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Mini Edge Control

Starting at: $12.00

All Inclusive Edge Control Brand Bundle

Starting at: $379.00

Label Design for Edge Control

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Custom Edge Control Labels

Starting at: $95.00

Black Edition Edge Control

Starting at: $7.00

Private Label Edge Control

Starting at: $6.00

Wholesale Edge Control

Looking to start your own line of Edge Control? Private Label Extensions has the tools you need to get started with the right edge control products and branding. We offer two types of edge control with two different sizes.

The standard Private Label Edge Control is a fantastic product that is perfect to start your own line of edge control.

The Black Edition Edge Control is similar to the Private Label but has a black tint to the product. It is awesome!

Edge Control Wholesale

Both variations of the edge control come in 2 OZ and 4 OZ sizes. The 2 OZ is great for on the go while the 4 OZ is a great value and will be a staple in the beauty area of your salon or private bathroom.

Edge Control Labels

Our Wholesale & Private Label solution makes it easy to start your own brand. We send the products with the side ingredients/instructions label and all you need is the top label. We do offer label design and label printing services to create the perfect label for your brand! You are also welcome to create your own labels.