best time saving hairstyles for a lazy day

Best Time-saving Hairstyles For A Lazy Day!

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Salon Ready, or Not?

Everyone would love to walk out of the house looking as if they’ve left the salon, I mean I do!

But to be honest, who has time for that every day. To do list, kids, work, school, businesses to run, and an influx of other priorities, taking an hour or so on your hair alone isn’t a top priority. Finding time for some self-care in the midst of our chaotic lives can be a stretch.

No worries! Here are a few time-saving hairstyles for a lazy day, that will ensure you are slay-ready in no time! Time-saving hairstyles are essential, let’s get into them!

Curly Hair Time Saving Tips For A Lazy Day

Tip #1 Braids while you sleep

Skip the morning rustle and bustle by braiding your hair the night before. Mist your hair with a little water, lightweight spray or gel and braid your hair accordingly. Take them out when you wake up, and you’re ready to go in minutes.

Tip #2 Create the messy look

Pulling your hair back is always a go-to time saver, but be sure to keep it low and loose around your ear area. Using bobby pins to pin curls randomly will create the no effort messy bun look everyone loves! As long as you are sure to keep it loose, your bobby pins will disappear in the hair.

Tip #3 Set it up high

When your hair is about 95% dry, pile it on top of your head and scrunch it up a bit, it does not have to be neat, it can be messy and add a clip to secure your hair. When your hair is thoroughly dry, let it down, and your curls will come out softer, looser, and will help to take a lot of bulk out of long hair.

Note: While the hair is wet, be sure to use a gel or spray before clipping the hair

Tip #4 Add hair accessories

Adding a barrette, or headband to spice up your hairstyle is always a quick and easy alternative! The key is wearing the right hair accessory with the right hairstyle. Hair accessories can change your look without you having to make a drastic change. Adding a pretty barrette can make your two-minute ponytail look chic and put together. While headbands are all about adding texture to your hairstyle.

bobby pins natural curls ponytail

Straight Hair Time-saving Hairstyles For A Lazy Day

Split the Pony

For quick and natural curls, put your hair into a high ponytail, divide into small sections, and curl each section of hair.

Once you curl your sections, take your elastic out and flip your hair over (bend forward and allow your hair to fall over your head into your face) and spray with hairspray. Viola, you are all finished!

Sleek Bun or Pony

Whether your hair is wet, dirty, or greasy a slicked bun or ponytail uses moisture, grease, or sweat to its advantage.

Try parting your hair down the middle or create a side part, and style with a boar bristle brush. If creating a bun use hair pins or a hair tie to secure your hair bun. To keep everything in place and reduce flyaways use a few pumps of hairspray of spritz.

Roll it up

Using an elastic hairband, roll your hair into a chic twisted updo using the band in the back of your head.

Step #1

Start by placing an elastic headband over your hair. It should sit about two inches back from your hairline and just above your ears at the sides.

Step #2

Beginning from the front using small sections, wrap your hair over and around the headband as you move towards the back.

Step #3

Do both sides; the hair will cover the band.

Step #4

The hair at the back of your hair should still be loose under the headband.

Step #5

Split it in half and start wrapping it over the headband at the back pulling it through the hair as you go.

Step #6

Tuck your ends underneath the headband.

Step #7

If needed, pull gently at the twist on either side to loosen as desired.

Voila, you have a chic twisted updo!


Natural hair Time-Saving Tips for A Lazy Day

Wash N Go

Nothing simpler or quicker than a Wash N Go, it’s just what it says wash your hair and go! With your Wash N Go, be sure to have a great detangler and moisturizer. Also, to add definition use a Denman brush and gel.

Tip: Although Wash N Go’s are beyond convenient, continuously doing so can cause damage and breakage to your hair.

Head Scarves or Headbands

Scarves are the most versatile fashion accessory in a woman’s wardrobe.

Scarves are available in so many fabrics, colors, and patterns that the possibilities are endless. With the ability to tie scarves in various ways, hair scarfs can fit any lazy day hairstyle and make it a fashion statement.

There a various ways to wear head scarfs including:

  • Top Knot turban
  • Turban
  • Classic
  • Twisted Crown

These are the most popular time-saving hairstyles and here is the step by step guides to creating the look.

The Top Knot Turban

Step #1

Begin by pulling your hair forward into a large bun or puff. Yout bun/puff will be your guide when wrapping your scarf around your head.

Step #2

A Rectangular scarf is best for this particular hairstyle. If you are using a large scarf, fold it in half creating a rectangle.

Step #3

Line the center of the fold up with the base of your head and pull your scarf forward. Hold the front of your scarf securely.

Step #4

Begin twisting your scarf ad if you are putting your hair into a bun. Twist mid-way down the scarf.

Step #5

As you are twisting your scarf, begin wrapping it around the base of the bun/puff, and keep wrapping and twisting until you get to the end.

Step #6

Once you’re at the end tuck your loose ends of the scarf under the twist to secure and hide it.

Step #7

Viola, you’re done!

The Turban

Step #1

Start by holding your scarf up lengthwise.

Step #2

Line the center of the fold up with the base of your head and pull your scarf forward. Hold the front of your scarf securely.

Step #3

Separate both ends and tie a knot to secure and begin twisting them together.

Step #4

As you twist, begin wrapping it into a bun at the top of your head until you’ve reached the end.

Step #5

Once you’re at the end, tuck the loose ends of the scarf under the bun to secure and hide the ends.

Step #6

Viola, you’re done.

The Classic

Step #1

Fold your scarf into a triangle.

Step #2

Bring it across your head, with the long edge of the triangle going across your upper forehead.

Step #3

Cross the ends of the under your chin.

Step #4

Bring the ends to the back or the side of your neck.

Step #5

Tie ends in a square knot.

The Twisted Crown

Step #1

Center the scarf on your forehead.

Step #2

Bring the ends of the scarf forward to your forehead.

Step #3

Twist the ends like you’re twisting your hair into a bun.

Step #4

Continue twisting as you wrap the crown around your forehead.

Step #5

Tuck your ends at the beginning portion of the twist.

Step #6

Viola, you’re done!

Buns, Buns, and more buns!

Whether you’re trying to avoid detangling your hair or flat out don’t feel like styling it, buns are a lifesaver. Even if your hair is shorter, using an oversized elastic can allow you to create a puff. Laying down those edges will quickly create clean, sleek, time-saving hairstyles!

headwrap with natural hair

Stretch Those Curls

Doing the banding method overnight is another way to save some time on styling your hair. To do these time-saving hairstyles, you divide your hair into sections, wounding cotton yarn or elastic ties around the section of hair leaving spaces in between.

You can use two pieces of yarn, wrapping them around the sections of hair crossing over each other to create an “X,” or you can wrap elastics 2 inches apart going down the section.

Depending on how far apart each round of winding is or how far apart the elastics go determines how loose or tight the curls will be.

This method is after washing and conditioning your hair.

Leave overnight to air dry, and remove the next day.

natural hair shrinkage

Hitting Snooze Anyone?

In an ideal world, we would have all the time in the world to style our hair.

With our never-ending schedules and demands rising styling hair sometimes are at the bottom of the totem pole. With a few tricks up your sleeve hitting snooze one more time may be okay. If you have any go-to time-saving hairstyles, I’d love to hear about them in the comments section. If any of these suggestions are helpful, let me know!

May your best hair days be ahead of you!

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