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Hair Extension Stands

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Long Silk Bonnet


Silk Bonnet


All Inclusive Edge Control Brand Bundle

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Logo Design

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100 Custom Silk Hair Extensions Packaging Bags


Custom Edge Control Labels

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50 Custom Long Silk Hair Bonnets


50 Custom Silk Hair Bonnets


Custom Labels for 3D Mink Lashes

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Label Design for 3D Mink Lashes

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Label Design for Edge Control

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Custom Bundle Tags

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Silky Hair Extension Packaging Bags

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Hang Tag Strings

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Hair Extension Branding

The hair extension market can be very competitive so it is crucial to have your branding on the next level to keep your customers talking and buying from you and not the next hair company. Private Label Extensions has the hair extension branding tools to keep you ahead of the competition.

If you are a stylist or salon owner and have customers come into your physical location you must have your hair extensions properly displayed. The hair extension stands are the absolute best solution to do this. We use them in our showroom and have hundreds of our clients perfectly displaying their hair extensions across the USA.

We all would agree making a great first impression is crucial. When your customer opens their hair order and sees their hair packaged in the custom printed silky hair bags they are going to be very excited.

Traditional branding may entice you to use brand colors in that family. However, you may want to add to that by ensuring that your target audience sees your company as not only a beauty vendor but professional. Use factors like how clean your logo is if your establishment is clean and convenient for their use, and how your product is packaged to push this narrative.

When you invest in quality branding, you are not only showing your customer that your company is on trend with your industry. But you are also saying that they are investing in quality when they purchase from you and you appreciate their dollar.

Your brand is built by things like customer reviews and their promotion of your company to outside sources through feedback. Intangible branding tools impact the way prospective buyers who are helping you build an image via word of mouth, view your company.

To create an outstanding brand, you have to commit to defining who you are in your industry. Be it through your business practices, your social media presence, or your works in your community every tool that you are using to build your brand has to create the same impact.

You have to deliver a consistent message across the board to your audience. It is more than selling yourself to gain views or advertising dollars. Enclosed in a personal brand is what you can deliver to your customer.

Private Label Extensions has the tools you need to successfully supply and brand your hair extension company. We are more than just the best wholesale hair extension supplier!