Collection: Yaki Straight Hair

Yaki Straight Hair

Yaki hair has a slight coarseness and visible texture that resembles natural, straightened hair. Don't expect yaki straight to be silky, as it's a more textured style.

Yaki Straight Hair Extensions

Private Label is proud to offer the yaki straight hair texture with popular hair extension options. We have you covered, from yaki bundles with matching yaki closures to clip-ins and ponytails.

Yaki Straight Hair Features

Yaki hair blends well with natural hair, especially for those with Afro-Carribean hair textures. Our Yaki straight hair options are lightweight and made with 100% human hair to give you the best possible hair experience.

Yaki Straight Hair Styling & Maintenance

Because our yaki straight weave is made with 100% human hair, you must give it similar care as you would with your natural hair. This includes natural washing and conditioning while being gentle when installing or removing the hair. Use light heat when styling for optimal longevity.

Enhance your yaki straight hair with the extensions you can trust from Private Label.