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Glitter Paper Backgrounds

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Glitter Paper:
10 PC Blush Pink
10 PC Emerald Green
10 PC Lilac
10 PC Old Gold
10 PC Violet
10 PC Electric Blue
10 PC Aqua Blue
10 PC Bright Red
10 PC Auburn Orange
10 PC Fuchsia
10 PC Gold
10 PC Silver
50 PC Auburn Orange
50 PC Bright Red
50 PC Aqua Blue
50 PC Electric Blue
100 PC Violet
50 PC Old Gold
50 PC Lilac
50 PC Emerald Green
50 PC Blush Pink
50 PC Fuchsia
50 PC Gold
50 PC Silver
100 PC Auburn Orange
100 PC Bright Red
100 PC Aqua Blue
100 PC Electric Blue
100 PC Old Gold
100 PC Lilac
100 PC Emerald Green
100 PC Blush Pink
100 PC Fuchsia
100 PC Gold
100 PC Silver

Glitter Paper Backgrounds

Take your Mink Lash Branding to the next level with our beautiful glitter paper backgrounds that perfectly fit both the 3D Mink & 3D Mink Thinline lashes.

Please Note: This product is for the glitter paper backgrounds only. It does not include the 3D Mink Lashes.