how to rock szas best hair with kinky straight extensions
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Go SZA: How to Rock SZA’s Best Hair with Kinky Straight Extensions

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Achieve The Ultimate Carefree Hairstyles

We all love the fearless and soulful president of the carefree black girl, SZA.

From her soothing, mellow voice to her extremely relatable lyrics, she has soared into our hearts and thumped in our car stereos. “Go Gina” is one of my favorites off of her album “CTRL.” Of course, the most alluring and glorious part of SZA is her signature style complete with the big and magnificent hair that we dream of our hair.

When I was looking to dye my hair bright orange, SZA was the only black girl I could find who boldly rocked that vibrant copper mane! It inspired me to dye my hair bright orange. I also added fuschia pink and emerald green. Through SZA’s inspiring hair I continue to remain bold with my hair and express myself creatively.

With a little help from your very own PLE’s kinky straight extensions and some creativity, you too can rock SZA’s best hairstyles this summer and beyond.

sza hair big huge curls
sza hair big curls 1

Just Blazing!

No one could forget the famous blazing orange curls SZA rocked coming into the mainstream.

Even with vibrant color, SZA managed to retain the volume and texture fans have grown expectant to see. To achieve this fierce color, I would highly recommend taking your kinky straight extensions to a professional hair colorist to ensure that you retain the integrity of the hair and accomplish the exact color you want with high and low lights.

Depending on your skin tone and undertone will determine the precise level of lightening your hair will require. I would recommend a 20 or 30 volume developer, which will assist in achieving the lightness of hair without too much damage. Lighten the hair to a level 5, level 6 or level 7.

You may need to bleach the hair in increments instead of one process to cause minimal damage. After you have reached the desired lightness, comes the fun part. Again, keeping your skin tone and undertone in consideration, pick out your perfect orange shade.

Brands such as Adore, ION Color Brilliance and Manic Panic carry an array of bright orange colors in a variety of shades. Follow the directions on your hair dyes packaging to get the best results or cut the hassle and get your extensions professionally colored.

Once your color is poppin’, with a large barrel curling wand, curl a few pieces of your hair that frame your face. Part your hair on your most flattering side and strike a classic, carefree pose!

sza hair red orange hair
sza big orange hair curls

Flirtatious Curls

Stay in “ctrl” of every summer look with SZA’s signature carefree curls.

These curls are effortless and flirty, and you can rock them! Using our kinky straight extensions, have your professional hair stylist cut your extensions to frame your face perfectly and cut a bang to highlight your best features. With a blow dryer set on medium heat, blow out your hair to get SZA’s volume.

For the bangs, use a small or medium-sized barrel curling wand and curl all the hair.

Next, with a large barrel curling wand, curl the rest of the hair. For a variety of texture, consider curling the hair that frames your face with the smaller curling wand.

Once you have finished, use your fingers to pull apart each curl gently. The more of the curl you pull apart reduces the curl definition but increases your hair’s overall volume. Prip, pull and puff your curls until you reach your desired style.

Now your mane is ready to rock the stage or drinks with your girls.

sza hair curls

Banging Braid Out

If you are all about the curl definition, then this SZA braid out is perfect for you!

With your kinky straight extensions, use your favorite natural hair products to moisturize your hair. To ensure that your hair will remain weightless and bouncy, opt for lighter products such as serums, dry oils, and clear creams. Remember, water is the only products that add moisture to your hair. After your hair is feeling luscious, take about a 1 ½ – a 2-inch piece of your hair, divide it into three sections and begin to braid your hair.

Consider braiding your hair underhand to make sure the hair will fall to frame your face rather than appearing pushed back away from your face. This style is best to achieve when you have some time for the hair to dry completely.

I would recommend moisturizing and braiding at night right before bed. In the morning, add a small amount of oil to your hands and begin to unravel each braid gently. Try your best not to pull or twist the strands in your braid aggressively.

The goal is to maintain the curl definition as much as possible. Gently fluff each section to your desired volume, and then you are ready for “The Weekend!”

SZA hair big curls

Mermaid Vibes

With summer on our heels, protective styles are the new go-to. But protective styles do not have to compromise effortless style.

I am in love with SZA’s side braid and wispy bangs. This style screams mermaid summer vibes. To achieve this look, straighten your kinky straight extensions for smoothness. You can keep the extensions as is if you prefer a little more texture in your braid. Add a dime-size amount of your favorite hair shine to ensure your hair is catching as many sun rays as you are.

Have your hairstylist cut your bangs a little longer than your eyebrows (don’t worry they will be out of your eyes once you curl the hair). Pulling all of your hair to one side begin to braid your hair loosely.

With a looser grip, you will have a more voluminous braid. Once you have braided to the end, then secure your braid and remaining hair with a bright scrunchie or rubber band. Gently pull at each section of the braid to create even more volume. You could also pull out a few hairs that will frame your face and make you this style all the more effortless looking.

Lastly, curl your bangs and brush them to give that SZA edgy look.

SZA hair wet curls
60th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Red Carpet sza wet wavy curls

Sizzling Straight SZA

The last SZA look in this collection is sure to sizzle and have you bumping to “Love Galore.”

To achieve this look, blow out your kinky straight extensions on medium heat. Use a heat protectant product with a shine to protect your hair from the heat of the straightening wand and to add shine. Dividing the hair into 1 – 1 ½ inch pieces, run your straightening iron from the root to the tips of the hair.

Once you are at the end of the hair, curl the iron under for a few seconds to bump the hair and give that edgy curl at the end. Repeat this process over the entire head. Do not forget to curl your bangs slightly. To perfect this SZA look, divide your bangs in half and place on either side of your face. Then with your fingers, gently comb through your hair.

You could even tease the hair of your crown piece to gain more of SZA’s signature volume.

sza straight black hair
sza hair big hair
sza hair butterflies

How Would You Rock These Looks?

With PLE’s kinky straight extensions, it is easier than ever to rock SZA’s best hairstyles.

You can slay these styles to your next destination festival, like Coachella, or just while you are getting your summer tan out on the beach. Whichever way you want to rock these iconic styles make sure you do it your way and add your style. How would you rock SZA’s look? Is there any style that we didn’t mention but you would love to try out?

Let us know in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you!

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