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How to get Different Types of Curls for Hair Extensions & Weave

Kinky Curly Extensions have always been a a no-brainer hairstyle for those wanting to achieve anything from a regal to a fun look.

Many curl their natural hair using techniques such as curling with a curling iron, Bantu knots, rollers, flex-i-rods, etc.

Heat can cause damage to hair if not done correctly. For additional hair safety adding extensions to your hair and curling the extensions instead of your natural hair can help.

Your extensions don’t have to already be curled for you to do this. So no, you do not have to purchase a whole new set of extensions.

If you are tired of your straight weave or want to switch up your curl style this post is for you.

By using different techniques, you can transform your extensions into a vivacious curly look. Who doesn’t want a bomb transformation?

Tips for Curling Hair Extensions

Before we delve into these different bomb curl looks let us go over some tips for curling hair extensions.

We want to make sure that you are not just doing this but you are doing it right!

1.Heat Protectant

First and foremost always use a heat protectant! I don’t care how healthy you think your hair is or how bomb your extensions are we want to make sure that it stays that way.

Our goal is to prevent heat damage and just like with your natural hair heat damage can happen with hair extensions as well.

Creating curls can require a lot of heat especially if you want to do touch-ups throughout the week to maintain your hairstyle.

That can be a lot of heat for your extensions to handle on its own which is why it is always best to use a heat protectant.


    2. Curl With The Iron Off

    If you are new to curling your hair, then we recommend curling with the iron off first.

    This will help you get the hang of the hand motions involved in curling hair. Once you get the hang of it proceed to curl with the heat on.


    3. Use A Holding Hairspray

    Use hairspray with a slight hold to keep your curls in place. We recommend the Glow Shine Spray is the spray to trust with this mission.

    This will help your curls to remain throughout the day.

    You also want to keep your hair as dry as possible and look out for humidity as it can cause your curls to fall.


    4. Invest In Quality Tools

    Investing in top quality tools can be beneficial to achieving a bomb curl look.

    I’ll be honest some things you can purchase for a lower price and produce excellent results but when it comes to a curling iron that just won’t do. To get a quality curling iron, you may have to splurge a bit, but in the long run, it will be worth it. A quality iron will usually work faster. They often come with various wands, so you aren’t stuck with one type of curl style.

    Best of all, quality curling irons last significantly longer.

    Here is some popular curling iron brands are known for having quality tools:


    5. Maximum Heat

    The maximum heat you should be using on your extensions is anywhere from 375-390 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Using a heat level below this is fine, but it is not recommended that you go above this as to protect your human hair extensions.

    6. Section off Your Hair & Tie Hair

    While you are curling different parts of your hair, it is essential to tie the hair that you are not curling in a separate section.

    Do this to keep the remaining hair in one place and to avoid creating a mess while doing your hair. This will help you see what hair has been curled and what hair needs to be curled.


    Types of Curls

    The curl options that you have with extensions are just as endless as the ones you have with natural hair as long as you use human hair extensions.

    Think Kinky Curly or Jerry Curl Hair, anything is possible.

    Here are some different types of curls that you can achieve with hair extensions and how to attain each.

    Wand Curls

    Wand curls are curls that are done with a curling wand instead of a curling iron. You are probably wondering what the difference is?

    The main difference is that unlike a curling iron a curling wand does not have a clasp. With a curling iron, you hold the cord facing down while with a wand you keep it facing up.

    Do you remember the magic wands that you saw in Disney movies? A curling wand looks exactly like that!

    Using a curling wand helps to produce more of a natural wave while and iron creates more of a tight curl.


    Big Vs. Small Wand Curls

    When going for wand curls, or any heat curl for that matter, start off with dry clean hair. Section off ½ an inch to an inch of hair depending on how big you want your curls to be.

    The more hair you section off, the larger the coil, the tighter, the smaller. Before you apply the heat to your hair, don’t forget to follow the golden rule of the curling world… use a heat protectant!

    Continue sectioning off hair, applying a heat protectant, and then wand curling until you are done with all sections of your hair.

    Last but not least use hairspray with a hold to add shine and to help hold the curls.

    For a more dramatic look, big wand curls are a goto.

    They are just like wand curls but have more of a bounce which will go well with a luxury look.

    To achieve big wand curls use a curling wand with a larger radius. A 1 ½ inch curling wand or larger will be bound to produce big luscious curls.

    Curling wands smaller than 1 ½ inch produce smaller and tighter curls.

    The larger the circumference of the curling wand the bigger the curls, the smaller the circumference, the tighter the curls.

    Iron sizes come in a variety of ranges. Big wand curls usually turn out best on medium to long hair lengths.

    Both curl styles are bound to grab attention. It is all up to you!


    Spiral Curls

    Spiral curls are the classic curl look that many wear. They are the signature and classic curl look that we all desire from when we are little girls.

    Our Human Deep Wave Hair is suitable for this style.

    For spiral curls you want to use a curling iron, this will help create the spirals you want.

    Start off by sectioning a piece of hair between 1 to 2 inches and place it at the end of the curling iron clamp.

    Twist the iron around the hair until all the hair is wrapped around the outside of the curling iron and over the clamp itself.

    Hold the iron and hair in place for about 30 seconds. If your extensions are challenging to curl or straight, you may want to hold it longer.

    Once your hair is curled release the curl, and you should have a beautifully curled piece of hair.

    Take the curl and using a hairpin pin it to your scalp. Repeat this until all your hair is curled and pinned.

    Lastly, spray your hair with a holding hairspray and wait an hour before releasing the pins and unveiling those beautiful curls.


    Shirley Temple Curls

    Shirley Temple curls are named after the iconic Shirley Temple. Do you remember the classic child star Shirley Temple and all her memorable tv moments?

    She is a timeless Hollywood icon. What is even as unforgettable and timeless are her signature curls that have a title all to their own.

    To achieve this look, you can go old school and use sponge rollers or flex-i-rods! Start off with the usual sectioning off of your hair.

    Shirley Temple curls usually are medium size curls, so we recommend sectioning off 1 inch of hair. To achieve the best results comb your hair and make sure the hair is detangled.

    Roll the hair from the end all the way down to the root. Try not to overlap the hair too much as you roll or curl it. If you are using a curling iron use this same method!

    If you are not using a curling iron, then blow-dry the hair and use a holding hairspray before unraveling the curls.

    You can also let them sit overnight. If you are using a hot iron, then you can unravel the curls immediately.

    To keep the curls in place unravel the curls in the same direction you curled the curl fast and smooth.

    Afterward, separate the curls with your fingers from the root and recoil each part with your finger if you can.



    Water Wave Curl

    Take a section about an inch wide and use a styling wand to curl your hair. Hold the curl for about 15 seconds or longer for hair that is hard to curl.

    Don’t keep the hair on the wand too long this will help produce more of a wavy effect. Continue doing this until all sections of your hair are complete.

    Once you are done, take any parts that look frizzy or not curled enough and redo them.

    Lastly, take some oil or sheen and put it on your hair. And of course, you can use hairspray with a hold to make your curls last!



    Waves are a great look to rock while you are on vacation. They give off a tropical and fun vibe and are also suitable for festivals and concerts.

    There are many ways to achieve beautiful looking waves with hair extensions like the Body Wave Hair Extensions. For waves, we recommend using a curling wand.

    Like we previously mentioned curling wands create a natural wave look which is the look we are going for here.

    You can follow the same steps that we listed for big vs. small wand curls to achieve a wavy look.

    To take it a step further you can also braid your hair, spray it with a holding spray and let for a few hours.

    The longer you let your hair stay in braids, the longer the waves will last. For long-lasting waves, we recommend letting your braids sleep overnight before taking them out.

    Use a blow dryer on cool or high heat to hold the braid pattern in place if you don't want to wait overnight.

    Once you are done undo the braids neatly to reveal lovely wavy hair. You can wear the waves as is or use a wide-tooth comb to break the hair apart.

    Keeping Curls Overnight

    Keep your curls in place overnight by using curling rods before you go to sleep. Depending on the type of curl there are different types of rods and tools you can use.

    For big wand curls, you can use bigger flex-i-rods or rollers. Just like how you curled your hair with a curling iron or wand wrap your hair that same way using the flex-i-rods or rollers.

    Spray your hair with a holding hairspray and some sheen. You will need the extra hold and moisture while your curls sleep overnight.

    Tie your head at night with a satin scarf to help retain moisture.


    In The Morning

    In the morning go over your hair with a blow dryer on a medium to high heat. You can use the cool setting to reduce the amount of heat applied to your hair.

    Always remember to add more heat protectant before blow drying (always re-do this when adding heat to your extensions).

    Stop by the best hair store in Atlanta, Private Label, so we can show you our collection of hair weave and wigs!

    Which type of curls tickles your fancy?

    Don’t be shy, get some curls, and add some life to your hair look!

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