how to installing clip-in hair extensions

How To: Installing Clip-In Hair Extensions

Longer, Fuller Hair in just Minutes!

Installing clip-in hair extensions is not hard once you get the hang of it.

But first, a little about our clip-ins! I can tell you that I worked on creating the best clip-ins for about six months.

We wanted something that our team would be really excited to sell and get clients week in the knees as soon as they run their fingers through the silky hair.

There were a few key elements I wanted to achieve.

The clips had to be a little more streamlined in size as some were very tall.

These clips also had to have a silicone strip inside which will help reduce slippage once installed. Why companies even try to sell clip-in hair extensions without the silicone inside the clip is beyond me. But they do so make sure you check before purchasing!

The weft is important because it helps hold all the hair in place. I didn’t want any issues with shedding so we went with a lace stitch weft. It looks beautiful!

The hair is double drawn so the length is full down to the tips. The hair can also color and style to perfection.

Real quick note: We also have a special order collection of clip-ins that are a still great value for the money but are not as high quality as the ones we have custom made specifically for us as described in the paragraph above.

Another great feature of our clip-in hair extensions is that we inventory them at our showroom in Atlanta. Private Label Extensions is a top

Private Label Extensions is a top wholesale hair extensions supplier that offers a lot more than just sew-in extensions. This means our clip-ins are ready to ship as soon as your order. We can even work with you if you are looking for a shorter or longer version of our clip-ins.

Our standard length is 20″ which is considered the most popular. Enough about how awesome of a wholesale hair supplier we are and let’s look at how to clip-in the hair extensions!

Installing Clip-In Hair Extensions

Ladies love clip-in hair extensions because of how easy they are to manage.

Easy to install and quick to take off after that night out on the town or beautiful wedding. You don’t even need to go to a salon to have all this done, unlike our tape-in hair extensions that are installed for a more long-term solution. It is important to look at how many pieces are in the package so you can plan where you are going to be clipping in each piece.

Our stock clip-ins have the following pieces:

(1) 8″ weft section with 4 clips
(1) 7″ weft section with 4 clips
(3) 6″ weft sections with 3 clips
(2) 4″ weft sections with 2 clips

Lace Weft on Clip-in Hair Extensions

In the video, you will see HD installing the #1 JET BLACK CLIP-IN EXTENSIONS on Avery. HD (She loves High Def!) is our video & social media manager while Avery is the newest addition to the staff and does everything, like being the model in our videos.

There is nothing complicated about installing the clip-in hair extensions that need to be explained in detail. It is just that easy, and we know you or your clients can do it!

Installing Clip-in Hair Extensions

Selling Clip-In Hair Extensions

Offering clip-in extensions to your clients is really simple with our wholesale solution. Honesty, quality wholesale clip-in extensions are really hard to at wholesale prices in the USA.

With a wholesale price of $81, you have plenty of room to profit with the suggested retail price of $129.

We even know other selling them for $200 and people are buying them! If you have been looking for a wholesale supplier that offers great products, fast shipping, and a knowledgeable service team then look no further than Private Label Extensions.

We would love to do business with you. Please fee free to contact us if you have any questions or need any assistance.

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2 thoughts on “How To: Installing Clip-In Hair Extensions

  1. Ariel says:

    I’ve just started selling Clip-in and this is a new field for me. This article informed me of the importance of purchasing silicone strip clip-ins with lace weft. It also helped me with setting the correct price for my website.

  2. Valerie Page says:

    One of the major benefits is that there is less damage done to your hair versus other forms of extensions. Unlike sew-in and glue-in extensions, clip-in extensions don’t weigh your hair down or weaken it nearly as much. If you want something that can stay in for a long period of time or you want to wear your clip-ins multiple days in a row, you may want to try something else because constantly wearing the clip-ins will, in fact, put you at bigger risk of damaging your hair.

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