How to Restyle Your Old Wig Back To Life

How to Restyle Your Old Wig Back To Life

Different Ways to Switch Up Your Wig When it Becomes Bland

We all get excited when we get a new wig !

Having new hair is like being a new person. It’s exciting, and you can’t wait to show it off. What about 3-4 weeks later? Many people start to feel unexcited by having the same wig. Maybe you are guilty of not giving their wig the proper treatment it needs to look marvelous. So what do you do? Most people decide they want to get new hair.

Well put that wallet down and take that wig out of the closet because I am about to open you to a world of wig renovation and rejuvenation! In this blog post you’ll learn how you can make your hair lovable and unique once again.

washing wig

Wig Care

Before you focus on changing up your style or making a wig, it is essential to adequately care for your hair.

Wigs, whether human or synthetic, should be given proper treatment just as you would care for real hair. It may be a bit less effort, but to keep your hair in excellent condition, it needs proper care. Human hair and synthetic wigs have different methods to keep them maintained and looking great.

We all dread when our hair starts to look a tangled mess! Many think there is no way to restore it. I’m here to tell you that you can replenish your hair and have it looking as good as new. You can correct these issues and prevent future problems with a few tips:

  • TIP 1- Buy shampoo and conditioner specifically meant for wigs. Sometimes the chemicals from our regular hair washing products can be too harsh for wigs, so it is imperative to buy the right hair care products. The great thing is there are specific products for human and synthetic wigs so you can use the proper products.
  • TIP 2- Do not sleep or shower with your wig! I’m sure many of you know this but, make sure you take your wig off before you shower and rest to keep it in it’s best condition.
  • TIP 3- Keep your wig in the proper place. Do not leave your wig lying on the floor or in some random spot. It is best to put your hair where you would typically hang it so that it does not become tangled. This makes it is easy for you to grab and install the next day.
  • TIP 4- Gently brush out your wig when necessary. You do not want excess hair coming out of your wig (more of a problem with synthetic). Gently detangle your hair to keep it nice and thick.
  • TIP 5- Do not neglect your natural hair to wear a wig. Make sure your natural hair is well taken care of as well! I cannot stress this enough. It is just as necessary to keep your hair in tip-top shape as well as your wig. Your natural hair should be your number one priority.

There are many more tips for specific hair care based on your particular wig. However, these are general tips to help you care for any wig you are interested in getting.

wash braids

Synthetic Vs. Human Hair Wigs

Based on the type of hair extensions there are different changes that you can make.

Although synthetic hair may be more straightforward to install and more affordable, it is not as versatile as human hair. You cannot make as many changes to your synthetic wig as you can to a human hair one but don’t worry! There are various ways you can style your synthetic wig. These styles will make all the difference if you feel your hair is dull.

If you are looking for a quick and cheap wig that needs little to no styling right out of the box then synthetic hair is your best bet. Synthetic hair may be what is right for you when it comes to cost too and that is perfectly okay.

There are some benefits to choosing human hair as well. Although human hair is more expensive than synthetic hair, it has higher durability and lasts longer than synthetic hair. Human hair is also very versatile! If you are getting tired of your wig and feel the need to switch it up, look no further than this article because I’m about to give you several different ways you can slay your wigs and create several different great looks for yourself.

synthetic clip ins

Five ways to Evolve Your Wig

Now that you know more about the different wig options available let’s see how to bring them back to life!

Styling With Heat

There are several types of human hair wigs. Malaysian, Brazilian, straight, body wave, curly, long, short, and many several different colors.

For this blog, we are going to start with a long black straight weave, something delightful and simple. It is a natural go to look, and you can never go wrong with the traditional straight hair because you can rock it with anything!

After the third week though, you may start to get tired of it, and you want to go for a more striking look. One of the easiest ways to switch up your hair is with heat. With a curling iron, you can quickly turn your hair from sexy and sleek to cute and curly with a little bit of time. Unlike some types of synthetic hair, human hair works great with heat. The second significant advantage is that when you want your hair straight again, you can efficiently use a flat iron to get that look right back.

Styling with heat is an excellent option because you can go from straight to curly any time you’d like without damaging your wig. With synthetic hair, this styling technique may be a bit tricky. You need to make sure that your wig is heat friendly to switch up your style. If it is then this is an effortless way to give your hair some personality.

flat iron hair

Dyeing Your Wig

For those of you who have synthetic wigs, lucky for you it is possible to dye your hair!

Because of the materials that make up Synthetic hair (nylon and acrylic), it is necessary to dye it in a different way than the human hair. Many people do not know that you can dye a synthetic wig, but there is one factor that may disappoint people who may want to go blonde. You cannot dye your wig lighter, only darker. There will also be a hair dye that is specific to synthetic wigs.

A significant suggestion to address this issue is to start off with lighter hair so that when you get bored with it, you can dye it darker. Instead of having dark hair and not being able to dye it at all. If you want to dye a synthetic wig more than one color, it is best to start with a platinum blonde wig and then dye it the way you desire so that the colors come out well.

Using a darker wig to dye your hair will not go very well because the colors will blend instead of change to the color you hoped to get. Unlike synthetic wigs, human hair wigs can be dyed super easily.

You can use any regular hair dye for natural hair can on a human hair wig. You can dye the hair lighter, but this should be at your discretion as the bleach may weaken the hair on the wig. It is also a great idea to wash your wig after you dye it to give it a beautiful natural shine. Some hair dyeing techniques include a split dye, highlights, ombre, balayage, streaks, etc.

There are many fun ways to make your hair look stunning.

mixing hair dye

Cut Some Bangs

Bangs are an edgy and innovative way to switch up your hair in a significant way. Although it’s cute, there needs to be a lot of patience and precision when considering this route. You do not want to ruin your wig because you cut your bangs too short. Here are a few steps to help you trim your bangs the right way:

Pull out the hair that you want to cut into bangs and tie the rest back. This will make it is easier to focus on that specific part.

  • TIP 1- Make sure you use scissors specifically for hair cutting. It cuts neater than regular scissors would.
  • TIP 2- Make sure the hair is straightened well to help you achieve a clean cut
  • TIP 3- Cut the hair a little above the nose. This will help get the initial inches off to make the final cut easier.
  • TIP 4- Once you are making the final cut, look straight up into the mirror and slowly cut off the hair. Do this so you do not mess up your bangs and cut them too short

There are many other ways to get the perfect bangs, and it is essential to do your research, so you do not mess up your wig!

justine skye bangs

The Long and Short Bob

The bob is a great look to go for if you are getting tired of long hair.

Two super cute looks are the long bob and short bob. Depending on what style you feel like rocking, you might want to start off with the long bob. Later you can cut the long bob or just go straight for the short bob look. Both looks are readily achievable with patience and research.

Some great tips to successfully achieving both looks are:

  • TIP 1- Get hair cutting scissors – regular scissors may work but scissors explicitly made for hair helps you produce a clean, sleek cut
  • TIP 2- Straighten your hair before you trim it – this step is essential because if you leave your hair curly while cutting, it makes it more difficult for the cut to be precise. Also if you feel like rocking a straight bob one day your haircut will be uneven because the cut transpired when your hair was curly.
  • TIP 3- Take your time. Cutting hair is a simple task, but you need to be patient to get an edgy and sleek look.

The considerable advantage of getting a bob is that when you want to switch it up, you can style it with heat and dye it to make it pop!

short bob long bob

Accessorizing Your Original Wig

Although I listed several tips and tricks on how to switch up your hair, I know that some people love a long straight weave and just want temporary changes. That’s okay too because there are several options for you.

And the great thing is these styles are both human and synthetic hair friendly.

A few simple forms include:

  • Wearing a hat – hats work well with straight hair and are a simple, cute way to change your look temporarily. The other great thing is that there are so many different hats to choose from. The options are endless.
  • Updos – There are many ways to tie up your hair. The most common ways are a high and low ponytail, a bun, half tied up and half down.
  • Tying scarfs – it seems to be a trend now to tie the front of your hair with patterned scarves, and I am all the way here for it. Channel your inner Aaliyah with this super comfortable but stylish hairdo.

There are many styles out there that you can use if you do not want to change your wig drastically.

beenie hat

Transform Your Hairstyles with One Of Our Wigs

How Will You Customize Your Wig?

There are several unique ways to style your wig.

You do not have to keep your wig the same throughout the time you have it. There are so many options out there to make it your own. Curling, coloring, and accessorizing are a few of the many ways to make your wig personal to yourself. Don’t be afraid to try something different! Take a risk and do something with your wig you have never done before.

There are so many ways to customize your wig to fit your personality and who you are. Don’t be afraid to express yourself through your hair. And most importantly, don’t forget to slay!

About Maira Tarawallie

I am a student at the Ohio State University. International relations major and aspiring MUA. I love anything that has to do with hair and beauty!

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20 thoughts on “How to Restyle Your Old Wig Back To Life

  1. Candace Davis says:

    Have you run into the issue of trying to revive your old extensions? Is it dry, dull, or brittle? I’ve found the perfect solution. Silicone mix. It can be purchased from Amazon for about $10. After detangling and washing with a sulfate free shampoo, I recommend the Organix line, apply a generous amount of silicone mix from root to tip. Use a Denman brush to evenly distribute product throughout hair. Place hair in a plastic bag and put in microwave for 1 min (30-second increments) then leave in microwave for 15 mins. Don’t place in a microwave if your wig has metal clips, just leave in a bag for at least 30 mins. The mixture can be left on longer if desired. After the desired time has been reached, rinse off in cool water and air dry. Your hair will be bouncy and Luxurious as the first time you purchase it.

    1. Maira Tarawallie says:

      These are amazing examples thank you for sharing! If there is anything else you might want to see on the blog page please let me know!

  2. Tamela Bell says:

    Have a straight wig and want to turn it wavy? Just braid or plait the hair and sit it in hot water for 5 to 10 minutes. After it has soaked rinse it in cold water to lock in the style and air dry. Now you have a deep wave wig.

    1. Maira Tarawallie says:

      This is a great technique as I have done this several times myself! Thank you for sharing what I forgot to add. If there is anything else you want to see on the blog page please let me know!

  3. Alia says:

    Microwaving your extensions (only human hair) can actually transform your extensions as well. I usually wash my bundles or wig with my usual shampoo and rinse, then I put my conditioner of choice in a ziplock bag, add my hair extensions and mix it around to be sure the conditioner gets in the hair and I seal it, I microwave it for 1-2 mins and let it sit till it cools down. Then rinse and let it air dry! This is one of my favorite methods And always works

    1. Maira Tarawallie says:

      Wow, I have never even heard of such a cool method before. Thanks for sharing your experience and these great tips. If there is anything else you would like to see on the blog page let me know!

  4. Melissa Smith says:

    For my straight synthetic wigs, I blow dry them straight with the medium and small comb attachments. Most people I know cut off the frizzy ends, but I never do that. Blow drying makes the hair very shaky.

    1. Maira Tarawallie says:

      Thank you for sharing such a great tip! If there is any other topic you would like to see under the blog section please let me know!

  5. Lillian Johnson says:

    As someone who’s had to “get by” with synthetic wigs, I can give you some good tips that’ll help you revive that synthetic wig from the dead and give her some life again.

    Fabric softener. This is something I swear by. When your synthetic wig starts looking frizzy and “dry”, it’s more than likely because the fibers have developed static electricity (caused by negatively charged ions). Fabric softener has chemicals that contain positively charged ions that tame the static in your wig. In a spray bottle mix one part fabric softener with one part water, shake and VOILA. You have magic in a bottle girl. It’s kind of like a spray leave-in conditioner for your synthetic wig.

    For a “deep conditioning”, you can also soak your synthetic wig in a sink of lukewarm water with a capful or two of fabric softener (add more if needed). Remember to FIRST finger detangle your wig from ends to root. You can also mist it with a little water for an easier detangling process. After detangling, you should soak it in the fabric softener mixture for at least 30 minutes before rinsing it and letting it air dry.

    Another “secret” I found is velcro hot rollers. I know…I know…but TRUST ME. What’s so great about these is that they help set curls without using too much heat, so it’s great for synthetic hair. I use these to set beautiful barrel curls without the hassle of frying my wig too much with a flat iron or having to wait for flexi rod curls to dry and set. They’re quick, easy and cheap. A decent brand runs for about $20 but I find them all the time in thrift stores in almost perfect condition. They’re good for human hair wigs and extensions too.

    1. Maira Tarawallie says:

      Wow, such amazing advice! Thank you so much for taking the time to share this. I am sure this will be very helpful to a lot of readers. If there is anything else you would like to read about please let me know!

  6. Ché Luxe says:

    Loved this article!! Wigs have been my holy grail for a while now since I abandoned sewins for frying my leave out and edges 😭. I am also in the beginning stages of starting my own hair company and I definitely want custom units to be the highlight of my collection. I have been doing pretty well when it comes to taking care of my wigs, but I am guilty of a few things that I saw listed in this article… I am 100% guilty of sleeping in my wigs and showering with my wigs on 😓. I never knew that these factors could shorten my wig’s lifespan. Thanks to this informative article now I know better 😅. I would also like to share a few tips about wig maintenance to add to this article.

    Cleaning glue off of your wig:
    For those who swear by Got 2b glued hair gel, we all know the hassle of removing the dried gel from our lace when we take off our wigs. Some people use rubbing alcohol, dish detergent, shampoo.. and the list goes on, but there is a downside to some of these options. I am here to inform you all what you should NOT do. Using a toothbrush with dish detergent or shampoo to clean the dried gel off of your lace is a no-no. I had to learn the hard way that consistently scrubbing your lace with a toothbrush leads to shedding, balding, and a thinner hairline. The bristles from the toothbrush are too rough to be using on your delicate lace and you will end up ruining that oh so pretty wig you paid your hard earned money for before you get a chance to really wear it out. If you have a wig that has been dyed a custom color, then you definitely do not want to use rubbing alcohol due to the chances of stripping that gorgeous color from your hairline. So what should you do? I personally like to use baby wipes or makeup wipes to gently scrub away the dried gel off of my lace. The wipes are soft and are not rough and damaging like a toothbrush bristle and will not cause bald spots in your lace. The chemicals used on the wipes are also gentle enough to use on your skin and are not harsh like rubbing alcohol, therefore your chances of stripping your color are slim. Using wipes to clean your lace saves you a whole lot of time compared to having to wash your wig every day just to get the gel off of your lace. Wigs are definitely an investment! But, they are only an investment if they are properly taken care of and handled with care. I hope my wig maintenance tips were helpful. 😊

    1. Maira Tarawallie says:

      I am so glad you enjoyed the article! And thank you for adding such amazing tips! If there is anything else you want to read about, please let me know!

      1. Maira Tarawallie says:

        I am so glad you enjoyed the article! And thank you for adding such amazing tips! Having an extra voice is always helpful and gives a different perspective. If there is anything else you want to read about, please let me know!

  7. Court LaNae says:

    I have really been getting into wearing wigs lately. Youtube has been my sister hunny. Lol, I have experience with synthetic and human hair wigs and I do the same thing to both kinds of wigs when they start to look worn out. BOILING THEM! yes boiling your hair. Crazy right? But it leaves your hair super soft and gives it this natural luster I just love!

    To start I gently detangle the hair as needed getting all the kinks out. If the hair is synthetic I saturate the hair with my Revlon Revitalizing Conditioner for Synthetic Hair which I got off Amazon for about $13 but you are free to use any synthetic hair product you prefer. I place the wig untangled and saturated in a container safely to use with boiling water and I pour the boiling water on top of the wig into the container and let it sit for 10 mins ONLY. Disclaimer though, you don’t want to let it seat passed 10 mins because it is synthetic and you wouldn’t want to damage it. I have seat it in there at that time and nothing happen but to be safe, 10 minutes is what I suggest. If the hair is curly you can add rods to the wig and so the same process and the curls with definitely be popping and fresh when you take it out. With human hair, the only difference is I use my Silk 18 conditioner which I also get off Amazon for about $10 and. Saturate the hair in that. Any sulfate free conditioner you like will work just fine. With human hair, I leave the wig to soak for 20 minutes.
    To switch up your look you can add rods or any other curling agents to the wig before you place it in the container to boil. After the waiting time is up. Let your with HANG DRY and BOOM BABYYY that wig is ready to slay.

    1. Maira Tarawallie says:

      Yes, I have done the same method as well! It does wonders for your hair. Thank you so much for sharing as I forgot to add this helpful tip to the article. If there is anything else you want to read about feel free to let me know!

  8. Christal says:

    I started making & wearing my own wigs about 2 years ago, & I must say I prefer them over sew in weaves. More convenient, more versatile. What I learned about wigs are they will be as good to you as you are to them. I do sleep in mine but I also sleep with either a satin scarf or bonnet on. I deep condition my wigs regularly. Try to use as less heat as possible. If I want a curly look I use flexi rods instead of curling irons. I use coconut or Argan oil ( just a drop or 2) on my ends if they get frizzy. When they get old boiling the hair with a few drops of oil brings the luster & body back just like new. Hope this helps someone else!

    1. Maira Tarawallie says:

      Thank you for your input. These are amazing hair tips that are not included in the article! If you want to read about anything else, please let me know!

  9. Raquellwashington says:

    I never knew that you could dye a synthetic wig. I only buy bundles now. I buy synthetic wigs for emergency purposes only. When I dye my bundles I only use professional products. No box dye. Very nice tips.

  10. Braden Bills says:

    It’s interesting that you can get wigs made of real human hair. It makes sense that you would need to take care of them right! Using the right shampoo meant for wigs seems like a good idea to keep it looking nice.

  11. Susan Bernier says:

    A someone please advise how to permanently restyle synthetic wig. I would like to French braid an old wig and want it to be a permanent style.

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