How many Tape-ins/I-tips/U-tips/Micro-beads will I need?

We sell our specialty fusion hairs by packs which are measured by the gram. Below we will explain how many grams it takes to achieve your desired look!

Micro-Beads, I-tips, U-tips, Flat tips 

1 pack is equivalent to 25 grams

 Thin Hair: 5 packs (125 grams)
Medium Hair: 8 packs (200 grams)
Thick Hair: 12 packs (300 grams) 

Tape-in extensions are packaged by the grams in the increments of 50, 100, and 150 grams. 

50 Grams: 10 sandwiches/20pieces 

We recommend purchasing at least 150 grams for a full head.