Collection: Bulk Human Braiding Hair

Bulk Human Hair for Braiding & Boho Braids

Shop Private Label's 100% bulk human hair collection is perfect for braiding, hair extensions, boho braids, and wigs.

Our human bulk braiding hair comes in two quality levels: virgin (great hair) and raw (best hair). 

We offer the most popular styles and colors that will be perfect for your next Boho braids or natural braiding hairstyle. Buying bulk human hair is much more convenient than buying a bundle of hair and cutting the wefts. 

Bulk Hair Textures & Colors

We offer the most popular styles, including Deep Wave, Water Wave, Ocean Wave, and Beach Wave, and popular bulk human hair colors like honey blonde, medium brown, and auburn. Our collection of lengths, textures, and colors will continue to grow with our clients' feedback.

Our human braiding hair is made specifically for professional braiders to get the best braiding results from their clients. Our virgin bulk hair is available online with free shipping over $100 and at our Atlanta hair store locations. 

The Best Human Braiding Hair

Bulk Human Hair for Braiding

What is bulk hair?

Bulk hair refers to loose human hair that has not been sewn into a weft. It's primarily used for braiding, making wigs, or creating custom hair extensions such as fusion hair extensions.

How is bulk hair different from wefted hair extensions?

Unlike wefted hair extensions that come sewn into a track ready for installation, bulk hair is loose and free-flowing, which provides versatility for different types of hair extension applications, particularly for methods that require individual strands.

Who should consider using bulk hair?

Bulk hair is ideal for anyone looking to have extensions applied using methods like fusion, micro-linking, or custom wig making. It's also a popular choice for braided hairstyles that require natural-looking hair integration.

Can I color or bleach bulk hair?

Yes, since it is made of human hair, bulk hair can be colored or bleached. However, it’s recommended to have these processes done by a professional to ensure the best results and to minimize damage to the hair. Our virgin bulk hair can color to honey blonde while the raw bulk hair can color to blonde.

Can I reuse bulk hair?

Yes, high-quality bulk hair can be reused with proper care and maintenance. Make sure to handle it gently during removal and cleaning to preserve its integrity for future applications.

Where can I purchase high-quality bulk hair?

Private Label offers high-quality virgin hair and raw bulk hair options. You can buy online today or contact one of our local hair stores for more information.