Wholesale Hair Vendor: Direct Source with Private Label Wholesale

Are you sick and tired of dealing with the fake hair vendors on Alibaba and AliExpress?

You ordered a few hundred dollars in samples and they were great. Then, your next order which is a few thousand dollars is filled with a box of junk bundles.

Good luck trying to return those to a supplier in China. Yeah, we have heard the stories time and time again.

Wholesale Hair Vendor

The team at Private Label Extensions has created the most efficient, cost-effective, and user-friendly to purchase hair bundles, closures, frontals, wigs, 3D lashes, and more coming soon.

Private Label Wholesale was created with partnerships in Asia to offer a one-stop-shop and direct source for wholesale hair.

Our team handles the technology, and the team we built in China handles the supply and shipping. It's a perfect combination for anyone looking for a trusted supplier of products, secure payments with PayPal, and fast shipping direct from our manufacturing sources.

As a matter of fact, our team visits all the manufacturing facilities to make sure everything is 100% up to par. In addition, the Private Label Extensions team has sold over $10,000,000 of these products in just the past two years.

These proven products have made us one of the fastest-growing beauty businesses, and companies in America.

Direct Hair Sourcing

Wholesale Hair from China or the USA?

This is a question a lot of people ask when trying to find wholesale hair. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. Let's take a look at what those are.

Pros of Working with Chinese Hair Suppliers

  • Great pricing.
  • Generally a large supply of products.
  • Direct shipping with signature confirmation.

Cons of Working with Chinese Hair Suppliers

  • Poor communication. Generally available only overnight during their business hours.
  • Expensive to return or exchange a product.
  • Bait & Switch orders with complicated payments.

Pros of Working with a USA Hair Supplier

  • Great communication during business hours.
  • Ease of ordering online and payments.
  • Easy returns in the USA.

Cons of Working with a USA Hair Supplier

  • Generally more expensive.
  • Out of stock issues.
  • Limited product options.

As you can see, or experienced, it's tough to have a "perfect solution" when trying to have a steady stream of wholesale products with great communication, pricing, and supply.

But what if someone combined all the pros and eliminated all the cons?

Fastest growing beauty brands

The Private Label Wholesale Winning Combination!

We have taken all the benefits of working with a hair supplier in China and the USA and combined them into one package.

Why? The Private Label team listens to its clients and will make necessary adjustments to keep up with the ever-changing hair industry.

Our team Creating a system focused on making clients looking for bulk, wholesale hair orders was a must.

The Best Wholesale Hair System

Here's what we did.
  1. Created a beautiful and easy to navigate website: Private Label Wholesale.
  2. Easy, fast, and safe payments utilizing PayPal checkout.
  3. Partnered with the top Manufacturers, not trading companies, to provide the best possible products and prices.
  4. Amazing communication with our Atlanta based Private Label Wholesale team. Available by phone and email.
  5. Returns can be sent to our Atlanta headquarters, not China.
  6. The wholesale system is closed to the public. Exclusive for stylists, salon owners, Entrepreneurs looking to resell hair.
  7. Live onboarding call to walk new clients through the entire system and ordering process.
Utilizing our years of experience, supplier relationships, and client feedback we have created the ultimate wholesale system for hair extensions, wigs, and lashes.

How Do I Get Access?

The next step is to sign up for a free membership: That's right, there are NO monthly fees and NO membership fees as a member of Private Label Wholesale.

We just want to make sure you are a hair reseller or going into the hair business before allowing access.

After you submit the information on the form you will be redirected to a sales assistant to schedule your onboarding call. After the call, you will know exactly how to use the wholesale system.

In the meantime, we also suggest you take a minute and read over our FAQ PAGE that answers many of the common questions. Excited? We hope so! A lot of thought and negotiating went into the creation of this project to create the ultimate wholesale solution for our clients.