Collection: Custom Wigs

Why a Private Label Custom Wig?

We all know how EXPENSIVE a custom wig can cost and if you don't, let us tell you what to expect from a professional hairstylist.

  • Sewing Machine Wig Construction ($200)
  • Bleached Knots ($50)
  • Customized Hairline ($50)
  • Color Highlights ($200+)

Remember, all these figures don't even include the cost of the hair!

We create the Private Label custom hairlines during the ventilation process, not from plucking, which will slightly deteriorate the integrity of the lace. 

There are no shortcuts taken with the construction of our custom wigs, and they are a complete game-changer for those looking for a wig they can buy and put on without having to spend a lot of time and money customizing.

commonly asked questions

Human Hair Custom Made Wigs

What are custom made wigs?

Custom made wigs are tailor-made hairpieces designed to fit the unique head shape, size, and style preferences of an individual. They are crafted with human hair and can include specific features such as desired hair density, color, length, and lace type to match the wearer's requirements perfectly.

Why choose a custom made wig?

Choosing a custom made wig offers the advantage of a perfect fit, personalized style, and natural appearance. Custom wigs are ideal for those seeking a high-quality, bespoke solution that addresses specific hair loss needs or aesthetic desires, providing comfort and confidence.

What types of lace are available for custom made wigs?

Custom made wigs can be crafted with various types of lace to suit different preferences and budgets. The most common options include Swiss lace, which is fine and durable; French lace, known for its durability; and HD lace, which offers a highly transparent and undetectable finish.

Can I style my custom made wig?

Yes, because custom made wigs are crafted with human hair, they can be styled just like your natural hair. You can use heat styling tools, dye, or perm the hair, although it's recommended to have any chemical processes done by a professional to avoid damage.