to be in your video.

Demonstration videos allow you to show the viewers how to use your extensions. You can easily introduce yourself and then begin your curling demonstration. Stop overthinking it and do it!

Make sure you tag Private Label Extensions so we can see the fantastic work you are doing! You’ve got this!

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