Does Private Label Extensions offer logo design?

Yes, Private Label Extensions offers customized logos.

You can purchase a logo design HERE 


Take your hair extension brand to the next level with our custom hair extension logo design! You will be required to fill out our questionnaire, and within a few business days you will have multiple logo design options to pick from. Read below to see what else is included! 

> Free Revisions
> Multiple-Concept Choices
> Web-Ready Design Formats
> Print Ready Design Formats
> First set of Logos in 5 Business Days

Your logo will take 1-5 business day's to be created. We will then email the sample concepts to the email address you provide, and ask that you review the concept designs attached.
If you would like to see something incorporated into a selected concept or have multiple concept parts combined, you can let us know by replying to the email.
If you approve a concept, we request that you please reply to the email with "approving concept" and include which logo concept number you would like finalized.
From that point your logo will be finalized within 2-3 days, and a final email will be sent to you with a zip folder. This folder will contain several file types for your logo. If you need assistance opening the folder our team would be more than happy to assist!
Your beautiful customized logo is just steps away from being created! We would love to bring your vision to life. Visit to get started.