Smyrna's One-Stop Hair Shop: Find Your Perfect Wig & Beauty Supplies Today

The hair scene has changed a lot in Smyrna over the years.

Many hair salons, salon suites, and beauty businesses have popped up to meet the growing demand of the Cumberland area residents.

In 2021, Atlanta-based Private Label decided to join the beauty community of Smyrna by opening a local store. Since 2014, Private Label has provided Hair Extensions, human hair Wigs, Beauty Supplies, and Cosmetics to the ever-growing Georgia customer base.

Providing a local shopping experience for beauty helps separate us from the online noise. Private Label has become a shopping destination for everything beauty, located in the Cumberland Square North Shopping Center, just down from local favorites, including the Atlanta Braves Stadium and Cumberland Mall.

Our mission has always been to provide high-quality human hair extensions, wigs, and everything else needed for a beautiful beauty experience.

Let’s jump into all that we have to offer right off Cobb Parkway in Smyrna at Private Label.

Hair Extensions: Options for All Budgets

Our clients love that we offer a broad range of virgin human hair and raw hair extensions that are for all budgets.

We have heard horror stories about buying hair from the local beauty supply store that offers expensive but cheap quality hair paired with lousy customer service.

This is different from how we do business at Private Label. We are all-inclusive with our selection of products and budgets.

Our cheap human hair extensions are Malaysian Bundles, which are excellent for a quick weave or an inexpensive sew-in. Our middle level is our best-selling Brazilian Bundles, which are thick, virgin hair extensions that are still affordable but have great quality characteristics. Then, we proceed up the price point ladder to our Raw Hair Extensions.

These are the best quality bundles and demand a higher price tag. Are they worth it?

We think so!

Hair Extension Options in Smyrna

Because we service a client base of hairstylists, salon owners, and the everyday hair extension wearer, we offer you a diverse group of hair extension options.

Hair Bundles - Virgin Hair & Raw Hair Options

Hair bundles are the party starters of hair extensions, bringing volume, length, and versatility to any hairstyle. Our bundles are made with double-stitch wefts, perfect for weaving into your natural hair or constructing custom wigs that scream "unique."

We have 10" - 40" lengths in stock!

Our bundles come in popular textures and lengths, allowing for a tailor-made look that matches any desired hair type or style. Ideal for those who dream of transforming their look with lush, full locks, hair bundles offer a seamless way to achieve dreamy, dramatic hair transformations.

Closures - Matches our Bundles!

Closures are like the secret sauce to a flawless weave, designed to mimic the scalp for a look that screams natural from miles away.

They sit at the top of your head, offering a seamless finish by covering the area where weave meets natural hair, thus ensuring your style secret is safe.

Available in Transparent & HD Lace, they allow for parting flexibility, meaning you can switch up your look without a hitch. Perfect for those seeking a protective style, closures ensure your entire look is polished and undetectably blended.

We stock 4x4, 5x5, and 2x6 closures with transparent and HD lace options to match our human hair bundles.

Frontals - More Lace Coverage

Frontals take your weave game to the front lines, offering ear-to-ear coverage perfect for achieving a flawlessly natural hairline.

They're designed to allow you to part your hair anyway, enabling styles that pull back without revealing any secrets. With frontals, the transition from natural hair to extensions is seamless, making them a favorite for full-head weaves and protective styles requiring no leave-out.

Ideal for those who love versatility and a completely natural look, frontals are the key to diverse styling without compromise. We offer 13x4 and 13x6 options in popular styles to match our bundles.

Yes, we have the real HD Lace frontals you are looking for!

Clip-in Hair Extensions - Easy Length & Volume

Clip-in extensions are the ultimate quick fix for transforming your look without commitment or professional help.

They come in strands of hair attached to small clips, which you can easily snap into your natural hair, adding length and volume in minutes. Seamless clip-in extensions lay flat against the head, offering an even more undetectable integration with your natural hair, making them perfect for those sleek, smooth styles.

Ideal for anyone looking to experiment with their look, clip-ins provide versatility and ease of use that's hard to beat.

Tape-in Hair Extensions - Professional Application

Tape-in extensions are a semi-permanent solution for those seeking a more enduring yet natural-looking boost to their hair's volume and length.

These extensions come in wefts with a strip of special medical-grade tape across the top, which is pressed against sections of your hair close to the roots. They're loved for their relatively easy application and removal process, plus they lie flat against the head, providing a seamless look.

Tape-ins are best for those who want a fuller, thicker mane without the long-term commitment of more permanent extensions.

Ponytails - The Easy Sleek Hair Choice

Ponytail extensions are a fantastic way to add instant glamour and length to your ponytail, transforming a simple look into something more elegant or playful in just a few moments.

They attach easily to your existing hair, offering a boost in volume and length that blends seamlessly for a natural appearance.

Ponytail extensions are versatile enough to match any occasion, from casual outings to more formal events, perfect for those days when you want a quick style upgrade without the hassle of extensive styling.

I-Tips - Semi-Permanent Hair Application

I-Tip extensions are a type of hair extension that attaches to natural hair using a micro-ring system, eliminating the need for heat or glue.

This method involves small hair sections looping through tiny beads, then clamped down to secure the extension in place. I-Tips are favored for their damage-free application and versatility in styling, allowing for natural hair movement and easy maintenance.

They're an excellent choice for those seeking a durable, less invasive option for length and volume.

Wigs: Transform Your Look Instantly

The popularity of wigs has continued to grow over the years as a more broad range of clients now enjoy them.

If you are looking for the best wigs in Smyrna at affordable prices, you better take that turn off Cobb Pkwy and head over to Private Label.

Here are some of our popular wig options available.

Wig Selection

At Private Label, we do our best to offer you a broad selection of human hair wigs. Our wig collection has been growing over the years based on feedback from clients like yourself.

Let’s explore the wigs Smyra offers at our local wig shop.

Lace Front Wigs: The Classic Wig Choice

Lace front wigs feature a sheer lace panel along the front hairline, attached to the wig's cap, which mimics a natural hairline and allows for versatile styling off the face.

This construction offers a nearly invisible barrier, enabling the wearer to style the wig away from their face without revealing the wig's base. Lace front wigs provide flexibility in styling, ideal for achieving a natural look, allowing users to create a seamless blend with their natural hairline.

We offer transparent and HD lace options! They all have pre-plucked hairlines, lightly bleached knots, and adjustable medium-sized wig caps.

We can always make you a custom wig with our options.

Full Lace Wigs: A Lot of Lace and Options

Full lace wigs are ventilated strand by strand with a lace cap that covers the entire head, and 100% human hair is knotted into this by hand.

This construction allows for versatile styling options, including ponytails and updos, since the lace mimics a natural scalp all around. They offer a highly realistic look and greater comfort due to the full lace cap's breathability.

Full lace wigs are perfect for those seeking a natural appearance with the flexibility to change styles frequently.

Closure Wigs: Glueless Wigs are Convenient

A wig closure has a smaller lace coverage in the front compared to a lace front wig.

The 4x4 and 5x5 lace options provide a natural-looking hairline. It covers a specific area where the wig is parted, allowing for a seamless blend.

Our Glueless closure wigs are the perfect choice for those wanting an easy pop-on wig without the hassle of glue or long-term wearing commitment.

The pre-cut lace, bleached knots, and glueless band are popular for most women who wear wigs.

Headband Wigs: Quick Style Transformation

Headband wigs are a user-friendly wig option that combines a wig cap with an attached headband at the front, eliminating the need for adhesives or lace.

This design allows for easy wear and removal, making them ideal for quick style changes or beginners to wig-wearing. The headband wigs are great for a trip to the grocery store, a Zoom call, or running errands around town.

They are perfect for those seeking a protective style with minimal effort.

Bob Wigs: Short and Affordable Wig Option

Bob wigs are chic, short wigs styled in the classic bob haircut, known for their sleek, straight lines that frame the face beautifully.

We offer lengths 10”, 12”, and 14”, from chin-length to shoulder-length, and can include bangs or be styled without for a more open-faced look.

Bob wigs are incredibly versatile, suitable for everyday wear or formal occasions, offering an effortless way to change up your look with minimal maintenance required.

Custom Made Wigs: Our Unique Human Hair Wigs!

Custom-made wigs offer a personalized option for those seeking a perfect fit and unique style tailored to their preferences and measurements.

These wigs are crafted based on individual choices of hair type, color, length, and cap construction, ensuring a natural look and comfortable wear.

Our custom wig options are a unique way to find the perfect fit wig with cap size, density, and color options.

We also have great deals on U-Part Wigs that are great for quickly adding some length and volume to your natural hair. These are great for women that don't want to deal with lace and want to have their own hair left out in the crown region. 

The Best Human Hair Wigs in Smyrna!

Yes, we are making a bold statement, but we genuinely believe it. It’s really hard to beat our prices on human hair wigs when compared to the quality we offer.

Our manufacturing team is always looking for new ways to improve our offerings.

Beauty Supplies: Everything You Need in One Place

Detail the comprehensive selection of beauty supplies, including essentials for hair care, styling tools, and maintenance products.

Stress the convenience of finding all necessary supplies under one roof, benefiting both professionals and DIY beauty enthusiasts.

What goes great with hair extensions and wigs? Beauty supplies!

We have been rapidly growing our selection of beauty supply products in Smyrna.

Private Label's continuous effort to be a one-stop shop for everything beauty never ends.

What Beauty Supplies Can you Expect to find in Smyrna?

Based on our customer feedback, we continue to grow our selection of beauty products.

Here is what you can expect to find in our Smyrna beauty supply department:

  • Lace Tint: A product designed to customize the color of lace on wigs and extensions to match your skin tone for a natural look. We have Lace Tint, Lace Mouse, and Wig Knot Healer.
  • Lace Glue: A strong adhesive used to secure lace front wigs or hairpieces to the scalp, ensuring a durable hold. We have multiple lace glue hold options available.
  • Quick Weave Glue: A bonding glue for fast and easy weave installations, allowing for a secure fit of hair extensions.
  • Shampoo: Cleansing product for hair that removes dirt, oils, and product buildup, leaving hair fresh and clean. Specially formulated for hair extensions.
  • Conditioner: Hair care product used after shampooing to moisturize, detangle, and restore the hair's natural shine and softness.
  • 3D Lashes: Multi-layered false eyelashes that offer volume and depth, creating a more dramatic and dimensional look.Over 50 false eyelash styles to choose from!
  • Hair Color: Over a dozen Adore hair color choices to choose from. Hair
  • Developer: A peroxide solution that activates hair color or bleach, allowing it to penetrate the hair shaft for effective coloring. Shop for 20, 30, and 40 volume.
  • Hair Clips: Accessories used to section hair during styling or to simply keep hair out of the face.
  • Hair Brushes: Tools with bristles used to detangle, smooth, and style hair, available in various shapes and sizes for different hair types. Lots of choices are available!
  • Wig Clips: Small clips that can be sewn into wigs or hairpieces to secure them to natural hair for extra stability.
  • Hair Heat Protectant: A product applied to hair before using heat styling tools to minimize damage and protect hair from high temperatures.

Above are just a few of the beauty supplies we offer at Private Lable Smyrna.

If you have any friends, ask, “I am looking for beauty supplies near me. Have any recommendations?” Please refer Private Label as a solid option!

Cosmetics: The Finishing Touch

Who wouldn’t want a new shade of lip gloss while getting their next wig or bundle deal?

Private Label offers all the cosmetic necessities, including lip gloss, matte liquid lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow pallets, and much more. We have formulated our own cosmetics brand to match our client base's demand.

Makeup has always been the finishing touch for every great hairstyle, so it’s always been an important product line for us to offer. If you are looking for cosmetics in Smyrna, keep us in mind.

Shop Hair, Wigs, and Beauty in Smyrna, Georgia!

Let's wrap up our beauty journey through Private Label in Smyrna, Georgia.

It's clear that whether you're in the market for the perfect hair extensions, dreaming of a new wig, diving into cosmetics, or stocking up on beauty supplies, we've got your back (and your front, and your hair)!

So, why make your next beauty adventure a trip to our store? Come on, explore all the beauty Private Label has to offer, and let's have fun transforming your look together.

Smyrna's Private Label is waiting to welcome you into a world where dreams of beauty come to life!

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