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How To Perm or Relax Your Hair Extensions

To Perm or Not To Perm

Can you really perm your hair extensions? The answer to this question is yes. You can perm your hair extensions.

But remember to always be careful when doing so. Private Label Extensions’ high-quality hair has the capability of being permed. Be mindful that perming any type of human hair extensions decreases the quality of it.

Good results have come out of perming hair extensions. Just like dying hair a different color, perming hair extensions is very normal.

hair dye mix materials

What is a perm?

A perm is the process of a chemical creating a wavy or curly style of human hair. People that want perms usually have straight hair and want to have a bouncier hairstyle with more hair volume.

“Wait, so I thought a perm straightens the hair? A “relaxer” straightens the hair. People with natural tighter curls use a relaxer to make their hair straight.

“What is the difference between a hair perm and a hair relaxer?” A lot of people mix the terms perm and relaxer up, but I’ll explain. As stated before, a perm is chemically altering your straight and wavy hair to become curly hair. A relaxer is chemically altering your curly hair to become straight hair.

Often, the term perm is standard for both processes, but always make sure you know what method you want in chemically altering your hair.
If a hair stylist is doing the process, make sure you are clear about how you want your hair to be chemically altered–curly or straight. From now on, I’ll use the terms “perm” and “relaxer.”

Got it? I hope so!

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Type of Hair Extensions to Perm

What kind of hair extensions can be permed or relaxed? Human Hair? Synthetic Hair?

Make sure you only perm or relax 100% human hair extensions. It’s like applying perm or relaxer to your hair; it’s real. Do not make the mistake of perming synthetic hair extensions. The process of perming or relaxing that type of hair will not be as effective as it would with human hair.

You may be wondering since you can perm or relax hair extensions then how long will the chemical last? Perms usually last months to years depending on the maintenance of the hair. Relaxed hair is permanent.

It’s important to know when to dye your hair before or after you have chemically treated hair extensions. It is very best to color your hair after you have either permed it or relaxed it. But you may want to wait a few weeks in between each process.

For example, if you relax your hair week one, wait until week three or week four before you dye it.

“Never perm a color, always color a perm.”

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How do I perm my hair extensions?

Since we are talking about perming your hair extensions, you want your straight or wavy hair extensions to get curly. Well, there is a process, and it is a long process, but it’s worth it at the end. Let’s jump right in.

Caution: Please be very careful in this process. Wearing gloves is imperative.

Follow all directions on the products you use.

What You Need:

mixing hair dye

Steps to Follow

Step #1

Prep: To cover the surface (table, floor, etc.), use aluminum foil.

Step #2

Wear gloves.

Step #3

Wash the hair extensions with shampoo.

Step #4

Rinse the hair.

Step #5

Thoroughly add hair perfector treatment to the hair.

Step #6

Thoroughly comb out all the hair extensions.

Step #7

Start curling the hair extensions with hair rollers or flexy rods in any desired size. Start from the tip of the hair and wrap around the hair curler or flexy rod. The hair should be wet wrapping the hair rollers/flexy rods.

curling rods

Step #8

After curling all the hair extensions, start applying the perm on the hair. You should drip the product all over the curled hair. Put them in a bag for about 20 minutes.

Step #9

With the hair rollers or flexy rods still on the hair, rinse out the hair with water thoroughly.

Step #10

Add neutralizer to the hair. Let it sit for 5 minutes. This helps create the size of the curls.

Step #11

Gently take out the hair rollers/ hair rods.

Step #12

Shampoo and rinse the hair gently.

Step #13

Let the hair dry. You can use a hairdryer, or let it air dry.

And there you have it. Your hair extensions are curly.

pinky curly afro

How do I relax my hair extensions?

Want to make your hair silky straight? Let’s start.

Caution: Please be very careful in this process. Wearing gloves is imperative.
Follow all directions on the products you use.

What You Need:

bleach hair blonde

It is recommended to relax hair extensions that are not installed in the hair already.

Steps to Follow

Step #1

Prep: To cover the surface (table, floor, etc.), use aluminum foil.

Step #2

Wear gloves.

Step #3

Thoroughly comb out all the hair extensions. This may be tough for very curly hair extensions.

Step #4

Place the hair on the surface on top of the plastic bags.

Step #5

Open the hair relaxer. Caution: Some hair relaxers require the mixing of the activator, and some do not. Please follow the directions on your relaxer product for better results.

Step #6

Use the application brush: carefully dab the relaxer on the hair.–stroking It up and down the hair extensions. Apply evenly and distribute it all over the hair.

Step #7

After applying the relaxer to the hair, let it sit for about an hour.

Step #8

After, rinse the hair extensions thoroughly with running water. While rinsing, it is optional to detangle it with your fingers.
Make sure all the relaxer product is entirely out the hair.

Step #9

Use a neutralizing shampoo to wash the hair extensions.

healthy hair

Now your hair extensions are straighter than ever before!.

Perming or relaxing hair extensions are possible, and it’s a lengthy process, but it’s worth it with care and caution.

Have you ever permed or relaxed your hair extensions?

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5 thoughts on “How To Perm or Relax Your Hair Extensions

  1. Nicole Smith says:

    I know it makes sense because its human hair but I NEVER KNEW you could relax or perm hair extensions. This makes me want to experiment a little. When I first saw this title I just knew it was going to say don’t do it.

    1. Funke Adeniji says:

      Yes! Definitely. Just remember that the hair has to be 100% human hair.

  2. Toni Hammond says:

    Okay, okay, okay, I know I am just everywhere commenting but I love the blogs!!! I’m getting so much information it’s unbelievable!!! I DID NOT KNOW you could perm or relax your hair extensions, I simply thought if you wanted curly you bought curly, want straight buy straight and so forth. I had a customer ask about a certain curl I’ve been searching for myself because it’s so luxurious and bouncy, after reading this I’m convinced the hair has been permed to that curl pattern…. I am getting into the mode of doing my own wigs and coloring to my extensions just to learn how and perming will be one of the things I am determined to learn to do now! Thank you for this blog, I can also let my customers know if the curl pattern is hard to find and it seems like no one has it, more than likely it’s a perm process done professionally at a Salon.

  3. Shante Robertson says:

    Wow! I had no idea a person could perm or put a relaxer in their hair extensions. That is good to know because I would like to try perming my lace front, I love the curly look.

  4. shiks says:

    When I was in college (hairdressing college) I relaxed my weave and the results were awesome. At least now I have the evidence and so I will be able to share with my clients. Thanx for the blog!

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