websites and dropshipping help

Websites & Dropshipping

Do You Offer E-Commerce Websites?

Yes! Our team of experts can launch your online hair brand in a week. We work with both WordPress and Shopify!

Website Information

Do You Offer Dropshipping for Hair and Lashes?

Of course! We are the leading USA based hair dropshipper with two amazing platforms to work with.

Dropshipping Info

Can I Dropship Using My Own Website?

For sure! A lot of clients have switched over to our dropshipping system so they don't have to worry about packing, shipping and inventory ever again.

Dropshipping Options

How Long Will it Take For My Website To Be Completed?

E-Commerce websites are generally ready within 7 - 10 business days! Usually earlier but we like to have a buffer.

Website Completion

I Purchased a Website, Now What?

Need some additional details on the process? We make it easy. Here are the next steps on getting started.

Next Steps

What's Included With a Website Purchase?

Depending on the type of website and system you get access to some bonus materials with Dropshipping.

Website Details

Which Dropship Membership Should I Choose?

It depends on your needs. Let's take a look at the options and what would possibly work best for your situation.

Dropship Membership Options

Should I Choose Dropship Bundles or Dropship Beauty?

The deciding factor will be if you want to work with Shopify or a different platform. Let's look at the options.

Bundles or Beauty

Do I Need a Membership & Purchase a Website?

Our WordPress websites monthly hosting fee also includes access to our Dropship Bundles system.

Dropship Details

How Can I Get Product Photos?

Getting access to Product Photos depends on your membership with Dropship Bundles or Dropship Beauty.

Product Photos

Will You Customize My Website After Purchase?

Once you have access to your website you are able to customize it. We don't do it in-house but can recommend a partner.

Website Customization

I Need My Website Fast! Do You Have an Express Service?

Yes, for a small fee we will allow you to cut the line with a 24-hour express web service. Get it fast!

Express Service

I Haven't Received an Email For My Website Review

You think your website should be ready and are dying for your website review email. Here is what you should do.

Website Review Email

Will I Receive Any Updates on My Website?

Once we have finished your website and hand it over you are in full control and responsible for updates.

Website Updates

Do I Have to Use Dropship Beauty With My Shopify Site?

Technically, no you don't have to use Dropship Beauty with a website. But, you could be flagged high-risk by Shopify.

Dropship Beauty Requirements