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Private Label is excited to revolutionize Boho Braids with our pre-made solution that will save you countless hours and dollars. Boho braids, short for bohemian braids, are trendy, relaxed hairstyles that combine traditional braiding techniques with a free-spirited, undone look.

Have you spent upwards of 8 hours in the salon chair waiting for your Boho Braids to be completed? You may be a hairstylist, but your fingers can't keep up with the braids' twists. Our Boho Braids solution is exactly what you need to try!


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What are Boho Braids?

Boho braids are a relaxed, bohemian-style braid that combines traditional braiding techniques with loose strands and curls to create a free-spirited, undone look.

How long do Boho Braids typically last?

Boho braids can last anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks, depending on the care and maintenance.

What type of hair is best for Boho Braids?

Boho braids can be done on various hair types, but they work best on medium to long hair with some texture. Using extensions can also enhance the style and add volume.

How should I prepare my hair before getting Boho Braids?

Wash and deep condition your hair to ensure it's clean and moisturized. Detangle thoroughly and make sure your hair is dry before the braiding process begins.

Can I wash my hair while wearing Boho Braids?

Yes, you can wash your hair while wearing Boho braids. Use a diluted shampoo to cleanse your scalp and be gentle to avoid frizzing the braids.

What are Boho Braids Extensions?

A handmade solution by Private Label to help save braiders time and clients from having to sit in the chair for hours. Made with premium synthetic braids and bulk human hair.

How long do your Boho Braids Extensions take to make?

Each set of Boho Braids extensions from Private Label take our team 3 hours to make. This includes twisting the braids and weaving in the bulk human hair.