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Human Hair Closures

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Private Label has matching closures for all its bundles. Our remy hair closures have their cuticles aligned and are ready for install. 

The best hair closures will have a natural-looking hairline. We have you covered at Private Label. Our pre-plucked selection of closures is available with standard, transparent, and HD lace. Private Label always has HD Lace Closures in stock!

The lace for the closures will vary with our popular selection of 2x6 closures, 4x4 closures, 5x5 closures, 6x6 closures, and 7x7 closures. More lace equals more parting space.

We continue to grow our line of lace closures with all the popular styles.

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Common Questions about human hair closures

Human Hair Closures

What is a human hair closure?

A human hair closure is a hairpiece made of real human hair used to mimic the scalp and give a natural-looking hairline. It covers the top or front part of the head where hair extensions are applied, allowing for a seamless blend with weave or wig installations.

Why should I use a human hair closure?

Using a human hair closure provides a natural look, protecting your natural hair from heat and styling damage. It allows for versatile parting styles and minimizes the need to blend your natural hair with extensions, reducing styling time and maintenance.

How do I choose the right closure for my hair?

Consider the texture of your natural hair or extensions. Choose a closure that matches your hair texture (straight, wavy, curly) and color for a seamless blend. Also, decide on the part style (middle part, side part, free part) based on your preferred hairstyles. Finally, the type of lace which would be standard, transparent, or HD lace.

How do I install a human hair closure?

Human hair closures can be sewn in, glued, or installed with clips, depending on your preference and the type of closure. For a more natural look, a sew-in installation by a professional stylist is often recommended.

Are human hair closures noticeable?

When properly installed and blended with your natural hair or extensions, human hair closures are virtually undetectable. Choosing the right lace color to match your scalp and ensuring the closure is correctly placed are key to a natural look.

Can I wear a human hair closure with any hairstyle?

Yes, human hair closures are versatile and can be styled in many ways. Whether you prefer a straight, wavy, or curly look, you can style your closure to match. Be mindful of the closure's parting style for the most natural appearance.