the ultimate guide to creating your own wigs

The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Own Wigs

I am back with another in-depth step by step tutorial. In this article, I will show you how to make some of the most fly wigs and then secure them properly.

I’m going to give you all the tea on how to construct a custom wig that fits, doesn’t give you a headache and is adjustable. These wigs will look so natural people will be asking how you grew your hair so fast!

Wig Making Mistakes

Before we get started on how to make a wig, let me tell you about a mistake I made. I can be impatient with things, and constructing a wig is one. I have a unit right now that is layered right, colored right, but doesn’t fit right! Although I was so excited to make it, the wig was too small.

Now I know how to make one correctly and I’ve stopped skipping steps when I’m in a rush. My point is to take your time and complete all the steps. If you start to get confused just stop and re-think what you are doing. You know what you have to do! It’s time to press play on your Bruno Mar’s playlist, and let’s get started.

We’re in this together so if you have any questions don’t hesitate to comment below.

Measuring Your Head

Let’s go over how to measure your head to make a proper fitting wig. Having a wig fit securely will be an important step in the wig making process.


  • Spandex cap
  • White pencil
  • Measuring tape

Some spandex caps stretch and you don’t have to worry about sizing your head to ensure your wig fits.

I like to still get my measurements just in case I need to make a wig and need to have specific measurements. The last wig I made (you know the story I told you at the beginning of this article) is the last time I am going to make a wig too small for my head (no I don’t have a big ole’ head). I want to help you make the best wig ever so I am going to share with you how to measure your head to get the proper fit for your wig.

Make sure you have all the supplies listed above. To measure correctly make sure you style your hair in the way you will wear it when you are wearing your wigs. This means you will need to go ahead and create your foundation braids before you take your measurements.

If you slick your hair down with eco-style gel go ahead and style it this way to ensure you get the proper measurements. Put on your spandex cap on correctly and smooth out any buckling.

wig cap

Head Measurements

Your first measurement will be the circumference of your head.

Take your measuring tape and wrap it around the perimeter of your head. Write down the number where both ends of the measuring tape meet. Your leave out area of your spandex cap will not need to be a part of the measurements you take if you are planning to create a u-part wig.

For a u-part wig, you will need to measure the points where your leave out will be. The measuring tape ends won’t meet because you will have your own hair out which will leave a space in the spandex cap.

Use a white pencil to mark your spandex cap for the u-part wig and write down your measurements. The second measurement you will take is from the forehead to the nape of the head. For this measurement, you will take your measuring tape from the hairline straight back to the neck. Write down the measurement, so you don’t forget it.

The third measurement is from the top of your right ear, over the crown of your head and to the top of the left ear. Think of this measurement as the tape measurer creating a headband. You know what to do at this point, write the measurement down so you don’t forget it. These are the three most important measurements for you to take.

Congratulations! You just finished taking your measurements, and from this point forward we say “NO” to poor fitting wigs!

U-part wig cap

How to Make a Custom Sized Foam Head

This next task is so much fun so you will need to switch up your playlist for this one. Go ahead and press play on your Erykah Badu playlist and let’s get it popping!

Are you stretching your spandex caps and pinning them on your foam heads to make sure it’s the right size? No more of that now that I’m about to give you another hack to make your life so much easier!

Let’s say you have a foam head and you want to make it the size of your head. Creating a custom sized head makes it easier for you to create your wigs. With this customized foam head, you just slip a spandex cap on and get to making your wig. Go ahead and grab up your supplies and let’s get started.

Get your measurements, your styrofoam head, and your clear packaging tape (get it from the Dollar Tree for just a buck). Draw a line around the circumference of your styrofoam head. This line will serve as a marker for your tape when you start applying it.

Grab your clear packing tape and begin to wrap it around the circumference of the styrofoam head. The tape, when wrapped around the head, will look like a headband. Make sure you stop after a few times of wrapping the tape and take your measurement. The circumference of the taped styrofoam head will match the circumference measurement you have for your head.

Use the packaging tape to fill in the rest of the foam head because you want to get your foam head’s forehead to nape measurement to match your forehead to nape measurement. Play close attention to NOT overlap any of the tapes on the circumference of the foam head because this can cause your wig to be too big.

There you go! You are ready to start making your wig! Make sure you share this article out if this a tip you want to share with your friends. Tag us in the photo as well so we can see, Instagram @privatelabelextensions! We would appreciate it.

How to Bleach Your Knots

The next important step in creating any wig is to bleach the knots on your frontal. When using a frontal to create a wig make sure to bleach knots to make it look realistic. You want your frontal to look realistic and as natural as possible.


mixing hair dye
  1. Mix the bleach and your developer until it is thick. The mix should resemble cake frosting consistency. You don’t want it runny because you are bleaching the knots and not the hair. If you aren’t careful, you may color the roots, and that’s not what you want!
  2. Comb the hair to remove any tangles in the frontal.
  3. Flip your frontal over with the lace facing up. Place a cloth underneath the lace edge to catch any bleaching product that may drip through the exposed lace which has no hair and lightly apply your bleaching product on it. Avoid pressing the product into the lace. Instead, use a dabbing motion.
  4. Bleach the entire lace even though you’re going to trim it. This ensures your lace is all one even color. Let the bleaching product sit for around 30-40 minutes. Keep a close eye on it to make sure it lightens to the desired color you’re looking for.
  5. Once it has processed for the right amount of time, rinse the product out of your frontal, condition it with your Organix coconut conditioner, shampoo with your favorite shampoo and condition one more time. You should condition the frontal twice because you just used bleach on the hair and it needs extra tender love and care because it is harsh on the hair.
  6. After you condition and shampoo the frontal blow dry your frontal or let it air dry.
  7. Continue to style the rest of your unit just how you want!
hair dye mix materials

3 Wigs You Can Make With Ease

Now that you have all the important basics to making a wig lets get to making them! I am including three different versions so that you can chose whether all or one is best for you. So lets get into the first wig.

making a wig

How To Make A Full Wig With Extensions (no frontal or closure)

For the first wig, I recommend you use my favorite Private Label Extensions Brazilian Kinky Curly Hair. Here is what you will need to make this wig:


Now that you have everything you need lets go into how to make this wig!

  1. Wrap a plastic bag around your foam head and place your spandex cap on top of the plastic bag inside out. CAUTION! The glue gun and glue is hot so be careful. Glue some of your extensions around the perimeter of the cap.
  2. Flip the cap back over and glue the extensions in a circular motion. As you complete the wig, you will have a bare space at the mid-crown of the foam head. If you want your wig to be fuller, go back in and add more hair. I love big hair so you know I’m adding more to mine.
  3. As you get to the center area, cut your extensions to fit in the space still applying in a circular pattern. As space gets smaller cut your extensions smaller and place them piece by piece in a circular motion. Make sure your wefts are pointing inward toward the center of the wig. It’s easy to get impatient but don’t! This will be so worth it!
  4. Keep gluing in small pieces until you have covered the cap completely. If you see any white glue just use regular hair glue to cover it or if it gets on any of the extensions gently pull it out of them.
  5. Pull the bag off the foam head and then remove it from the inside of your wig. You will have to peel it off, but it should come off easily.
  6. Shampoo and condition your wig. Allow it to air dry, and you are ready for your date, work, or a night out with the girls.
sewing wig

How To Make A Wig With A Frontal and Extensions

For my ladies who love rocking frontals this wig is just for you! I’m going to give you all the instructions for making a wig with a frontal. Here is what you will need:


Now that you have everything you need lets go into how to make this wig!

  1. Bleach your knots on your frontal using the instructions above.
  2. Place your spandex cap on your styrofoam head sized for your head.
  3. Flip the edge of your cap over onto to the top of the cap. The edge is the thicker portion of the cap that usually rests on your forehead. I like to pre-thread my needles first. It helps to keep me going so when I do need to re-thread any needles I can use that time as my break.
  4. Okay, it’s time to get to sewing! Take your frontal and place it on your capped styrofoam head. If you want to verify your measurements first, you can put the cap on your head and mark the top of your ears with a white pencil. Once you place it on your head, it will be easy for you to put your frontal in the correct place and pin it in place on each side. Make sure the front of your frontal is flush with the edge of the cap. The baby hairs should not be on the cap but in front of the cap.
  5. Once you pin it correctly, gather all of the hair and tie it up and away so you can see your lace when you when you sew it to the cap. At the ear area, make sure you leave a little lace on the sides to sew your frontal. You want to avoid damaging the lace where the hair is so this helps to secure your frontal without tearing it.
  6. Stitch the corner of the frontal and continue sewing using the loop and pull method sewing away from you. In this method, you will take your needle through the frontal, and the cap leaves and bring the needle and thread through the loop to secure your extension. Sew both sides down. Making sure your stitches are close together to prevent buckling.
  7. Now we’re going to go ahead and sew the back of the frontal down. Here, you will pull your cap a little to remove any buckling you see as you are sewing the frontal. This sewing technique is perfect for a great fitting wig so take your time and don’t get frustrated! As you are sewing, your thread should follow your needle. Remember to keep your stitches close and tight and keep stitching away from you.
  8. After entirely sewing your frontal down, begin sewing your extensions in the back. Making a knot at the end of the weft and then take your needle and thread through the weft. Take the needle and thread through the cap and make a knot.
  9. Now start sewing in your extensions by taking the thread around the weft and through the cap. It’s like creating an enclosure for the wefts. Do not take the needle through the weft but around the weft and through the cap.
  10. As you get to the lace of the frontal, take the needle and thread through the lace make a knot and continue sewing in your extensions going around the weft and through the cap. Your corners are your anchors. If you run out of thread while you are sewing in your extensions, knot it and cut off the excess.
  11. Go ahead and knot your thread and sew through the weft and the cap with your first stitch and knot it. Then take it around the weft and through the cap and knot it. Creating the knots anchors the weft again as well as the thread to provide a solid foundation for the extensions. After your first stitch, however, you can continue with your regular stitch.
  12. As you get to the top of your head and back crown area, space your wefts out to reduce bulkiness in the top. Once you get to the top, you are going to sew your weft and frontal together. You can either cut out the extra part of the spandex cap (and install a strap in the back of the wig) or leave it in. Honestly, my wigs always feel more secure with the cap attached on the inside. It’s up to you, but I do not want to see any videos of your wig falling off your head because you didn’t’ secure it correctly!
  13. Add a strap (you can get the black elastic band from Walmart or JoAnn’s) sew one end of the strap behind the ear tabs. Sew it in, so it’s secure but not too tight.

I would say “now wasn’t that easy,” but I know it wasn’t. You did that, and I am proud of you! Make sure you share your wig on Instagram and tag us @privatelabelextensions!


How To Create A 360 Frontal Wig

A 360 frontal wig is everything! Can you say “ponytails, updos, and buns on fleek”? I am so excited about this wig so let’s get into it!
I’m going to let you choose your playlist this time so make sure it’s upbeat and fun!


  • Styrofoam head
  • Spandex cap
  • T pins
  • Clips
  • Scissors
  • Comb
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • 20” bundles (3) Grab your PLE bundles and frontal here
  •  360 frontal

You have everything you need so lets jump into making this bomb wig!

  1. To get started bleach the frontal first.
  2. After you have dried it, section the frontal and clip the hair to keep it up and out of the way. Put the frontal on and adjust it to make sure the fit it correct or place it on your customized styrofoam head and adjust as needed.
  3. Pin your frontal to the styrofoam head and cut off the excess lace. As you sew it down, overlap any excess inches to make the frontal the right circumference. Sew down the frontal securely.
  4. Sew in single wefts, using the fold-over sew in method, starting at the back of the head. To double up your wefts (which I suggest for the center of the head only) just pin down your weft, grab your second weft and start sewing both of them together through the weft and cap. As you get closer to the frontal anchor your stitches onto the lace to make it all one smooth unit.
  5. Knot your extensions twice at the end to make sure your extensions are secure and won’t become loose as you wear it. I suggest you leave the cap in for a snug fit.
frontal styled

You have everything you need to slay your wigs and look good while you’re doing it! Make sure you order your Private Label Extensions so you can be cute by next weekend!

Which wig will you be making? Let us know in the comments below and remember to share this article with your friends!

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    So I went to all the motions of starting a hair company then I realize that I really don’t want to be in the business of retail when it comes to bundles an extension. I do have interest in taking links so any little piece of information I gather I’ll try to remember to write down I’ll try to use my tactics in the future. Currently, right now I do you have plans several classes that I’m going to that would help me learn the art of making wigs. Super excited!

  29. Brittney Worthy says:

    Omg, this is just what I need! I don’t want to be a stylist but I do wanna make custom wigs. I think I can follow this process but a YouTube tutorial would be dope 💪🏾

    I do have a question… maybe it can be answered in the FB group. What would you say Pros and Cons are for purchasing a wig from PLE?

  30. Ana’jah says:

    This article gave me the confidence to start making wigs. I have a hair stylist that does my hair, but sometimes I would like to try on my own. Thank you for all of this information!!!

  31. April Wells says:

    This is a great article. After growing tired of paying my stylist $600 every time I wanted a wig. I looked to YouTube to guide me through my wig making process. I found out some of them have no idea what they’re doing. I quickly found out I didn’t have the patience that I thought I had. This article is defiantly stating facts. You have to take your time. My first frontal wig took me 5 tries…why? Because each time I finish the cap would not fit. I had made the mistake of using a regular dome cap instead of the spandex dome cap. Once I finally got it to fit with the right cap I had lumps due to me not putting the needle through the weft when starting a new row of tracks or when I flip them. This allows the track to lay flat. After the 5th try, I FINALLY got it right. And it was perfect EXCEPT I forgot to bleach the knots. Which I found out was very important because I looked crazy because I could see all of the knots, and it didn’t match my complexion. Because I was being lazy I used to make up on the frontal… Terrible idea. When I bleached the knots I could immediately see the difference and it looked great. And like the article, I recommend bleaching all closures and frontals prior to making your wig. Although it took me 5 tries and I’m still learning I’m glad I did because I’ve learned from ALL of my many mistakes. And now I’m great at making regular frontal and closure wigs and I’m saving so much money. Now because of this article, I think I’m ready to try making a 360 frontal wig.

  32. Monica says:

    Hi Lataye Davis and PLE. Do you have a video tutorial or images of the 4 items I’ve listed below that you can share or retail to me?
    How To Make A Wig With A Frontal and Extensions
    *Flip the edge of the cap over an onto the top of the cap
    *Place and Pin the Frontal in place
    *Begin stitching the corner of the Frontal
    *Stitch the back of the Frontal

    Thank you

  33. Toni Hammond says:

    I have been on YouTube and watched several videos and they still weren’t as informative as this article. I have never made a wig and have only paid for 2 human hair wigs both costing me over $300.00, after that I was determined to learn how to make my own wigs. I feel as though I’m ready now after reading Up on it and watching videos. I didn’t think about the starting process like buying the products needed so I am in the process of getting those items, in the meantime I will continue to do my wig making research😊

  34. Shante says:

    This tutorial was great! I definitely needed this for when I begin making my own wigs.

  35. Tajma says:

    Great article and it’s nice it popped up in my inbox today as I was searching for wig making starter kits! So I feel like this is where Im supposed to be. ?….if you wanted to make wigs just to have on hand and sell how would you go about measurements and such? Like how do the beauty supply stores have wigs on hand to purchase? Is there like a universal size lol. And I’ve seen videos with full/front lace caps with adjustable straps and clips…what’s the difference between these and the spandex dome caps or are they used together? And what are the styling options of a wig crafted with the hot glue gun and any specific type of glue or gun will work?

  36. TMJ says:

    Are there any wig caps out there where the ENTIRE cap is lace? I want to make a Senegalese twist wig from a human hair wig, but don’t want any kind of cap to show in the back.

  37. Carol says:

    This is a great article. Like most of you ladies, I am ready to make my first wig and have been watching several YouTube videos on making my first wig. I have 3 bundles – 10, 12 & 14 inches plus a 10-inch closure but I’m not sure which one should be sewn at the bottom, middle and top. Can you advise me?

    1. Private Label Extensions says:

      Hey there, great question! It depends on the style you are going for. Generally, for wigs, we would suggest sewing the longest at the bottom and the shortest at the top. If you are going for a bob, we suggest doing the opposite. Hope this helps!

  38. Ci Ci says:

    Hi, love the article…my question is this: when using a dome cap how do you get around the ear part? The band is so annoying sitting on top of the ear. I have had to cut it out over the ear for better fit and comfort. Any suggestions?

  39. Robyn Thompson says:

    When you made your first wig, did it come out as you expected? Generally, how was your experience overall when making your first wig? Great advice btw!

  40. Ashantee says:

    I’ve had the same problem when creating wigs. It’s either too big or way too small. I plan to try out all the wig making methods

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