Brands and Services

Glad Your Found us at the Bronner Bros Hair Show!

Private Label has all the services needed to start, supply, and learn how to run a hair extension and wig business. 

Here is a list of our services!

Private Label

Our main website that sells hair extensions and wigs online. We also have 5 showrooms with 4 in the Georgia area. 

Showroom Locations:

  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Stonecrest, Georgia
  • Tucker, Georgia
  • Smyrna, Georgia
  • Detroit, Michigan

Please stop by and visit any location for more information about our services.

Private Label Wholesale

Direct from the manufacturer wholesale hair extensions and wigs. 

The hair vendor you can trust!

Dropship Beauty

US based hair extension and wig dropshipper. We are partners with Shopify and have the Dropship Beauty App that allows you to quickly start selling hair extensions online.

Private Label Wigs

Professionally colored and custom made wig service. We ghost wig make stunning wigs for your clients at an affordable cost. Oh, and we are fast!

Private Label Branding

Your source for all your hair branding materials and logo design.

We also have design templates for popular hair products. 

Hair Business Masterclass

Learn how to start, market, and manage your hair extension business. 

Private Label Clearance

Where to shop limited deals on hair extensions and wigs!