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Popular Hair Extensions: What Style is Selling the Most?

What Hair Curl Patterns are Hot?

Wondering what hair extensions are currently selling the most and you should inventory?

It is really important you have the right stock of hair for your clients.

Since we work with hundreds of stylists, salon owners and online stores we can give you a great impression of what is the hottest sellers. We reviewed the last month’s sales and here are the most popular hair extensions selling right now.

Top 5 Popular Hair Extensions

The results are in so let’s take a look at what is selling the best. The idea behind this is to help current and new hair extension business owners know what they really need to inventory. It is tough to have multiple bundles of everything we sell so this should start you off with a good focus group.

Popular Hair Extensions

#1: Brazilian Body Wave Hair Extensions

This has been the reigning champion for years! The Brazilian body wave hair extensions have actually been the #1 seller for 24 months straight. This is by far the most popular hair extension curl pattern on the market now and in the past.

If you are looking to stock hair extensions then the Body Wave style should be a focus. It is a versatile pattern that can easily be straightened or curled, cut or colored.

Body Wave Curl Pattern Brazilian

#2: Brazilian Silky Straight Hair Extensions

OK, so straight hair will never go out of style. Either will offering Brazilian silky straight hair extensions in your salon or online store. When has straight hair not been popular? There are so many ways to cut and style. The “Bob Life” over the past few years is always hot on social media and of course, the long lengths that flow down a woman’s back will always turn heads.

The most popular lengths of the straight hair vary because of all the different straight hairstyles woman are wearing. Most clients will want the shorter lengths 10″  – 14″ while others may want long lengths 26″ and up! The difficulty of having clients that wear really long hair is they need multiple bundles of each long length. This can sometimes become more challenging for small hair business owners to inventory because of the cost. Luckily, Private Label Extensions keeps a good stock of all lengths and can get you the hair delivered quickly!

Straight Curl Pattern

#3: Brazilian Kinky Curly Hair Extensions

Go curly hair go! It was actually a little surprising to see because curly hair is generally more popular in the summer months. Didn’t think you needed to stock up on the curly lengths? You might be missing out. The Brazilian kinky curly hair extensions have a beautiful tight coil pattern that is great for a woman wanting a more natural look.

The kinky curly style is really popular hair extensions for creating wigs. Woman love throwing on a full lace kinky curly wig for a quick out the door solution. Make sure you are considering the kinky textures as a product offering because they are selling like crazy.

Kinky Curly Hair Pattern

#4: Brazilian Loose Hair Extensions

This pattern is generally always in the top five with the loose wave style being similar to a body wave but with a more tight coil pattern. Brazilian loose wave hair extensions are just are perfect for big spiral curls of all lengths.

The most popular loose wave lengths are 14″ – 20″ but don’t be surprised if you get orders for much longer lengths. Stylist rave about how well this hair can curl and color. Happy clients equals repeat customers and more sales!

Loose Wave Curl Pattern

#5: Malaysian Body Wave Hair Extensions

Body wave did it again! This is a really good indication of the body wave curl pattern popularity. The Malaysian body wave hair extensions are a new item on Private Label Extensions are are already in the top 5.

As a matter of fact, the Malaysian straight hair ranked a close #6 in popularity. The pricing of these new hair origins is really hard to beat for a great quality human hair extension bundle.

Brazilian or Malaysian, make sure you are selling the body wave curl pattern!

Body Wave Curl Pattern Malaysian

Most Popular Hair Extensions Review

Our popular hair curl pattern stats are based on orders from over a hundred hair stylists, salon owners and online store owners over the past month. When you are first starting your hair business it is important to know what curl patterns you need to initially focus on.

Holding an inventory of all curl patterns and lengths can be very expensive. It is really not worth it when you are starting out. Customers will order multiple bundles of an individual length and then you might need a quick refill shipment anyway. Focus on what sells the best and let your clients know it will take a few days for the items you don’t have in stock.

As a wholesale hair vendor, Private Label Extensions works closely with dozens of hair brand business owners to make them successful. If you have any questions about being more successful in the hair industry then don’t hesitate to contact us!

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  1. Ariel says:

    I am a fan of Brazilian hair in general. This article is 100% true because this hair can be straightened or curled, cut or colored. The Kinky curly has been really selling during the start of the summer.

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