are your edges thinning? here is why
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Are Your Edges Thinning? Here’s Why!

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The Top 5 Reasons Why Your Edges are Thinning

Many women in my family have dealt with thinning edges as they got older. When I was young, my mom had long luscious hair, but as she got older, her hair began to thin.

Often, it’s normal for hair to become thinner with age, but sometimes there are other reasons for edges to thin. I’ve dealt with significant hair loss before that was due to chemicals that damaged my hair.

I have a friend that’s coping with thinning edges due to a condition. No matter the reason, there are many reasons for sides to thin. If you’re dealing with thinning edges, then it’s essential to look at the underlying causes.

As mentioned before, there are plenty of different reasons for your edges to start thinning. However, there are about five top reasons for thinning edges.

Read up on why you may be suffering from this issue.

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Consult A Professional

Before you try to figure out why your edges are thinning, you should consult with a professional. A professional would be a hairstylist that specializes in hair care or a dermatologist. Either one of these professionals should be able to help you get down to the bottom of your thinning issue.

When you visit this professional for a consult, make sure you ask them all the necessary questions during your consult. Don’t be afraid to let them know that your edges are thinning and you need remedies to fix it.

The professional that you choose should be someone that you trust so that you can be the most comfortable while you’re speaking to them. Thinning edges can be a sensitive topic, especially since society puts so much emphasis on hair.

The critical thing to understand is aghast you’re not alone, and there are ways for you to fix the issue you’re facing.

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What Are The Top Reasons For Thinning?

There are so many different reasons for thinning edges. There are so many various reasons, but there are five common reasons for thinning edges. When your edges begin to thin, there are five facts that you should pay attention to.

Chemicals, Tight hairstyles, hair extensions, hair manipulation, and health conditions are the top five reasons for thinning edges. Often, it’s a combination of the above reasons that accelerate the hair loss process.

It’s important to be mindful of how you’re treating your hair so that you can avoid thinning edges as much as possible.

Let’s get into each cause and how you can prevent it becoming an issue for the health of your hair.

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Putting chemicals on your hair is the quickest way to suffer from hair loss. In the past, hair products were filled with harmful chemicals that most people were completely unaware of. Nowadays, more and more products are promoting using organic ingredients that won’t damage hair.

When you buy products, you should make sure that you’re looking at the ingredients list. Some chemicals you should avoid are alcohol and formaldehyde.

These ingredients are some of the most harmful because they strip your hair of vital nutrients. Also, the chemicals in perms and relaxers are hazardous to your hair.

If you notice that you’re edges are beginning to thin, it may be time to change your hair routine.

There are so many styles that can be achieved in healthy ways.


Tight Hairstyles

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but different hairstyles can be damaging to your edges that you wouldn’t expect. The common ones are styles that include braids such as individuals or cornrows.

When getting your hair braided in any fashion, you want to make sure that your stylist doesn’t braid your hair too tight. At the very least, ask them to loosen up around the edges.

Another hairstyle that can be tight is ponytail styles.

Any ponytail style can cause your edges to thin so be mindful when wearing them.

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Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can create thin edges depending on your installation method. If you braid your hair underneath, the tightness of the braids can accelerate the thinning process along with your extensions.

If you use any glue along the perimeter of your hair, your edges will most likely suffer.

Be mindful of how often you’re utilizing each installation method.

Try to switch up your hairstyles so that you’re not falling victim to the dangers of one installation method.


Health Conditions

Health conditions could be a variation of illnesses. You can suffer from hair loss depending on the illness you’re suffering from. A situation such as alopecia would cause your edges to thin.

Traction alopecia is the primary condition that causes gradual hair-loss. It typically begins from edges and continues from there.

Other health conditions that have nothing to do with hair can cause hair loss such as sudden weight loss, stress, and chronic diseases.

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Hair Manipulation

Have you ever heard that playing with your hair is the quickest way to lose it? It’s true! Every time that you mess with your hair, you risk losing it.

Activities that can increase hair loss include brushing or combing hair, twirling hair, and pulling on hair.

Hair manipulation creates hair loss over time. Often, it’s hair loss that you wouldn’t even notice until it is far too late.

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How To Avoid Thinning Edges

There isn’t a manual on how to avoid hair loss, but there are some general things that you can do to keep your nourished and healthy. First, you should avoid all the causes listed above.

To prevent from suffering from thinning edges, remember to hydrate your hair as often as you can. This doesn’t mean you should wash it continuously but keep it moisturized with natural oils and other products that promote healthy hair.

Don’t pull on your hair too tightly or too much. Also, it’s essential to allow your hair to breathe sometimes. Just take care of your hair like it is your priority. Be mindful that even if you do follow all the instructions, your edges can still thin out.

If this does happen, know that it’s not your fault. Consult with your specialist as soon as you can if it continues.

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Don’t Forget This!

There are plenty of underlying causes for thinning edges. However, the five reasons listed above are the most common and should be looking out for the most.

Don’t be afraid to consult with a professional and let them know about the issues you’re having with your hair. Be sure to ask all the necessary questions about what may be causing you to suffer from thinning edges.

Remember that chemicals, hair manipulation, health conditions, tight hairstyles and hair extensions can all be causes for thinning edges. Don’t feel ashamed if your edges are thinning. Losing hair doesn’t make you any less beautiful.

Hair can and will always attempt to grow back, and even if it doesn’t grow back, you are still beautiful. Don’t let your hair issues define how you view yourself.

If you aren’t suffering from thinning edges, make sure to avoid these causes as much as possible to keep your edges in tact!

About Simi Muhumuza

Simi is an undergraduate student at GSU. She is studying psychology, and is an avid black mental health advocate. She is also a poet, and is working on a book that will be released next year. She DJ’s on her spare time, and can be reached on all social outlets as @simimoonlight.

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3 thoughts on “Are Your Edges Thinning? Here’s Why!

  1. Malika Brown says:

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    Another factor is using high heat to smooth the hairline too frequently. By a lot of women transitioning to natural they still desire the look of smooth edges. Over time the hair will break eventually leading to balding.

  2. Erika Davies says:

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    Great tips!!! A lot of times women fail to realize that they still have to care for their hair while the hair is being protected. Washing, moisturizing, as well as low tension styles, help prevent or slow down the thinning process. I “baby” my hair. I have a regimen that has helped my hair to continue to grow, which I also use on my daughter and it works just as good. Though hair grows back you still have to tend to it daily in order for it to grow properly.

  3. stevanna Jackson says:

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    Improper frontal wig and quick weave installs can also thin out your edges. Ladies protect those edges! make sure you are properly pre-prep your hair before installing and using the correct takedown method. NO PULLING!!

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