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Should I Trim My Hair Extensions? Best Reasons Why You Should Consider It!

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Here Are The Top 3 Reasons!

Getting extensions can be super fun and excited, especially when you’re trying a style that you’ve never had before. When I got extensions for the first time, I was so astounded at how different I looked. At the time, I never thought about getting a trim for my hair extensions.

I was happy to be rocking a new look, but I didn’t account for the maintenance my extensions required. Extensions mimic real hair, especially when you have human hair. The extensions that I had were made from human hair, and they needed washing, conditioning, and trimming.

Most people don’t think to cut their extensions because trimming is usually saved for aspects such as split ends or uneven layers of natural hair. However, just because extensions don’t come out of your scalp, don’t mean that they don’t need a trim or two.

When I got tired of my extensions, I decided to trim them into a shorter look. They ended up looking nice! With the right pair of scissors and the right products, I was able to create an entirely different look.

All in all, trimming your extensions can be the best way to maintain them! Let’s look into these three top reasons!


Best Three Reasons To Trim It Up!

Not many people think about trimming up their extensions but giving your extensions a good trim can be helpful and fun! When I think about trimming extensions, I think of doing it for three reasons.

First, I think it’s beneficial when you want to have a new look.

Second, extensions aren’t prone to getting dead ends, but sometimes you can have some flyaway hairs ruining your look.

Third, depending on who installs your hair, you may need to do some extra layering.

No matter what option you choose, you’ll probably look better after giving your extensions a trim. Your extensions should be provided with the best care, and it’s vital that they look good for as long as they can.

Human hair extensions don’t last forever unless you take extreme care of them and trimming can be one of the ways you do.

Let’s get into each reason and all the pros and cons!

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Trim For A New Look!

Trimming your extensions can be a great way to achieve a new look. Every time that I’ve gotten extensions, I ended up trimming them so that they would look a little different.

Cutting a few your extensions so that you can achieve a new look is a great way to save money on having to re-do your look or get new extensions. Also, if you have high-quality extensions, you can take out your extensions, clean them, trim them, and reuse them!

It’s the best when you have extensions that don’t need to go to waste after one use. If you’re not sure how to trim your extensions and get a new look, you should ask a hair stylist to help you.

No time for a hairstylist, don’t worry, there are plenty of tutorials available to you!

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Get Rid Of Flyaway Hairs!

Hair extensions don’t get split ends as much as natural hair, but they are prone to having flyaway hairs. Have you ever seen that hair that sticks out despite how many times you’ve run a straightener over it? Trimming your extensions can help with that pesky problem.

Also, after washing and conditioning your extensions, you may find that the hair is a different texture.

Trimming your hair can help with that. Overall, you want your extensions to look their best after you’ve gone through your first round of washing and conditioning.

Don’t be afraid to pick up the scissors and cut your extensions to your liking!

Layer Up Your Extensions

Sometimes, after installation, you can have extensions that don’t look appropriately layered. Improperly layered extensions make for an uneven look that looks bad when seen.

If for whatever reason, your stylist doesn’t deliver when it comes to trimming your hair, you can do them yourself! If you have a leave out, and your hair is shorter at the top, you can trim your extensions so that it doesn’t look uneven.

A great hairstyle has terrific layers that don’t look uneven or undone. Layering your extensions can also add the volume you’ve been needing. Sometimes, extensions can become flat.

A trim will pick you right up! Pick up those scissors and get to layering!

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Don’t Know How To Trim?

As mentioned before, if you don’t know how to trim you should look into going to a hairstylist. A hairstylist will be able to look at your hairstyle and see what a trim will do for you.

Trimming your hair isn’t the most natural process, but it is much like the process of trimming your natural hair. You’ll need the right pair of scissors and the right products to trim your extensions to perfection.

If you don’t have scissors specifically for trimming, you can find them online or at any beauty supply store!

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Don’t Forget This!

When I first got hair extensions, I didn’t know how often they needed to be maintained. Human hair extensions don’t last forever, and sometimes we can get tired of the looks we’re giving.

However, despite this, trimming is a great way to get a new look while also maintaining the extensions that you have. A lot of people don’t think of trimming hair when it comes to extensions but they can be cut, and you might be better off if you do! There is a process that you’ll need to follow when cutting your hair extensions.

Don’t think that you can pick up a pair of scissors and do it. You’ll need to have a technique, as well as the right supplies. If you don’t want to go through the hassle, you can seek out a hairstylist or professional that can help you!

Aside from getting a new look, you can trim your extensions to get rid of those flyaway hairs. You can cut your extensions to layer your hair and give yourself some volume.

Whatever you choose, know that you should be looking great as long as you do it right.

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5 thoughts on “Should I Trim My Hair Extensions? Best Reasons Why You Should Consider It!

  1. Tiffany Halll says:

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    Absolutely I highly agree you should trim your extensions, due to it looking rough or dry looking, I trim the ends my extensions all the time so it looks healthy and it last longer.

  2. Melissa Brown says:

    0/50 ratings

    I totally agree with this article I think trimming your extensions is the best thing you can do for your extensions. I like to change my extensions up when I wear them so I do cut them to achieve a new look. Sometimes the ends look dry and a good trim or cut can give your extensions new life! I don’t always go to a stylist to trim the extensions I learned to trim and cut my hair extensions by watching YouTube. I’m not a stylist, but I can make my own hair look nice and presentable. I also had the experience of a stylist not wanting to cut my extensions even after asking for them to be cut. I just cut them myself when I got home. If you want a good layering you might need to go to a stylist, but you can also find this on YouTube as well. I really enjoyed reading this article!

  3. Joy Obiselu says:

    0/50 ratings

    I think People forget that when wearing bundles or wigs made from bundles that you still need to take care of it and maintain proper maintenance. Over time the Hair creates split ends so trimming every couple of months of wearing the hair consistently is important in my opinion.

  4. Antoinette O’Bee says:

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    Nice! I always trim my extensions, totally refreshes original styles, or transforms them into new styles, great money saving tips.

  5. Michelle Nobles says:

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    I truly agree you should trim your extensions. That’s why you install extensions to do to the things you can’t or wouldn’t do to your own. Explore with them be SASSY!! Yes.

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