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Located right off the Moreland Ave Exit of I20 in Atlanta, Georgia, Private Label is the choice for top-tier beauty supply products.

Since our inception in 2014, we've been growing our line of beauty supply products based on customer feedback and now have vast array of high-quality beauty essentials at unbeatable prices.

We might not be as big as Sallys, Ulta, or Cosmoprof but we still have the essential beauty supply Atlanta clients need!

Whether you're an individual eager to up your beauty routine or a professional hairstylist or salon owner sourcing products for your clientele, Private Label caters to all your needs under one roof.

Professional Hair Color: Unleash Your Creativity

At Private Label, we understand the transformative power of color.

Our professional hair color selection by Adore continues to grow. From vibrant hues to subtle shades, our products promise long-lasting results and unparalleled coverage.

Our Adore Hair Colors Include:

  • Jet Black
  • Crystal Clear
  • Titanium
  • Mahogany
  • Cinnamon
  • Crimson
  • Ruby Red
  • Pink Rose
  • Indigo Blue
  • Emerald
  • More coming soon!

Our broad selection of hair colors will allow you to express your creativity with coloring your next batch of bundles, tape-ins, wigs, or other human hair products we offer. 

Our professional hair colors ensure you can achieve salon-quality results from the comfort of your home or within the professional setting of your salon.

When in search of the ultimate beauty supply store Atlanta offers, Private Label is your premier destination for all your beauty needs. Let us tell you more about what we have in store for you!

Adore Hair Color in Atlanta

Lace Glue for Wigs: Your Secret to Confidence

The key to a flawless wig application lies in the quality of the lace glue used.

At Private Label, we offer lace glues that are both strong and safe, ensuring your wig stays in place throughout the day without compromising the health of your natural hair or scalp.

We offer both a standard hold as well as extra hold in case you are spending the day riding roller coasters at Six Flags over Georgia. 

Our selection caters to various needs, from water-resistant formulas for active individuals to gentle adhesives for sensitive skin, making us the go-to destination for wig wearers across Atlanta.

Lace Glue for sale in Atlanta

Lace Tint for Wigs, Closures, and Frontals

Thanks to our lace tint for wigs, closures, and frontals, achieving a natural-looking hairline has never been easier.

Private Label's lace tint is designed to blend your lace pieces seamlessly with your skin tone, eliminating any telltale signs of wearing a wig or extensions.

Available in all the necessary of shades, our lace tint ensures a perfect match and flawless finish. It's the best way to finish off your most recent lace install.

Lace tint in Atlanta

Tape for Wigs and Replacement Tape for Tape-ins: Secure and Seamless

In the world of wigs and tape-in extensions, the importance of reliable adhesive tape cannot be overstated.

Our tape products are engineered for strength and flexibility, providing a secure hold while remaining invisible for a seamless look.

Whether you're in need of durable tape for your wig or replacement tape for your tape-in extensions, Private Label offers solutions that combine performance with ease of use, ensuring your hair enhancements look natural and stay in place.

Wig Tape and Adhesive for sale in Atlanta

Got2B Spray: The Ultimate Styling Companion

Got2B Spray has become synonymous with unmatched hold and versatility in styling.

At Private Label, we're proud to stock this Blasting Freeze Spray, known for its ability to secure hairstyles, lay down edges, and keep wigs in place without flaking or residue. Its reputation as a must-have for beauty enthusiasts and professionals makes it a staple in our ATL beauty supply offerings.

We also offer the Got2b Ultra Glued invincible styling get. It's another popular product for hairstylists and those working with lace and wigs.

Got2B Blending Spray Atlanta

Wig Accessories: Everything You Need for the Perfect Look

Understanding the importance of maintenance and styling for wig longevity, Private Label offers an extensive selection of wig accessories.

From wig stands and caps to brushes and styling tools, our accessories ensure your wigs are perfectly styled and adequately cared for.

Whether you're a wig enthusiast or a salon owner providing wig services, our accessories are essential for achieving and maintaining the perfect look.

We are your choice when looking for hair supply stores in Atlanta that have everything for your hair and beauty needs. 

Hair Extension Accessories

Hair extensions transform your look, adding length, volume, and confidence.

At Private Label, we complement our high-quality hair extensions with a comprehensive range of accessories. From microbeads for I-tip installations to clips for DIY clip-ins, our accessories are designed to ensure your extensions look seamless and stay secure.

Ensuring you have the right tools, we make it easier to customize and care for your hair extensions, enhancing their longevity and beauty.

Hair Extensions Accessories

Lip Gloss and Cosmetics: The Finishing Touch

No look is complete without the right touch of color on your lips.

Our selection of lip glosses and cosmetics brings the final flourish to your beauty routine, offering a range of shades to suit every skin tone and occasion. From subtle nudes to bold reds, our products are formulated for long-lasting wear, ensuring you look your best throughout the day.

At Private Label, we believe quality makeup should be accessible, which is why we offer our cosmetics at prices that allow you to experiment and express yourself freely.

False Eyelashes - Eyelash Strips: Bat Your Lashes with Confidence

Enhance your eyes with our collection of false eyelashes, designed to add volume, length, and drama with ease.

Our eyelash strips are easy to apply, comfortable to wear, and available in various styles to match your desired look, from natural to glamorous.

Perfect for everyday wear and special occasions, our lashes make it simple to achieve a stunning eye look that captivates and enchants.

Bonnets: Protect Your Style as You Sleep

What Atlanta beauty supply store wouldn't have bonnets!

Preserve your hairstyle and protect your hair as you sleep with our selection of bonnets.

Available in various materials and designs, our bonnets are gentle on your hair, reducing friction and preventing breakage.

Whether you're looking to extend the life of your hairstyle, protect your hair extensions, or keep your natural hair healthy, our bonnets offer a stylish and practical solution for nighttime hair care.

Hair Growth Oil: Nourish Your Roots

Promote healthy hair growth and nourish your scalp with our hair growth oil.

This hair growth oil is Infused with natural ingredients known for their hair benefits. Our oils are formulated to stimulate hair follicles, enhance thickness, and improve overall hair health.

Suitable for all hair types, our hair growth oil is a must-have for anyone looking to support their hair's natural growth process and maintain a healthy scalp.

Edge Control: Sleek Edges, All Day Long

Achieve sleek, smooth edges with our edge control products.

The Private Label Edge Control is designed to lay down your edges without flaking or residue. Our formulas provide long-lasting hold, keeping your hairstyle polished day to night.

Whether crafting intricate styles or simply looking to tame flyaways, our edge control ensures your edges stay put, leaving you with a flawless finish.

Quick Weave Glue: Secure Your Style

For those who enjoy the versatility of quick weaves, our quick weave glue offers a secure and reliable hold.

We have the Salon Pro Super Hair Bond Glue always in stock!

Our quick weave glue is formulated to bond quickly and safely; our glue ensures your weave remains in place while protecting your natural hair.

Easy to apply and remove, our quick weave glue is a favorite among professionals and DIY enthusiasts, providing a dependable solution for temporary hair installations.

Atlanta's Best Beauty Supply Source!

At Private Label, we're more than just a beauty supply store; we're a community of beauty enthusiasts and professionals dedicated to providing high-quality products at affordable prices.

We aim to be the best beauty supply store Atlanta has to offer. Your feedback is always welcome and appreciated.

From the latest hair colors to essential wig and hair extension accessories, lip glosses, and more, our Atlanta location is your one-stop shop for all your beauty needs. Visit us at 1260 Memorial DR SE, Atlanta, Georgia 30312, and discover why Private Label is the premier destination for beauty supply products in Atlanta.

Experience our exceptional customer service and explore our extensive range of products designed to help you look and feel your best.

Your journey to beauty excellence starts with Private Label.

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