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Best Lace Tint Products

Is that a wig? That's the last thing you want someone to ask.

Use one of Private Label's lace tint products for your lace closure, lace frontal, or lace wig to match the lace to your skin tone.

Our Lace Tint Sprays, Lace Tint Mousse, and Wig Knot Healer products will get the lace to match and keep people guessing perfectly. The lace tint spray for wigs comes in four different colors, so you don't have to use makeup. 

The best lace tint mousse is a fantastic alternative to the lace spray that our clients have loved for years. Grab the wig knot healer for some concealment on the go!

How to Use Lace Tint

Using lace tint spray, lace tint mouse, and the wig knot healer is easy without damaging a lace product.

Lace Tint Application:

  1. Shake the bottle well before use.
  2. Hold the bottle 6-8 inches away from the lace and spray evenly.
  3. Allow the tint to dry completely before wearing the wig or frontal.
  4. For a more intense color, apply additional layers as needed.

Lace Tint Tips:

  • Test the tint on a small section of the lace to ensure you achieve the desired shade.
  • Use a hairdryer on a low setting to speed up the drying process if needed.

Four Lace Tint Shades

We offer lace tint in various shades to cater to different skin tones:

  1. Light Brown: Suitable for fair to light skin tones.
  2. Light Warm Brown: Best for light/medium skin tones.
  3. Medium Brown: Ideal for medium skin tones with warm undertones.
  4. Dark Brown: Perfect for darker skin tones, providing a seamless blend.

One way or another, we will get that lace matching your skin tone in no time. Private Label has the best lace tint you can trust.

Commonly Asked Questions

Best Lace Tint Products

What is Lace Tint Spray?

Lace tint spray is a specially formulated spray used to color the lace material of wigs and hairpieces to match various skin tones.

What does Lace Tint Spray do?

Lace tint spray helps blend the lace of wigs or hairpieces seamlessly with the wearer's scalp, creating a more natural and undetectable appearance.

How to Use Lace Tint Spray?

To use lace tint spray, shake the bottle well, hold it a few inches away from the lace, and spray evenly until the desired color is achieved, then allow it to dry before wearing.

What is Lace Tint Spray Used For?

Lace tint spray is used to customize the color of the lace on wigs and hairpieces, making it match the wearer's skin tone for a more natural look.

How to Remove Lace Tint Spray?

To remove lace tint spray, gently wash the lace with mild shampoo and lukewarm water, then rinse thoroughly and allow it to air dry.