Stop drying out your hair extensions

Stop Drying Out Your Hair Extensions and Revive Them!

It’s Time to Rejuvenate

When you first get your human hair extensions, they are very soft and luscious.

But after a few weeks of having them in, you may start to realize they are becoming harder to brush through and more brittle.

This change is due to your hair extensions drying out. But don't worry! Although your hair extensions may be drying out, you can bring them back to life.

This article will help you come up with ideas on how to rejuvenate your hair and get it back to its original state.

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Ways Your Extensions Are Drying Out

The secret to making hair soft is down to a natural oil called sebum.

Sebum is a semi-fluid secreted by the sebaceous gland and is attached to our hair follicles.

The sebum is brought to the skin surface and coats the hair shaft. What’s so great about a coating of sebum is that it keeps your growing locks hydrated and free from tangles.

Our natural, growing hair is continuously being coated by this substance, to help give it a soft touch in between washes.

This reason is why some people find their hair very dry if shampooed every day and others find their hair oily if they don’t shampoo as frequently.

Unfortunately, human hair bundles can’t produce the sebum that our natural tresses can create.

With general wearing and washing of the extensions, the coating of sebum that they had when they first started to grow on someone’s head will wear away.

Once that is gone, the extensions start to dry out quickly.

There are many different ways you may be drying out your extensions without even knowing it. Here are different ways that your hair extensions can dry out.

Overexposure to Heating Tools

Flat irons, curling irons, hot combs, blow dryers, etc. can cause your hair to dry out quickly.

This statement is not saying they are not okay to use because they are perfectly fine, but it is essential to use them in moderation.

Using excessive heat will cause your hair to dry out and become brittle quickly.

So, it is imperative that you monitor your usage.

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Just like natural hair, repeatedly dyeing your extensions will cause them to dry out.

Hair dye uses very harsh chemicals such as ammonia that when used often, will damage your hair. You should treat your extensions with the utmost care.

Remember that it is okay to dye your extensions, don’t overdo it.

Environmental Damage

You may not be the one actively doing anything to harm your hair, and it may just be mother nature against you.

Extensions are most susceptible to drying out during the summertime because of the sun. Just like natural hair, overexposure to the sun can cause your extensions to dry out.

Sadly, there is not much you can do to stop it from happening as it is nature.

Be ahead of the sun and prepare yourself with hairstyles for summer.

Chlorine Exposure

During the hot months, many people love to go to the pool to cool off. But the pool water can play a massive role in drying out your extensions if you decide to go in.

The chemicals from the chlorine in the pool will leave your extensions feeling brittle.

at the pool

The list is ultimately endless. There are so many factors that can cause your extensions to dry out. In reality, your extensions most likely will eventually dry out if you are not taking the best care of them.

Ways to Prevent Your Hair Extensions From Drying Out

Wouldn’t it be nice to put a stop to the problem before it even starts? These tips can help you keep your hair in the best shape and stop it from drying out quickly or at all.

Synthetic extensions

We are all aware that there is a difference between human hair and synthetic extensions.

Synthetic extensions are more susceptible to drying out because of its properties. If you notice with synthetic extensions, they dry out much faster than human hair extensions will.

Here are some tips to help keep your extensions from drying out and keep that looking fresh for a more extended period.

It is best to prevent your synthetic hair extensions from drying out and becoming brittle altogether because once that happens, it is challenging to restore it.

If you are into human hair but can't afford it, check our cheap hair bundles.

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Many people think you are not able to wash synthetic hair but you most definitely can.

If you feel your hair is starting to become dry, conditioning it with a mild conditioner or a conditioner made explicitly for synthetic hair can bring it back to life.

You want to wash the hair, brush it out and then hang it up to dry. You want to air dry your hair.

Stay away from the blowdryer.

And learn to curl hair without heat.

The blow dryer can cause unnecessary tangles, and because the hair is synthetic, it can ruin it.

Once those extensions have dried and you put them back in, they will be looking as good as new.

Using heating tools

If your hair comes in a packet that says it is heat friendly, you can use heating tools but it is essential they are in low settings.

Too much heat can dry out the hair and maybe even cause the hair to melt depending on the brand of hair that you use.

If you are not sure whether or not you can use heating tools, your best option is to stay away from them all together to avoid damaging your hair.

However, if you need to know, you want to take a very tiny section of hair and use the heating tool to see the effect it has.

And for extra safety apply Armor Heat Protector Spray to minimize the damage.

Apply a hair serum

Hair serums and oils can help to soften up your hair. You want to take a small amount and apply it to your extensions.

You want to use your fingers to rake the serum through to make sure it gets all over your extensions.

Adding a little bit 2-3 times a week can go a long way and stop your hair from drying out quickly.

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Human Hair Extensions

Brush daily

You can feel freer to brush your human hair extensions because they do not shed nearly as much as synthetic hair does.

Keeping it from tangling and matting can help keep your hair from drying out. This practice is also just a good habit to start.

Brushing your hair goes a long way when it comes to making your extensions looking fresh alongside trimming your extensions.

Apply hair oils

Like with synthetic hair, adding hair oils to human hair can leave it looking sleek and shiny.

It is good to apply hair serum or oil 2-3 times a week. This method will help to keep your hair from drying out. Coconut oil and black castor oil are prevalent and useful options to use on your hair.

Moisturize daily

Just like with your natural hair; you want to keep your extensions moisturized daily.

What I like to do is spritz water on my extensions and apply a leave-in conditioner. A small amount is exceptional it isn’t necessary to put a significant amount.

This method personally always had my hair look fresh and new.

I recommend this to anyone who has human hair extensions.

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How to Restore Your Extensions


The first step to rejuvenating your extensions or restyling your wigs is to detangle them.

If your extensions are tangled, be patient with the hair because it may be frustrating to get all the tangles out.

You want to use a wide-tooth comb to help you and start from the bottom and work your way up.

Once you have detangled your extensions successfully, you can then use a brush to get all of the small knots out.

Deep condition

Deep condition your extensions will moisturize your extensions so that they are no longer dried out.

You want to get a deep conditioner without added sulfites and chemicals so that it does not harm the hair.

Fill a basin with lukewarm water, pour the conditioner in and place the extensions inside the bowl. You can let the hair sit in the pan for a little to make the conditioner soak through the hair.

Once you do that, gently scrub the hair with your fingers and wash the extensions out with fresh water. Make sure you get all of the conditioners adequately rinsed out.

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Try an Apple cider vinegar rinse

An apple cider vinegar rinse (ACV) can help to restore your hair back to its original state in a literal sense.

When dealing with human hair, when you first buy it the hair cuticle is completely sealed off.

But when you start to use products such as shampoos & conditioners, heating tools, etc. the hair cuticle will begin to strip away until it is no longer there slowly.

Because ACV is has a lower pH balance from your hair extensions, the rinse will help to lower the overall pH balance of your weave and help to reseal the cuticle.

Let the extensions air dry

Do not wring out your extensions! Wringing out your extensions causes more harm than good as it creates tangles.

Your best option is to brush through the hair with a wide-tooth comb and let it air dry. You want to put the extensions in a safe place so nothing can interfere with the drying process.

Add oils

Adding oils can help give your hair back its shine. It isn’t necessary, but it is a step to consider to help make your hair look as good as new. Or you can use the Glow Shine Spray.

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Never Struggle With Dry Extensions Again

Many people think that once the extensions are dried out, they are of no use. That isn’t the case!

You have various opportunities and chances to help bring your hair back to life. Just remember to treat your extensions just as you would your natural hair.

Give it all the TLC you have to offer because it will need it.

I challenge you to put at least 3 of the steps mentioned above in practice and see how much of a difference it makes on your extensions.

And don’t be afraid to try different products and methods this is all a learning process. Good luck!

Have any questions about wigs and weave? Make sure you stop by a Private Label hair store near you!

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