Georgia Sale Tax

,How Private Label Extensions is required to handle sales tax with business clients.

Why am I being charged tax for all Georgia orders?

We're located in Georgia. Because we have a presence in Georgia, we're required by law to tax all orders shipped to Georgia, unless you provide a state resale certificate.

You can apply for a Georgia Taxpayer's ID (Sales Tax Permit) on the Georgia Department Of Revenue page right here.

If you DO NOT have a Georgia Taxpayer's ID (State resale certificate), we will collect Georgia statewide tax + district/city tax on all orders to Georgia. It's calculated from product value + shipping. Note that Private Label Extensions will only charge sales tax on orders shipped to Georgia or other states that require us to charge sales tax. The laws are continuously changing.

You can read more about Georgia sales tax here.

Once You Receive Your GA Sales Tax Number

Once you have received your Sales Tax Number we require you to send it to us to have on file and activate the "Sales Tax Exemption" for your account.

You must be collecting and reporting Georgia Sales Tax at this point. We will verify all submitted forms with the state which may take 3 - 5 business days.

Please download our ST-5 form for our parent company, Luxury Hair Direct LLC, and complete the form. Download Form Here

Submitting Your GA Sales Tax ST-5 Form

Make sure your form has been completed with your GA Sales Tax number entered in the space provided and signed.

Submit your signed form with the webform below. We will require you to enter your Sales Tax Number in the form below once again so there are no handwriting issues that could delay the verification of your Sales Tax Exemption status.

Fill out my online form.

Your Tax Exemption Status

Once we have verified your tax exemption status, you will receive an email from us letting you know.

At this point, you will not need to take any additional steps as the system will automatically not charge you sales tax when you are logged in to place your orders.

If you would like to verify your own Sales Tax Exemption Status you can use the tool provided by the State of Georgia. View Tool

How do I add the collection of Sales Taxes to my website?

We recommend using TAXJAR.