episode 2 weave dealer at paul mitchell atlanta
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Episode 2: Weave Dealer at Paul Mitchell Atlanta

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Dallas Christopher Teaches Hair Color

Education is everything!

Private Label Extensions works with some of the top stylists and educators in the industry. The training and continual education of our employees are crucial to the success of the company and providing knowledgeable service to our clients.

Thankfully the amazing people we work with help educate our team on the very specifics involved with hair. Over the past 3 years we have grown our team and knowledge base considerably.

Now you have a chance to see an inside look.

In episode 2 of Weave Dealer, Mikey meets with Dallas Christopher about an upcoming color class at the Paul Mitchell School in Atlanta. Dallas is a National Educator for Paul Mitchell and a hair color genius.

Avery is the new kid on the block over at Private Label so we invest in her training to become a hair expert and a great resource for our hair team. Mikey supplies multiple bundles of the beautiful Vietnamese Hair Extensions for the class session.

Paul Mitchell Atlanta

Paul Mitchell Atlanta

Check out some of the coloring techniques Dallas shares with his class!

It has been amazing to work so closely with Dallas Christopher. He has educated 1,000’s of stylists and helped them get into the industry working with Paul Mitchell.

Take a rare look inside at a Paul Mitchell class here in Atlanta. The hair was colored to create a wig for a collaboration with Private Label Extensions, Wig Market and Dallas Christopher for a cancer patient. The color of the hair is absolutely beautiful and it is amazing that it was created by almost 30 students.

Everyone at Paul Mitchell have been so amazing to work with. This is such a professional team leading in the education of future stylists.

Former Paul Mitchell student, Cherelle Renee, works with Dallas to create the perfect wig. We love Cherelle’s work and she is a rising start in the hair industry.

Weave Dealer

Take an inside look at the hair business with Private Label Extensions and their partners in the booming hair industry. Weave Dealer is shot in the Private Label Extensions showroom and around town with the hair team.

There are thousands of videos on YouTube that focuses on styling hair, reviews, and styling techniques. Weave Dealer is different as it focuses on giving an inside look at a hair company.

Check out Weave Dealer on YouTube and make sure to subscribe!

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  1. Ariel says:

    0/50 ratings

    What I like most about this article is how PLE places emphasis on education. Who would have ever thought that I’ve had to be knowledgeable able selling hair extensions? My degrees are in education and social work. I truly entered a field of unfamiliarity. PLE has provided me the opportunity to learn techniques from some of the best in the industry. My confidence is growing continuously as I continue to read the blogs from PLE team.

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