Love Sew-ins and Weaves!

Any girl loves an easy hair change that is versatile, allows for easy manageability, and saves money over time. If you’re looking to indulge in just a few of these amazing benefits, then start looking into sew-ins! It makes you wonder who was the genius inventor behind sew-ins and weaves in the first place?

Nonetheless, we love this efficient method of enhancing hair with hair extensions and all the more reasons women love hair weave. We’ve gone so far even to research the best weave for hair texture. We all know that everything has its cons with the pros, but with sew-ins, there are many pros to factor in. There are even reasons that explain why sew-ins may be considered better than wigs! What do you think?

When getting a sew-in there are things to make sure of before getting a sew-in and while you wear a sew-in to make sure it isn’t a lousy one. Let’s talk about installations with sew-ins and weaves along with maintenances and tips!

middle part sew in

Installation and Care for Your Sew-ins

Before getting a sew-in, there are many things you shouldn’t do before an install and proper ways to prepare for a flawless one. You can also try different techniques like a specific braiding pattern that can make your sew-in look so great! Vixen sew-ins are another form of a sew-in install that allows for much versatility and switching up with styles while wearing a sew-in. There are so many ways to install a sew-in, make sure you find the best one for you!

Once you’ve had the success of a proper installation, it’s all about the care. Over time, weaves can seem to get a bit dry and tangled so we want to help you prevent that. There may even be a few pet peeves you experience with a sew-in so just know there are ways to fix them!

Even if you may feel your weave is overdue, learn different ways to make it last one more week. Sew-in life is the easy life!