Top 10 Reasons You Should Rock Brazilian Spanish Wave Extensions

Top 10 Reasons You Should Rock Brazilian Spanish Wave Extensions

Your New Summer Look

Summer 2024 is slowing approaching, and the thing to remember in that is the fact that it’s approaching and you need to be ready!

In a few months, everyone should be trying to figure out how they can make their summer be an easy-breezy one! One thing that everyone focuses on is their hair.

Most people stick to styles that have low maintenance, so they don’t have to worry about anything extra.

And well I’m here to tell you why you should be rocking Brazilian Spanish Waves Hair this summer!

There just isn’t going to be an easier option for you! I mean, you could always go with braids, but nobody has time to sit four to six hours to have them installed anymore!

So continue reading while I go over these ten reasons so you can know why you need that Brazilian Spanish wave in your life!

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Reason #1: Blends and looks natural

I mean, who doesn’t love extensions that look so natural it almost looks real? Nobody!

That’s the look people should always be aiming to get. Brazilian Spanish wave gives you that look without a doubt.

These real human hair extensions are super soft and wavy and are all you’re going to need this summer.

I know that how your extensions get installed plays a role in how the style will look, but I promise you, these extensions won’t make a difference in how you put them in.

You could go with the wig option or even sew-in style with leave out or not. If you decide to go with your leave out blend, your hair will blend right in with no problem.

You could even put a braid across your crown at night and takedown in the morning, so it blends well.

These extensions are such a great option for the summer because you have options on how you want to wear it.

You can’t go wrong with whatever installation option you choose. Pop these tracks in and enjoy the sun!

Reason #2: It’s lightweight

A common question that many people ask when looking for the right hair is whether or not it’s going to be too heavy on their heads.

Sometimes people don’t ask, and it’s too late once they get the hair installed! Brazilian Spanish Wave is one of the lightest weight human hair bundles you can find.

While folks are traveling all throughout the summertime, I know they aren’t going to want to worry about having a heavy head.

These extensions will all allow you to go about your day without any extra worries. If you need to tie it up real quick because of an activity you’re about to do; you won't have to struggle with this hair at all.

Curly hair model in denim dress

Reason #3: You can color it

Color, color, color everywhere! Who doesn’t want their extensions to pop with a splash of color? Exactly, nobody!

You will have the opportunity to color your Brazilian Spanish wave without any issue.

Because this hair is so popping, you may end up going a few weeks before you decide to switch the style up to color.

Now, many people highly recommend for the color to be applied to extensions before they get installed, so they don’t damage their real hair in any way.

Well, who said you had to color the whole thing? You may have signed up for a 5k color run and decide that you want the ends of your hair bright pink before the race, well you will have the option to do that!

Dying your ends will not affect your real hair one bit.

Even if you wanted to be funky this summer and explore with many types of color but wanted to save some money, you could always opt for the option to buy you some hair color chalk or even get you some hairspray.

And look up braids hairstyles for summer.

The Brazilian Spanish wave is treated just like real hair so you can do anything to it.

It also doesn’t matter how dark you get your hair either; the instant hair colors will show you.

So go ahead and have fun this summer while you wear a new color every day of the week if you want to, of course!

Curly hair models in ancient style dresses

Reason #4: Low Maintenance

I think it’s pretty safe to say that, we all look to extensions that are super low maintenance.

Plus the general-purpose as to why people get extensions is to give their hair a break.

So nobody wants to take a break from their real hair just to endure a lot with extensions.

Especially over the summer!

I can bet you most people have no time for anything extra. With the Brazilian Spanish Waves, you will have very little maintenance required to keep up with the hair.

The greatest thing to know is that you don’t need any heat styling tools for this type of extensions!

So while you’re washing or conditioning the hair, all you need to do is finger detangle to get whatever tangles out you may have.

After you’re done going through it, just add you some moose or even a leave-in conditioner and be on about your way!

That’s all you have to do to care for it. So while you’re living on airplanes this summer, remember you won’t have to pack a lot for your hair!

Little is more in the case of the Brazilian Spanish wave!

Reason #5: Long-Wear Time

Extensions already cost an arm and a leg, and the last thing people need is for their extensions to only last a few weeks!

With Brazilian Spanish waves, you can bet your bottom dollar that you will get your monies worth! For that fact that most people will usually be styling their hair in different ways with this hair, they aren’t going to want any issues.

The Brazilian Spanish Wave is tangle free and also doesn’t shed! Many different extensions do shed, and you’re going to want to make sure you don’t get that type of hair for the summer.

There is nothing worse than going out somewhere nice and seeing hair all over your clothes! And walking around with a lent brush is just not an option.

Plus, as I mentioned earlier, this hair is lightweight, so you don’t even have to worry about it half the time. You can just let this hair do its thing.

So save yourself from the hassle and get you some Brazilian Spanish Wave!

Reason #6: You can straighten it

I already know that Summer 2018 is going to bring a boatload of fun, sexiness, and relaxation! Therefore, you must be ready for all occasions.

Yeah, corn rolls are a cool protective style but you not going to look super bomb if you need to get real fancy!

I mean, you’ll probably look alright, but if you had that Brazilian Spanish wave, you would be able to style your hair for any activity or occasion that you have planned.

The Brazilian Spanish wave will allow you to straighten it! That’s right! Those juicy waves can be boned straightened if need be. Straightening the hair allows your switch up your style entirety.

If you have a hot date on a Saturday night and you wanted some curls, you could easily roll up some purple Flexi rods!

Or depending on how you had it installed, you could get away with doing a nice high bun. Just know whichever style you choose you'll be satisfied.

Curly hair model at the beach wearing bikini

Reason #7: Swimming approved

Because what is summer without water? Duh! A boring summer!

Another concern that people have when choosing their hair is how it holds up in water conditions.

The Brazilian Spanish Wave Frontals as well as Brazilian Spanish Wave Closures holds up great in the water. Since the hair is a nice natural wave, when you get it wet, is just waves back up eventually.

These extensions aren't the type of hair that loses the pattern or shaped once water hits it.

Plus, once it gets wet, you will have that wet and wavy look that is also super cute!

So if you wanted to, you could have a swimsuit photo-shoot with this hair and have the wet and wavy going on which will make your photos pop.

Then, once it dries, you could have a casual photo-shoot. This hair is just what you need this summer since it gives you so many options!

Reason #8: Versatile

Having extensions that provide versatility is all you ever need! Versatility allows you to get your monies worth truly.

Like I mentioned earlier you could have this hair installed as a sew-in or human hair wig, but there are many other options too.

Depending on what look you’re going for this summer, this hair is great. If you were looking for just some extra volume, you could go with half of sew-in or even tape-in extensions with this hair.

You could have your real hair out on the top portion and have the rest in extensions.

If you had a special event to attend over the summer and you just needed something really quick but still fancy, you could with seamless clip-ins extensions! You could pop them in really quickly and then pop them right out when you no longer need them!

Since the Brazilian Spanish wave is natural-looking you could get away with just about any style.

Want two corn rolls going straight back? No problem. Or do you want all your hair pulled back in a nice low ponytail because you’ve decided to go hiking at Runyon Canyon Park?

You could do that too with no problems at all.

Whatever you’re into this summer, this hair will be right there with you keeping up with it all!

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Reason #9: No blow drying

There are so many videos where women show the process of how they wash their extensions and when I tell you some of them can be exhausting, they are!

I don’t think you should have to go through so much work when caring for your extensions.

Especially if you’re going to wear them during the summertime! Nobody has any time to carry around a blow dryer or ask their hotel staff how powerful theirs are!

Brazilian Spanish wave is the new summer hair that comes with easy maintenance.

After you’re done conditioning your hair from a long day at the pool, you don’t have to do anything else to it! That’s right! It’s the new "wash and go" style but for extensions.

Now, the only time you may need to blow dry it after washing is if you’re looking to straighten it but otherwise, just know there is no need for a blow drying this summer with this awesome hair!

Straight hair model wearing blue dress

Reason #10: Great protection style & time

If there was ever a time when you wanted to start a protective style journey, it should be during the summertime while using Brazilian Spanish wave extensions.

This hair is just overall amazing that it will make you only want to wear this type of hair all summer long.

Because this hair is so carefree and lightweight you’ll be sure to forget all about it while you’re hair gets prepared for the winter months.

This hair is so carefree it will save you so much time in your everyday life. You’ll be able to truly enjoy your summer with friends and family while having the time of your life.

You won’t have to worry about taking a long time getting your hair together, or even keeping it together.

You can continue living your best life with the Brazilian Spanish wave extensions.

Curly hair friends having a conversation at a hair salon

Summertime Fine

Honestly, this hair should have been called “No Worry Extensions.”

Brazilian Spanish wave is all you’re going to need this summer and truthfully any summer after if you’re looking for a protective style.

This hair has all the benefits you will need to keep up with all your summer plans. Between the low maintenance duties and versatility options, how can you not win?

You will always win while you’re rocking the Brazilian Spanish wave this summer!

Have you started planning your hairstyles for this summer?

Are you going to add the Brazilian Spanish Wave to your hair itinerary?

Let me know in the comment section below!

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