The 40" Long Hair Craze Everyone is Loving

The 40" Bundles Long Hair Craze Everyone is Loving

40 Inch Bundles are Hot Right Now!

Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair…

That is what we should be saying to female celebrities such as Nicki Minaj and Cardi B. nowadays.

The two rappers are both known for their bold hair looks. We catch them playing around with color all the time.

Now they have taken their hair to new lengths, literally, by sporting tresses 40 inches and even longer.

40" hair has become a trend now, and we have these two ladies to thank. Many are taking notes and following the extremely long hair trend.

I remember when 18-inch hair was considered to be long. For prom, I remember rocking an 18 inch sew in with an invisible part. I felt like Rapunzel, nowadays that won’t even cut it.

Virgin human hair bundles came out, and I started hearing about lengths as long as 20 inches, then 30 inches came along which were a huge shocker to me.

I never imagined that people would request anything past that. The longer the hair, the pricier. These lengths can go past your waist depending on your height.

Now customers are requesting bundles of 40 inches and sometimes even longer to achieve the hair look that their favorite celebrities rock.

Long hair trend.

Long hair look

Celebrity Hair

These long hairstyles are reminiscent of Cher's hair back in the 70s; long black tresses but taken to new heights.

We’ve seen many rock long dark straight hair with a middle part as a look. Naomi Campbell and Kim Kardashian usually rock this as their signature look yet artists like Nicki and Cardi take it to new heights.

Even Rihanna has been seen rocking long tresses with fabulous fashion looks.

Straight Hairstyles

Long hairstyles

Nicki Minaj & Cardi B.

It is no secret to us that Nicki Minaj is a fan of the long hair trend and the ringleader behind it.

We first saw her rocking an astonishing 60-inch weave earlier this year at Paris Fashion Week.

Her daring hair and outfit combos were the topics of discussion all fashion week.

60-inch Weave Hairstyles

She took the long hair trend a step further in the new music video “Motorsport”.

She rocked long pink braids showing that the long hair trend is not limited to human hair weaves and ponytails extensions.

Long pink braids

And of course with Cardi B. and Nicki Minaj being the trendsetters that they are others are following suit.

The two rappers are not only influential in music but hair as well. They frequently change up their hairstyles and their fans, and followers take notice.

Cardi B. posted numerous videos on her Instagram strutting her long tresses. Her long tresses rocked back and forth in a hypnotizing motion.

Nicki Minaj posted a video on social media rocking extremely long tresses telling us how bad girls go to Prague… “you can’t even spell Prague.” Her Prague video went viral as fans alike reposted it.

It gained, even more, popularity when people from all over the world recreated the video with their catch on it. Fans went as far as recreating her long hair look.

Long tresses

Long Hair Look

Influencers Wearing Long Hair

With millions following the two on social media, the trend spread…

Different influencers started rocking the long hair trend as well and showing their followers how to do so.

Thus the long hair craze has been evangelized and spread. I guess you can hashtag #longhairdontcare.

Where to Find 40" Hair Extensions

Since the style is still somewhat, new long bundles can be hard to find, especially quality bundles.

That is why we here at Private Label Extensions offer quality bundles in super long lengths.

Our Vietnamese Straight Hair Extensions are available in a variety of lengths up to 40 inches!

The great thing about Vietnamese hair is that it is thick, so you don’t have to worry about having a thin, lifeless look.

The hair can be colored so if you want to switch it up and add some color like Cardi B. and Nicki Minaj you can too.

The hair comes in a natural 1B color and can be dyed with ease all the way up to a #613 blonde.

Get The Look

Long hair is now incorporated in ponytails, sew-ins, and glueless wigs. The good thing is that you recreate this look either by creating a wig or getting a sew-in.

You can get the look using 4-5 bundles of our 40-inch Vietnamese straight hair and closure.

The longer the hair, the more bundles you will need to create a full look. That is why we highly recommend using 4-5 bundles of hair if you want a full look.

Depending on how you want your hair to layer you may be able to stagger lengths. Bundles from 32 inches to 40 inches are your best bet.

Our longest straight textured closure is our Brazilian Silky Straight Hair which goes up to 18 inches.

A lace closure will give you a stable part, and our closures are also known for lasting long.

If you would like a flexible part, then use one of our frontals. A lace frontal will allow you to switch your part from middle to side.

If you would like to put your hair up in a ponytail, then use our 360 frontal. This will allow you to rock your hair in a ponytail.

Another way you can get a ponytail is by putting your natural hair up in a bun and then attaching the long extensions to your hair as a ponytail. Cardi B. rocked a long ponytail look here:Bundles of hair


Long hair can be a lot to handle and maintain. If you want to make maintenance easier, I recommend making a wig.

A wig will allow you to take off the hair when you go to bed so you won’t have to deal with wrapping your extensions at night.

You will also be able to brush your hair off your head. This will make it easier for you to brush the hair all the way down since the hair is so long.

Speaking of brushing, make sure to invest in a quality hairbrush. Correctly, you should be using a hair extension brush. This will help keep your hair silky straight and smooth.

Due to the hair being so long you want to make sure that you are taking time to brush your hair.

Are 60 Inch Hair Extensions Next?

The request for 60" weave is starting to increase.

Just sourcing these lengths is a challenge and Private Label Extensions has some of the best at doing this. The best chance of finding hair of this length is from temples in India.

Are 60" hair extensions even a good idea?

Being able to manage hair of this length would for sure be a challenge.

60" = 5 Feet

This would be as tall as some of our clients. For a sew-in hairstyle, we would not recommend it. As a wig with the ability to just throw it on for a hot night out? Maybe!

Ready for 40" Bundles?

Are you daring enough to sport the long hair trend?

If so how long will you go? I know I will be rocking this hair again during the winter, what about you?

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Wow, 40-inch hair extensions are definitely the new trend! Loving how versatile and glamorous they look on everyone, especially with such high-quality options!!


The trend of 40" bundles is definitely catching on! I’m loving it!!!
I’m curious, besides the length, what are the key factors you consider when choosing between Vietnamese straight hair and Brazilian silky straight hair?


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