marketing tips to keep your hair clients coming back

Marketing Tips To Keep Your Hair Clients Coming Back

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Stop, Drop and Reevaluate!

We all know that to stay in the hair business, we must keep our customers coming back, right? But sometimes it’s hard to get them to go back because most people think it’s up to the customer.

However, part of it is the customer, yes, but most of it should be the hairstylist persuading them!

Don’t ever think that your only duty starts and stop with styling your client’s hair. There is so much that a stylist can do, to keep their clients coming back. You see, customers are still people just like a hairstylist. They want to make they are treated correctly just like a stylist would, so its wise to just put yourself in their shoes.

I want you to think of things that businesses can do to you that will have you coming back. Once you do that, apply that knowledge to your clients! I guarantee you; they will start knocking your door down!

In the meantime, I have composed a list of ten different ways you can keep your clients coming back. Continue reading below.

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Points Programs

Have you ever went to your local coffee shop or store and they ask if you would like to enroll in their points program?

Well, if you’re like me, you have! The purpose of a points program is so the client can earn points from their purchase.

Once a certain amount of points accumulate, the customer is eligible for a free purchase or discount. Having a program like this set up in a hair salon would be a fantastic idea! The more a customer gets their hair done, the more points they receive towards something great. The good thing about this program is that people love to feel included in situations, especially if its free!

This addition is also a great way to make your customers experience a great one. They will feel appreciative knowing that their hair salon wants to give them perks and that they aren’t money hungry.

So if you want your schedule book to overflowing, make sure you set up a Points Program.

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Email List

There is nothing better you can do while running hair salon than having an email list! Many people believe that if you give your email to a company than they will sell it and get scam email.

While there are times that some companies do that, it’s not all of them. What is very important about an email list, is the many benefits they provide.

As a hairstylist, they should focus on explaining those benefits to their customers and gaining their trust.

One of the best benefits that an email list provides is a top priority. Explain to your customers that when they present their email address, they will instantly be up to date with special offers and updates. Customers love that! It also makes you look more professional and focus driven.

There is something to be said about a person that is about their business. And because of that, your customer needs to know! This option will have your customers returning because they will see how much you believe in your business and that it goes deeper than hair.

When you believe in yourself, those around you have no choice but to follow suit.

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Educate Customers

One of the best ways to keep your customers coming back is to include them in what you’re doing! Too many hairstylists style their client’s hair and chat about the latest dance moves or hot topic. But I know what would keep me coming back is having my stylist educating me on my hair.

Now, don’t get me wrong, many people pay to have their hair styled because they want nothing to do with it. However, others go to learn more about how they can maintain their hair at home.

No hairstylist should feel they are giving away their best secrets when they speak about hair. When that customer is in that chair, it should be a moment to educate. Customers should know the bare basics of hair.

The importance of clipping their ends, how and when to properly wash and condition, and so much more. Also, I’m sure hairstylist don’t always want to deal with a messy head even if they are getting paid.

If all of their customers had healthy strong hair, it makes their job easier and hairstyles come out better as well. So don’t ever think a customer doesn’t want to know about their hair because most do! Educate them, so they know you care and so they will return!

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Keep A Great Atmosphere

I can’t tell you how many times I walked into a hair salon knowing I would never step inside of it again!

High energy and a great atmosphere, without a doubt, will keep your customers coming back! Most hair salons have a stigma that they are loud and rude, and that’s why many people today don’t go to salons anymore.

With all of the social media and the Youtube University, people are learning to do their hair on their own now.

So before customers begin coming into your shop, ask yourself how is the atmosphere. Do things to make it lively and bright. Make sure other hair stylists know the importance of that.

As I said, I didn’t have to sit in the stylist chair before I knew I wasn’t coming back because of the surroundings I didn’t t want to be around.

So, set the tone for your hair salon before your customers arrive, and I bet they will always come looking for you again!

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Go The Extra Mile

Don’t you know people still enjoy free things?

Nothing gets a customer running time after time then them receiving free services from their hair stylist. Now, I’m not saying for you to do a free sew-in style and sit for five hours.

What I’m saying is it’s imperative for you to go the extra mile with your customers, especially if they didn’t ask! If you’re styling their hair and you notice they could use a light dusting on their ends, do it!

It won’t take that long, and they will thoroughly appreciate. When you perform acts such as this one, it will have lasting effects. That customer will never forget that you did something that needed to be done without them asking and it was on the house.

Even when you’re styling kids hair; it doesn’t hurt to maybe have colorful hair ribbons or other accessories that you can add to their hair. You could also, let the child pick out the item! I’m sure that parent whos sitting across from you all would be excited that you did that.

Going the extra mile is always something that most people appreciate and will have your customers coming back!

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Be Flexible

Okay, I get it, the hair stylist is human and their time is just as important than customers. However, a hairstylist wouldn’t be able to perform their skills if they didn’t have any customers. What I’m saying is if you want customers to keep coming back, be flexible!

One thing that some people forget is that life happens, to all of us sometimes. So when a customer calls saying they might be a few minutes or they weren’t able to cancel their appointment, depending on the customer, they don’t always deserve a late charge.

You could also think of allowing each customer one freebie pass if they ever need it. Be flexible with your clients is beyond crucial and something they will always remember. Every time something isn’t right doesn’t mean it has to be a hard no.

There are also times where a customer may have to book an appointment for a special occasion, but it may be on a day that you’re off or after regular hours; if you’re available it won’t hurt to book them!

I can’t tell you how many times I have been grateful because someone slides me in when they didn’t have to. Be flexible and open with your customers this year if you want them returning!

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Be Confident

Have you ever heard someone say to wear your confidence? Well, it means that when you have confidence, it shows!

There is nothing worse than someone working on my hair, and you can tell they are not confident in what they’re doing. You have to believe in yourself people! To many people, their hair is a part of who they are, and if it’s not right, then everything is wrong. M

ake sure you are proud and skilled at your craft because people appreciate that.

There was a story I read one day about a hairstylist who cut off a little more of their client’s hair than they asked. But the stylist didn’t freak out or anything. They realized what they did, and they evened the haircut and continued styling. They didn’t apologize or make a scene. That act speaks more volumes than you throwing a pity party would.

Confidence is more powerful than people think, so claim it and walk into because those you’re working with and for will notice and it will always work in your favor.

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Be Personable

You want your customers coming? Get to know them!

There is nothing better than engaging with the person who is paying your bills! Get to know your customer while they are sitting in your chair for those next two hours.

Ask them how life is treating them, find out where they are from and most importantly ask them how they’re doing. You never know how you can make someone’s day just be having a conversation with them.

Being personable is crucial because it shows you care about the person. It may even begin to build a friendship. So smile a little more and find out about your customers. I guarantee that the next time he/she needs their hair styled, they will remember how you treated them and booked that appointment.

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Host Events

Another great way to keep your customers returning to your chair is to hold events in your local area! Nothing gets people closer to you then them knowing you do community work! While the customer is in your chair, you can discuss different events that you will be attending or hosting that will focus on helping people.

When you’re in the business field, your primary focus should be on impacting lives and giving people something to discuss. After your customer’s hair is complete and they show their friends, they will also tell them how you do work in the community. It will show they you’re not just behind the chair all day and that you are want to make a difference.

Even if you were to host events about hair and educating people on it, that would make a loud impact. Keeping others in mind while you help change the world will keep clients returning.

Hair Tip:

After your customer’s hair is complete, give them a card that has a certain percentage of it that will deduct from their next salon visit if they refer a new client! Please love to help, and it allows them to save money!

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Booked & Busy

Are you ready to begin having a healthy year styling hair? You don’t ever have to worry about customers not returning after you slay their hair the first time!

Now, you hold the keys to bettering your business and craft, so you make sure your customer keep returning. Just remember that if times get a little slow, put your self in your customer’s shoes.

How would a company have to treat you that would make you return? Putting your self in someone else’s shoes will always change your perceptive.

Make sure to practice these tips and tricks so your customers will still come running back! Now going forward your 2018 will be booked and busy.

Are you a hairstylist that might be having a slow season or just looking for ways to get customers to return? Well, let me know below if this article helped you at all!

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Brit Tea is an American Author. She has written two books so far and isa copy/content writer as well. She believes words can change the world.

2 thoughts on “Marketing Tips To Keep Your Hair Clients Coming Back

  1. Meryl Moliere says:

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    Another GREAT tip to keep in mind is that people buy from people, not necessarily the product. As a hairstylist or hair company, we all know that we are one in a billion. It’s always good to approach your potential customer with as much authenticity as possible. They have multiple options to purchase from other companies, but something must set you apart from the rest. Take the time out to notice your customer. Whether it be liking a few Instagram pictures, commenting on a photo, or answering questions promptly. Customers appreciate someone who takes the time out to cater to them when needed. I know from personal experience that some of my customers purchased from me because I took the time out to answer all 51 questions they had about my products. I answered every question patiently and most importantly thoroughly. I always left the conversation with an open-ended response that made them feel comfortable to contact me again without hesitation. By making myself readily available for them when needed developed a sense of trust in my company. I’m the face of my brand plus the owner. It’s much more sentimental when you take the time to personally reach out to your customers and ask about their concerns. Remember they could have purchased from anywhere, but they chose you as a person. Jane, Jackie, Carol, and Susie all offer the same product, but something about You made them purchase your product. Put yourself in your customer shoes and ask yourself these few questions. What would make my purchase from this individual? Why should I come back? Was my problem solved for me? Remember you are Unique and always maintain GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!

  2. bundleherup says:

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    No matter what business industry you’re in, customers always want to feel that their spent dollars are worth spending on the products/services they purchase. But I also believe having exceptional customer service and great communication is #1 to offer to your customers.

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