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How to Make Money Selling Hair Extensions & Weave Today!

Selling Hair is Easier Than You Think!

You have heard that selling hair extensions is big business.

You are right!

Have you ever asked yourself, “How Can I Make Money Selling Weave?” 

There are so many different options available that you generally have to piece together to get started. We understand the difficulty of getting all your branding, packaging, wholesale hair, shipping, and everything else together. This is one reason why over the past few years we have transformed from just being a wholesale hair supplier into more of a hair agency.

Our one-stop-shop approach to getting your hair brand up and running has proven to help a lot of companies.

So how do you make money selling hair? If you work with the right hair distribution company it can be easier than you think.

Interested? Let’s take a look at your options.

Selling Hair Extensions

Become a Hair Weave Affiliate

Years ago we launched an affiliate network company called Luxury Hair Direct. It was free to join and you can start selling in just minutes.

How did you make money selling hair with Luxury Hair Direct?

Once you join you get your own affiliate link. You share the affiliate link on Facebook, Twitter, Email or anywhere else you can post a link.

Luxury Hair Direct now has thousands of hair affiliates that share their link to make a portion of the sales if someone clicks on their link and makes a purchase.

Each affiliate makes 15% of each of their sales. Not bad! If someone makes a $200 purchase you can make a commission of $30. Not bad!

It is a good way to get started in the hair business if you are not sure if you are really ready to make the commitment to starting your own hair brand. The best thing to do is to start wearing the hair to be a walking billboard. This is the same for Luxury Hair Direct or your own brand.

The biggest problem with the model of Luxury Hair Direct was most of the clients really wanted to just start selling hair under their own brand.

We listened. In early 2017 we shut down the LHD program to focus solely on Private Label Extensions and Dropship Bundles.

Luxury Hair Direct

Go to the Next Level with Your Brand

If you are serious about starting a hair business and your own brand then you have two great options. This is a lot easier if you are a stylist or salon owner that already has a clientele built. It is not required but obviously, it just makes sense.

We have clients that are selling hair weave that just loves the hair! This is totally OK as the market is big enough.

You will have to make an investment in hair and probably technology for a website. This is a little risky when compared to becoming a hair weave affiliate like discussed above.

More risk equals more rewards.

There is nothing like having your own hair brand and selling bundles. It’s great! Especially when you work hard and the sales start coming in.

how to make money selling hair

Buy Wholesale Sell Retail

Private Label Extensions is your premier wholesale hair distributor. This is what you need for your first step.

You probably want to know how to make money selling hair at retail prices. Easy. Buy wholesale and sell at retail. You have the hair connection, Private Label, so time to use it and start making money. There’s no need to buy a hair vendor list if you are reading this. You have found your hair plug!

Selling hair can be done in so many different ways. You can sell on your own website, social media, and a dozen other hair marketplaces.

The key is being able to get offer your clients top notch products at great prices. This is exactly what we focus on for our wholesale clients like yourself.

If you are going to inventory products make sure you know what your market is interested in or the more popular hair extensions that are available.

Private Label Extensions Page

Consider Dropshipping Hair

Don’t have the finances to buy hair in bulk? Want to focus on marketing the hair more than shipping?

Dropshipping hair extensions might be for you. This allows you to sell hair from home, on vacation, or on the go!

With dropshipping, you can purchase the hair right after you sell it and have our team pack and ship your order for you.

We can work with you to make the bundles your own with awesome hair extension branding. This includes hang tags for the bundles, custom hair packaging and even add a care card if you provide them. Our goals are to make you look good and sell more hair.

The hair extension website option is the fastest way to get started with selling online. The websites have all our products, lengths and bundle deals loaded into the site. This can save you days in development alone!

Dropshipping is something you should definitely consider when starting your own hair brand on a budget. We have a free course on How to Dropship Extensions that can give you some insight on how our system works. Selling hair bundles has never been easier than with Dropshipping!

If you have already started your hair business journey through Shopify and have decided to take the Dropshipping route, then you can integrate our Dropship Beauty App with your online store to allow easier processing for your hair business.

Want to make Dropshipping An Easy Process For Your Shopify Store

Make Money Selling Hair Extensions

We discussed three ways to make money selling hair extensions as an affiliate, buying wholesale and selling retail, and dropshipping.

What is going to work best for you will depend on your budget and interest in selling someone else’s brand or creating your own hair line?

The key is to make a decision and start selling soon. Every day you postpone selling hair is a day you are missing out on potential sales.

If you need assistance creating your own brand and selling hair extensions then consider working with the USA based hair experts here at Private Label Extensions.

About Mikey Moran

Serial Entrepreneur focused on great products, service and building an amazing hair team.

49 thoughts on “How to Make Money Selling Hair Extensions & Weave Today!

  1. Nicole says:

    On Average how much money do you need to start your own hair business?

    1. Private Label Extensions says:

      It depends on where you are at with your budget and the type of business you are looking for. It can be done through your own website, social media, and different marketplaces like wig market! We suggest having your most popular hair on hand and signing up for dropshipping to make business simple and easy. Dropshipping gets rid of inventory costs that may help you in many ways. Researching the variety of options will help guide your way around your budget.

      1. Daja says:

        What would you recommend for a stay at home mom? What would be budget friendly if I want to start small? How do I start buying the bulk of hair?

        1. Private Label Extensions says:

          Come up with a budget that works for you, as you can check all the prices we have on our website. They are all wholesale prices. If you want to start small, we suggest starting with at least 5 of the Brazilian style bundles, which includes the body wave, loose wave, silky straight, deep wave, and kinky curly bundles. We highly recommend trying the bundles out before making any commitments, we also provide sample kit available for purchase on our home page.

  2. Michele falco says:

    I am looking to sell Remy extensions wavy straight clip ins

    1. Private Label Extensions says:

      As of right now, we only have our Indian Remy Body Wave available.

  3. Vicki Iman says:

    I like the idea of drop shipping. However, how much money could you possibly make doing this kind of thing.
    1. Someone who wants weave could just shop directly from Private Label Extensions and see that your prices are lower and forget all about my hair company.
    2. Most women like to actually feel their hair to make sure that they aren’t being jacked before they buy.

    I guess that’s where marketing and branding comes in but…..
    I would like a little more insight possibly. How do I know if this will actually work?

    1. Private Label Extensions says:

      Dropshipping is definitely a great go-to when starting out or if you are a busy person in general. There is a great window for profits due to our wholesale prices. Your profit will vary depending on your marketing skills and how much time and effort you invest in your company. When you build your customer list, there is a great chance they will always come back as your regulars. Having your own business gives you the freedom to navigate around what your consumer wants and needs are, and you will be given the chance to provide for them in however way you would like to proceed. We also sell our Brazilian sample kit you may purchase online, as an option for your customers. How to Sell Hair Extensions this Year is a great read if you would like to explore your options more.

  4. tolz says:

    How can I register for the drop shipping? How can I get the pictures of the products I want to show to the customers?

    1. Private Label Extensions says:

      We have different memberships you may join. Once you have chosen that plan you want to stick with, you will gain access to our “Marketing” tab which contains product photos, Facebook images, and Product Videos all available for free download as part of your dropship account.

      1. Mazwi says:

        Do you export to South africa

        1. Private Label Extensions says:

          Hello, no we do not.

  5. YOLANDA MURRY says:


    1. Private Label Extensions says:

      Great, we have tons of information on how to start making money selling hair extensions! Keep an eye out for an email with all the details for your inquiries!

      1. Meagan Smith says:

        Could you please help send me the info on selling, through my email provided?

        1. Private Label Extensions says:

          Definitely! Please check your email for more information.

          1. Indrel Green says:

            Can you please send me prices and information?

          2. Private Label Extensions says:

            Of course, check your email for more info!

      2. Rachel says:

        Me as well. I am looking for information regarding starting a business.

        1. Private Label Extensions says:

          This post covers a couple of tips on how to get started. We also have another blog post that covers more information on how to make thousands by selling hair extensions. We are a wholesale company that also provide dropshipping options. Get started today and purchase a bundle or two to see if we are the right fit for you. Contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

  6. Onuoha Adaeze says:

    I want to start selling hair. I make wigs so the best idea is to sell hair as well as the wigs. I need proper information in how to go about it and how to start!

    1. maryannesalas says:

      Selling hair is easier than one may think! With what you want to do, we suggest having an e-commerce website, which is what we have as an option for entrepreneurs like yourself! Once the website is pushed over to you, you are able to edit your website as you please. You may then add your wigs to sell online as well as any products you would like to add. Purchasing a website through us has its perks. You are able to gain a dropship membership to go along with your account as long as you keep up with your hosting fees! We take care of inventory, packing, and shipping with our products from PLE. Any other product you add, is for you to take care of. You can buy wholesale from us and sell retail! You would have more time marketing your products this way. This article provides detailed information on how to get going!

  7. Nell says:

    Hello. I am a single mom of 5 and I am looking for a side job from home. I would love to sell weave as a part-time stay at home job can you please help me with how to start thank you.

    1. Private Label Extensions says:

      We have more than enough room for entrepreneurs like yourself! Selling hair extensions is a great business to get into. This article states exactly what you need to know to get started. It includes finding a vendor as well as considering dropshipping to boost your business goals.

  8. Charta says:

    I’m ready to start selling hair and lashes. I would like to just start advertising through social media and then work my way up to a website. Since this is my first time, my questions are, since I’m not going through dropship and I’m doing everything independently, about how much hair should I buy? Should I buy a bulk to start? Say for my first month or two? Estimate how much should I invest in merchandise?

    1. Private Label Extensions says:

      First, come up with a budget that works well for you. Purchase a variety of hair to see which is more popular with your consumers and base your future purchases towards that. Our prices vary, so I would say to do your research and work your budget around the extensions we offer.

  9. Melissa Dantes says:

    Hello, I would like to know more info about starting a business.

    1. Private Label Extensions says:

      We will send you more detailed information about your inquiry!

  10. Tiffany says:

    I would love to start an online bundle business!!! However, I’m not sure of what I should do first!!

    1. Private Label Extensions says:

      Perfect, you came to the right stop, as we are a one-stop-shop! For beginners, we suggest ordering bundles from the vendors you have interests in and consider what they offer. We have offer websites with dropship memberships as well as branding, and wholesale prices.

  11. Nia says:

    I am interested please send me info on how to get started!

    1. Private Label Extensions says:

      Getting started is easy, simply read this blog post as well as how to sell over $100k in hair extensions this year. It covers wholesale pricing, dropshipping, as well as branding options we offer.

  12. Anelle says:

    Do you export to South Africa? Thank you!


    1. Private Label Extensions says:

      Currently, not at the moment.

  13. Natalie campbell says:


    Could I get some info please 🙂

    1. Private Label Extensions says:

      What can we help you with that this article does not answer?

  14. Kathleen Edwards says:

    I am interested in starting a home business selling hair. Can you send me more information about your business with drops shipping and how to create my own brand? As well as websites and cost for your services.

    1. Private Label Extensions says:

      This article mentions our dropshipping membership. With our sister company, dropship bundles, we have a variety of websites to choose from. Our hosting fee is only $19.99 a month, which can give you access to our dropship program for no additional costs, as long as you keep up with your monthly hosting fees.

  15. Evonne Hughes says:

    I would like to join the team !!

    1. Private Label Extensions says:

      Great! You may reach us during business hours at [email protected]. Let us know how we can help! You may also find additional information on our home page under contact.

  16. Sherita says:

    I want to start selling hair but I don’t know where to start..what do I do? lol

    1. Private Label Extensions says:

      Definitely start by taking this post into consideration. There are tons of information it covers regarding dropshipping as well as purchasing wholesale. We have both options available to you. Let us know how we can help at [email protected]

  17. Ariel says:

    You mentioned something that was very important in this article and stood out for me. You said to be a walking billboard for your brand. Every time I step out of the house I am dressed for success, makeup applied, and hair slayed. Every time someone asks who did my hair or where did I get my bundles from I hand them my business card. I change my hair often to keep it fresh and hot. I am my brand. I also signed up for PLE drop ship program and I had them to create a website for me. Their commitment to me has helped me to be very successful in building my brand and clientele.

  18. Kiya says:

    I want to start selling hair, how can I start?

    1. Private Label Extensions says:

      Start by gathering all the great tips this post has to offer. If you have any questions this post does not answer, please email us at [email protected]

  19. Crystal La’Shae says:


    I am a new entrepreneur. I have established my brand, some vendors, products, website, and all. But I seem to be having a problem really making the sales. Do you have any advice on how I could about advertising, making sales, gaining customers, etc?

    1. Private Label Extensions says:

      Great question! Have you looked into marketing via Instagram as well as Facebook? Social media has gained a lot of attention when it comes to marketing. Work on several platforms and see what works for you!

  20. Valerie says:

    I’m a stay at home mom and my fiancé is a truck driver he wants to invest in me, I braid hair for fun but I’m looking into expanding while I’m in business school. I want to start as soon as possible but I don’t know where I should start or how?

    1. Private Label Extensions says:

      You came to the right place. We want to be able to help you with as much information as you need. We will go ahead and send over details about the different options we provide. Let us know if you need help with anything else.

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