Detroit, Michigan

Located on the epic 8 Mile road with Dequindre Road as the cross-street. The Tim Hortons shopping plaza.


*All Private Label locations are cashless as of 1/1/2024. We do accept all credit cards, tap payments, CashApp Debit, and Apple Pay.

1833 8 Mile Road Hazel Park, Michigan 48030

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Private Label Detroit offers local delivery for wigs, bundles, closures, frontals, lashes, and more! Detroit Local Delivery is available during the store's business hours Tuesday through Saturday.

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Fans of the city think there are probably a few things you don’t know about Detroit.

You might have some associations when you hear the name - but chances are, they’re way out of date. Let’s catch you up. Historically a major centre of commerce, it was once one of the great cities of the world . The heart of the auto industry, providing steady jobs for those who lived here and making the dreams of millions of Americans come true as they got behind the wheel of their first cars. Detroit has been through some challenging times - but, just as we knew it would, this proud City has risen again. The city has amazing architecture, art that rivals the worlds, and a growing economy.

While manufacturing is still the top industry in the city, finance comes in a close second, with retail growing exponentially as well. The city has started to make a name for itself in the hair and beauty industries, as well. A big part of that was Private Label, one of the fastest growing beauty brands in the nation, choosing Detroit as its Flagship North location. It’s been called Music City, it’s been called the Motor City, it’s even been called Murder City - but in spite of it’s one time reputation for roughness, today most visitors will tell you Detroit is far better known for it’s beauty than for brawls. 15.9 million tourists come here every year.

Internationally renowned travel guide Lonely Planet called Detroit the second best city in the entire world to visit in 2018, and the year before that The New York Times placed Detroit as the 9th most recommended destination on their list of 52.

As international travel ramps up again, tourism officials and those who work at popular Detroit attractions expect to continue to ramp up rave reviews - after all, there is a whole lot to love in this City!

If you want to groove on the culture and style we have here, start with the Motown Historical Museum where you can learn about artists who impacted the world from right here in Detroit - like Smokey Robinson & The Miracles, Diana Ross, The Jackson 5. You could spend days in any one of our incredible museums - learning about our history and the people who impacted it - from the Detroit Historical Museum to the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History to the Science Centre.

But if you’d rather soak up some of the beauty the city has to offer than sit in one of our fine museums, a walk down many of the downtown streets surprise visitors with art and sculpture at every turn - from some of our beautiful murals to the Joe Louis statue down by the water that was commissioned by Sports Illustrated - a giant dark arm with the hand in a fist extended and hung by a pyramid.

Many visitors who aren’t familiar with the story of Joe Louis and who didn’t know who it represents are often heard to say that the iconic image still resonates as a powerful symbol of Detroit. When the city streets have you craving a touch of nature, you can get your fill at the biggest open air flowerbed market in the entire country at Eastern Market.

If beauty is your thing, there’s one other stop you absolutely HAVE to make when you’re in town! Leading beauty brand Private Label has a stunning store at 8 Mile Road where visitors can experience what it is to be a beauty industry VIP - every shopper is given the Hollywood treatment when they walk in the door - and in a city full of fashionistas, Private Label has worked hard to build its reputation as a go to beauty destination.