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Wholesale Tape-ins

Wholesale Tape-ins are one of the newest methods of hair extensions for your hair. Tape-ins do not take much to install. It takes about an hour. Tape-ins are wefted and are 1.5 inches on each side.

Normally to accomplish a full head with tape-in extensions it will be 3-5 packs of hair depending on how full you would like it.

To apply tape-in extensions you would just pull the strip off and place the adhesive part close to your scalp. Then you would need to take another tape-in extension and place it underneath and press both together with your hair in between. The adhesive attached to the tape-in is very strong and is safe to use in your natural hair.

The wefts are installed row by row until you fill the entire head. once the entire install is completed the hair is extremely flat and the hair that you leave out will cover. After everything is installed you are able to style as usual and your hair looks natural.

Wholesale Tape-ins are able to last between two and four months. As you wear your tape-ins your hair will continue to grow and the tape-ins will grow out with your hair. We recommend getting a touch up every three weeks to maintain the beautiful look with your tape-ins.

Private Label Extensions is excited to release our new Wholesale Tape-ins. We have #613 Russian Blonde, #6 Chestnut, and #18 dirty blonde.

Our quantities are as followed:

50 grams of tape-ins come with 20 pieces

100 grams of tape-ins come with 40 pieces

150 grams of tape-ins come with 60 pieces

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  1. Ariel says:

    I just started selling tape-in and clip-ins and they are in high demand. They are expensive but people enjoy them. my mom requested color hair extensions for clip-in or tape-in is rooted and ombre’.

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