hair extension branding questions

Hair & Lash Branding Questions

Do You Design Logos?

Yes! Our design team of experts has designed over 1,000 hair & lash brand logos over the past few years!

Logo Design

How Can I Start My Own Edge Control Business?

Edge control is a very popular product. Why not have your own brand? Let us go over the details with you.

Edge Control Brand

Where Can I Find All the Custom Branding Products?

Over the years our custom branding business has grown so much we had to create a dedicated website and team for it.

Custom Branding Website

What if I Have My Own Logo For Branding?

Do you already have your own logo designed? Great! We would love to work with it to create some great branding.

Use Your Logo

How Long Does Custom Branding Take?

Depending on the product, the timeline for custom branding items will vary. Let's look at the products and how long it will take.

Custom Branding Timeline

Where Can I Send My Custom Branding For Dropshipping?

Do you have your own custom branding and need to send it to us? Here are the details.

Send Us Your Branding

How Do I Send You My Logo For Custom Branding?

Our advanced system allows you to upload your logo during the process of purchasing your branding items.

Send Your Logo

What Are The Dimensions For The Custom Silk Bags?

The custom printed silk bags are 17" X 7" and perfect for bundles, closures, frontals, and especially wigs.

Custom Silk Bags

What Are The Dimensions For the Custom Hair Serum Labels?

The label size for our wholesale hair serum is 3.5" X 4.5". This is if you want to print your own labels.

Custom Hair Serum Labels

What Are The Dimensions For The Hair Tags?

We generally print hair extension hang tags that are 2" X 2" square or a 2" X 3" rectangle.

About Hair Tags

What Are The Dimensions For Custom Bundle Wraps?

Bundle wraps are a great way to brand your hair bundles. Get information on sizing and printing information.

Bundle Wraps

What Is the Label Size For The Edge Control?

Custom labels is all you need with our Private Label Edge Control. Get the sizing details.

Edge Control Labels