Let’s Talk About Wholesale Hair!

Just like how there are wholesale vendors in retail there are wholesale vendors for hair. Buying hair wholesale is one of the many tasks of starting a new hair business. So let’s talk about wholesale hair!

Although wholesale hair is readily available by numerous vendors. It usually can be at a very steep price. Vendors know how vital wholesale hair is to the starting of one’s hair business so they charge accordingly. Prices can be steep and usually wholesale vendors require a a large monetary amount even for a small order.

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Useful Posts on Wholesale Hair

Here at Private Label Extensions we know how hard it can be to purchase hair for your company especially if you’re on a budget. We offer wholesale hair with no minimum order! Yes, that’s right and not only that but we will dropship the hair for you. We even offer wigs at a wholesale rate as well!

Our wholesale rates and dropship program allow new small business owners to start their hair company with little to nothing. We are located in Atlanta so you can stop by our office and touch the hair yourself.

We are all about providing you with the resources that you need to be successful. We have so many blogposts about wholesale hair. Check out some of our useful posts on wholesale hair:

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Tips to Buying Wholesale Hair

When buying wholesale hair you should always ask questions. Find out if the hair comes from a single donor and ask if you can get a sample before buying.

There is so much to learn and know before making such a huge decision on a big investment. This is why it is so important that you are educated.

Let us get you educated on the world of wholesale hair. Check out our articles to learn more and to help you make the right decision.