Return Policy Questions

Return Policy Questions

Can Online Orders Be Returned In a Store?

We currently do not allow online purchases to be returned in store but you can ship the order back to us.

Return Procedures

What is Acceptable Hair to Return?

All products must be in their original condition for us to accept it as a return for a refund.

Hair Condition for Returns

What is the Private Label Return Policy?

We have a no questions asked return policy for unused products that are in the original condition.

Return Policy Basics

How Long Do I Have to Return A Purchase?

We accept returns up to 30 days after purchase. After 30 days an order would no longer quality.

Return Time Frame

What If I am Not Pleased With My Order?

We are sorry to hear this but it does happen. Here is more info about what your next steps are.

What to Do

Are Shipping Charges Refundable?

Because we price products significantly below retail we don't offer refunds on shipping fees.

Shipping Charges